No one frequently searches for new plans or deals in the market. This is because we can not count it as one of those small purchases. Nevertheless, it can be considered something which consumes a lot of time. It took a lot to consider the plan for yourself before finalizing the purchase. Once it got finalized, you need to spend an extra while to set everything up.  

If it makes sense, then why anyone would spend sufficient time choosing the one for themselves, including other factors too? So, we are here to help you out in searching for the right plan that matches your needs and preferences. This article covers some crucial factors that affect the velocity such as latency, upload or download speed, etc. Once you are done reading this article, you are accountable to the basics of internet speed and how to select the perfect plan out of many. 

What Exactly is Internet Speed?

Typically, the term internet speed is referred to the volume of data. Most people confuse net speed with the acceleration of information traveling back and forth. For example, suppose a car is running on a highway. Hence, it is trying to get from point A to reach point B and is traveling at a speed of 50 km/h. Consider the car, as a piece of information that is traveling from the server to your computer. And, if there is only one car, this depicts the slow network rate.  

On the flip side, if 5 cars were traveling on the same road at the same speed and going to the same destination, this would be multiple bits of information traveling at one time. This is the depiction of a speedy connection. So, you see, the more the number of cars, the higher the network velocity.

Now read this again and you will understand. Internet speed is NOT about actual speed, but it is about the volume of data traveling at a time.

How to Figure Out How Much Internet You Need?

Smartly investing your hard-earned money is always an objective while making any purchases. A Smart investment should not compromise upon quality and should be pocket-friendly as well. Hence, to have a precise idea about your internet demands is important to keenly assess your internet consumption through the various devices you deploy for your various activities. 

Although, the strength of a connection depends upon various factors some of them are; 

  • The plan you choose
  • The service provider
  • Your location 
  • Devices connected at a time
  • Activities performed, etc. 

Enlist your activities, and devices deployed at a time, and explore the best internet service providers before finalizing any. 

In addition, to this, check out these facts to make necessary calculations. 

Note: You must not ignore the fact that a wired connection is always better than a WiFi. it is because you don’t lose any bandwidth during the transmission. 

Connection Types

Network speed is not just about the data traveling from one point to another. Many factors work together to ensure that the collection reaches its destination. One of these important factors is the connection type. Depending on the connection you have gotten, you would experience that level of speed. 

Simply put, some connection types will bring a slow network, while others will bring speedy connectivity. Fiber and cable are two of the speedy internet connections, whereas DSL and Satellite count as slow network connections. There are some providers like Xfinity that use hybrid fiber-coaxial connections as well to speed up the slow network connections and make them part of the high-speed connections. 

Similarly, Xfinity internet speed ranges from 75 Mbps to 1200 Mbps exactly because of this. Thus, this is another factor you need to think about when looking for a worthy connection.

Download and Upload Speeds

The net velocity can be broken down into two parts, i.e. download and upload speed. Loading velocity can be used while streaming movies, playing games, loading files, and scrolling through social media. You must be wondering what does it and how it works. To answer that, it ensures the smooth travel of data from the server to the system without any hindrances like hitches. 

On the other hand, the upload rate is completely opposite. As it ensures that available information from your system travels through the server without any sort of hindrances. These are the type of velocity that is used at the time of uploading content whether images, videos, or any other formats on social media. Even, sharing a presentation to the cloud. Generally, when the plan is advertised, that is done with the loading rate only. However, since the downloading velocity is prioritized.

Moreover, carry in mind that most of the internet plans available nowadays have asymmetrical download and upload rates. This is not a matter to concern as it is something common yet completely normal. For this reason, only, we are pointing it out here. But, in case if your preferences differ and want symmetrical velocity, you might opt for a fiber intern plan. They are well-versed in delivering symmetrical speed.  

Bandwidth and Internet Speeds

Frequently, it is seen that the words bandwidth and internet speed are used conversely. Although, these are two entirely different terms. In simple terms, the Internet speed represents the volumized information that usually travels from one place to another. Whereas bandwidth refers to the capacity of the network.

For instance, plans that offer 100 Mbps net speed. However, this demonstrates the capacity of that network, hence, the bandwidth is 100 Mbps. Since the net speed is only 100 Mbps if bandwidth uses its full capacity. 


This is something that represents the time taken by the data to travel from your computer to the server and vice versa. Long story short, this is used to talk about the delay in responses. The poorer the connection, the higher the latency will be. Although,

 this is not a good thing at all. The ideal latency should be very little or none at all. However, it is another factor to be considered that affects the internet speed. 

In Closing,

Now that you know the basics and understand all aspects of internet speed. You can discover the best plan for yourself whenever you search for an internet plan in the market. As you know what exactly you are looking for!