Our living and studying spaces are very important for our general well-being. If you live in a dorm, it may be the same spot for you. If you live in a house with your parents, then these are probably two different rooms. You spend most of your time there.

Dorms usually have a number of restrictions. You cannot light candles in your room, for instance. At home, you cannot afford a full-scale renovation of two rooms. And yet, you would like your living/studying spaces to feel cozy.

When you come home after college, you feel exhausted. All you can do is visit Essaypro.com, order that difficult essay and enjoy the comfort of your room. The ideas for improving your home on the internet do not inspire you. And we know why.

Have you ever felt excited after reading a book with amazing characters? And then extremely disappointed after watching a movie based on this plot? Your imagination created a perfect picture for you. But your vision did not coincide with the director’s (it would be surprising if it did).

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When you are reading articles and looking at beautiful pictures on Pinterest, you must realize it will not look exactly the same in real life. These are ready-made solutions. You need someone who will “infect” you with inspiration to create your own beauty and coziness.

Successful home renovation content creators can give you inspiration. They describe the latest trends, but you create everything yourself. In other words, you unleash your imagination and give yourself creative freedom. So who should you follow to go through this exciting experience?

Interior Trends & Tips on YouTube

If you are choosing a new design for your room and do not know where to start, consider these YouTube channels to follow.

Nick Lewis, 332k subscribers

This guy is a straight shooter who knows everything about interior design. He honestly analyzes the emerging trends. When it comes to interiors that had their day, he stays the truth-teller. But his main idea is not to worship the latest trends and sling mud on the old ones. His aim is to help you create a timeless space.

She Holds Dearly, 81,9k following

The number of subscribers seems relatively low compared to Nick Lewis. Well, it is not because the channel is boring. It is more niche. The presenter is a professional designer. She specializes in traditional, vintage home decor.

Mix and match old and new decorative pieces. Use black in your interior design. With Sarah’s expertise and tips, it is all easier than it sounds. She will help you with a unique professional look, even if you are using DIY products.

Posh Pennies, 205k subscribers

The name of this channel speaks for itself. Epic tips about how to decorate on a budget from charming Vivien. You will learn to transform different objects to make decorating at home easily. And trust me, you will rediscover IKEA products with her epic approach.

Home Renovation Accounts on TikTok

If you are not keen on watching long YouTube videos, TikTok has a lot to offer when it comes to home renovation. Here are some accounts you should follow.

Renovation Living

Becca and Jordan are daredevils. Not enough space in the kitchen? Let us knock down the wall! We are not encouraging you to be that radical. Just be ready for the general vibe. They often use the good old technique in their videos. Dentists do that with the smiles of their patients. Eyebrow artists demonstrate the results of their work. Before-and-after videos are always a great bet.

Honeymoon Dockers

Emily and Joe, a couple from Chicago, canceled their honeymoon. Instead, they bought a retired school bus. On their TikTok, they are showing the conversion of a bus into a small house on wheels. It looks like a good plot for a movie, but it is a real story! Teenagers love it.

Kyla Herbes

Kyla Herbes used to own a vintage shop. It was a small business. When COVID-19 hit the planet in 2020, she realized that her business would not survive. She had to close the shop like many other small entrepreneurs.

A typical start of a success story, isn’t it? The main character is living a good life when suddenly there is an insurmountable obstacle. The character accepts the challenge, overcomes it, and becomes a better version of themselves. This is how Kyla Herbes came up with an idea for her TikTok in May 2020.

Kyla calls her style eclectic modern because she likes to mix vintage and new. Sometimes she engages her followers in her design choices. People like it, and her popularity grows. She is also honest with her subscribers. She is not shy to talk about interior purchases she regrets.

If you are looking to partner with industry-leading brands, you can create your profile. It is an amazing opportunity to get your first design job as a student. And before long, you can become a TikTok influencer!

Best Home Renovation Instagram Accounts

If you prefer pictures to videos, Instagram might be a better choice for you. You will find a lot of suggestions on mixing patterns and choosing the color palettes here.


It is an ideal Insta page for students. Angela Rose emphasizes that you do not need to hire contractors to transform your home. She believes in the power of DIY. And so do students on a budget. So it is a perfect match!


This is a personal story. Sarah Gibson shares her experience in renovating her home. Her style and design tips are precious. You should definitely follow her if you want to know how to transform your house into a home.


Visit this chic and wildly intelligent Instagram page. Julia Macrum is an interior coach. Her most powerful tool is before-and-after shots. Sometimes it is difficult to believe that you are looking at the same space in these pictures. Thanks to Julia’s eye for design, everything looks fresh and unique. Make your home everything you ever wanted it to be.

Bottom Line

Whatever platform you choose, you will find bloggers and influencers who inspire you to revamp your living space. Perhaps you will create something timelessly stylish, as Nick Lewis suggests. Or make a DIY Angela-Rose-type transformation. Or even buy an old bus and design the interior on wheels from scratch!

No matter how daring your idea is, do it. And record the process on video or make before-and-after shots. Maybe you will be the one to kill two birds: renovate your home and monetize your home renovation content page! By doing so, you will not only make your money back. You can earn a fortune!