Technology advancement has led to the development of hundreds if not thousands of applications that can be used for photo editing and enhancement. These applications come with many features and effects to streamline the experience of their users.

They are also easy to use, meaning that all you need to do is install them onto your device (or use their online versions), upload a photo, and get started with turning your photos into works of art.

You do not even need any artistic skills to use these applications. However, you need to understand the different effects that you can use when transforming your photos. Here are some of the best effects you can use;

Oil Painting Effects

This is one of the most popular effects among most photo editing applications. If you are looking for a brush strokes effect on your photos, this is the effect that you need. The strokes paint your image, adding an oil artistic touch to the image.

Oil painting effects are based on Line Integral Convolution. They allow users to create an effect that makes their photos look like they have been painted using a brush. 

This effect also creates a bevel effect – a shadow and glow on the sides of the brush painting – on the brush strokes.

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Watercolor Effect

A watercolor effect is created when a light chromatic contour flanks a dark one. For instance, you can have an orange color flanking a purple one. When that happens, the light color is assimilated into your photo.

Adding a watercolor effect to your photos is also easy. With modern technology, you do not have to be a skilled artist to add this effect to your photos. You can install an application on your smartphone or computer and just upload a photo for editing.

The watercolor effect adds a feel of watercolor painting to your photos. This is one of the most commonly used effects among photo editing applications and can be used to create canvas prints among many other uses.

Pop Art Effect

The pop-art effect, also known as popular art, became popular over five decades ago. It was a movement that got its influence from American pop culture. You can use this effect to transform your photos into duotone silhouettes, comic elements, colorful collages with collage makers, or even a mixture of the three.

Different artists emerged from this movement, but the silkscreen style of Andy Warhol is the most popular. His name is associated with some of the most popular paintings in history, such as Marilyn Monroe’s colorful paintings.

Even though these artists spend hours coming up with their paintings, you can turn your photo into a painting employing pop art effects within minutes. This can be done with applications such as BeFunky.

Cartoon Effect

The cartoon effect is used when creating a vector version of your photographs. You can use this image for different purposes, from creating adverts to developing social media profile pictures such as these cute, cool, funny, and good TikTok profile pictures, among others.

Applications that allow users to apply the cartoon effect to their photos work by combining vector art and colors. The effect can also be used to transform images into paintings. Just like the other effects discussed above, you can find the cartoon effect on different photo editing applications.

Sketch Effect

The sketch effect is another photo editing effect you can apply to your photos. Using modern photo editing apps, you can change any image into a sketch within just a few minutes. If you are talented enough, then you can manually draw your own images using a pencil.

The sketch effect detects all the outlines on your photo automatically. The final product might confuse some people because some of them might assume that you drew the image from scratch.

Depending on your requirements, you can change the background color of your image, its line color, and line width to ensure that the final photo meets your requirements. Some editing apps refer to the sketch effect as outline drawing filters.

As you can see, technology has made photo editing easy with the development of photo editing applications. You do not have to be a skilled artist to apply one of these effects to your photos. 

All you need is the right application or online tool, and the photo you want to transform. After that, you can play with the different effects and filters until you get one that meets your requirements.