Canvas prints are getting highly popular these days, and that is why you can see them everywhere, in dwellings, restaurants, shops, office walls, and many other places. Since many options are available to choose from, it can be challenging to select one type of canvas print that looks perfect on your walls.

Thus, in this article, we will discuss the options that could fit you best and share care tips to keep their original glory. These tips will help you keep your prints like some high-end art pieces for years. But before jumping into these details, let us recall our concept about the canvas; what is this and why is it better than paper photos and posters?

Canvas Prints – Why are They Better?

In simple words, canvas prints are the images printed onto a fabric canvas; polyester, cotton, linen. These printed canvases are then stretched over wooden frames of any shape, from square to rectangular. These wooden frames are usually hidden under the canvas, but you can even go with the visible edges – a thing that is only possible if you ask the dealer for custom picture frames.

The question arises here:

How Canvases Be Better Than Paper Photos and Posters?

There are so many points that can justify it, such as the following: 

  • First, unlike paper posters, the canvas looks more like an art piece due to its textured surface. This thing makes canvas prints perfect for adding the element of creativity and individuality to your boring walls.
  • You can choose to print an image on multiple canvases by dividing the photo into several pieces. When all these canvases are hung together on the wall, they will make up the whole image – an elegant yet electric way of adorning your home.
  • When it comes to canvas printing, you face no limits. The choices of images you want to print onto the canvas are infinite.
  • Most importantly, the canvas prints will not fade away like paper posters as time goes by. The prints you get from your dealer are usually wrapped, UV coated, or laminated so that they will not get damaged by moisture or sunlight exposure which is why canvas prints are said to be perfect for home decor.
  • Since canvas is much more durable than paper, it cannot be shredded into pieces. In other words, a canvas you buy once will act as your heritage that would be transferred from generation to generation.
  • If you are a fan of art and painting but cannot afford to buy well-known art pieces, like most art lovers, you can reproduce them (their first or second copies) using canvas printing services.

Types of Canvas Prints

Now that you have learned what canvas prints are and why they are a better substitute for paper photos and posters, let us look at their significant types. Doing so will help you make an educated decision about what variety of canvas prints you should buy.

1. Limited Editions

It is the most expensive class of canvas prints and is usually categorized under the artwork. Why? Because the limited editions are not reproduced paintings but original ones.

In simple words, these canvas prints are painted by famous artists – not a first or second copy. You will get a certificate of authenticity or originality.

2. Stock Prints

As the name implies, stock prints are the canvases already stocked in a shop and available to buy openly. From reproduced paintings of well-known artists to natural photographs, anything could be printed onto these stock canvases.

Since the buyer is not given a choice to tell his requirements and must buy from whatever options, the seller, has, these canvases are most affordable. So, while buying a stock print, you need to consider your budget and your room interior where you are thinking of hanging it.

3. Custom Canvas Prints

Custom or personalized canvas prints are the ones that are painted solely as per your instructions and requirements. That is the reason these prints are called canvas on demand.

You are offered to choose the image or photo to print onto canvas and select the canvas size, editing features, frame type, textures, type of paints, etc.

The custom canvas you buy will reflect your personality and act as the rarest art piece – a painting that is hung only on your wall.

Care Tips for Canvas Prints

As said before, canvas prints are exceptionally durable than paper posters and can serve you for decades. However, if you want to make them look as vibrant, fresh, and energetic as they were on the very first day, you need to take some essential care tips into account. These care tips are as follows:

4. Minimize the Water Contact

A water repellent spray or laminated material is stretched over the canvas when the painting procedure is completed.

Both make your canvas water safe but still, it is recommended to limit the water contact. If you want to clean a canvas, get a dry fabric or duster to wipe the dust off. If you accidentally spill water over the canvas, try to wipe it off with a dry fabric.

5. Minimize Exposure to Sunlight

Of course, the paints of canvas prints will not fade off even if you keep them hung in direct sunlight, but we cannot say that the painting will look as fresh as before. Remember that direct sunlight can spoil the inks and prints massively.

It will also deteriorate the canvas quality and sturdiness; as a result, a slight pressure will be enough to rip the canvas apart. Thus, it is recommended not to hang your canvas on a wall where direct sunlight falls constantly.

6. Avoid Extremes

Whether it is moisture or temperature, both factors can stretch your canvas massively when set on the extreme. Thus, always place your canvas in a room where the temperature and humidity are ideal; cool and dry.

The bathroom, kitchen, and basements are the worst places to hang a canvas print, where immense amounts of moisture and smoke are built up onto the walls.

Lastly, never use chemical-based cleaners to clean the canvas since they could strip away the inks and break away the water and UV-proof coating.