Technological advancement has led to the evolution of our homes and how homeowners interact with their houses. For instance, lighting has evolved over the years, from the time homeowners used candles, gas, and now electricity. 

Similarly, almost all other systems in the modern home have seen a lot of changes fueled by technology. Today, some homes have moved to modern technologies like smart wireless control for their lights instead of relying on a switch. This uses voice commands, schedules, sensors, or motion.

Even though this technology might look complicated to use, it is made easier by voice control and intelligent assistant. This means that when you are looking for the most functionally useful QoL smart home devices, you also need to identify the system to use for their control.

Useful QoL Smart Home Devices 

In addition to getting the right system to control your smart home devices, you also need to think about maintenance in case of problems. Even though some devices might come with a warranty, it might take time before they are assessed and issues are resolved.

Fortunately, companies such as SenseMother are professionals when it comes to providing expert IoT and smart home solutions. These companies can help homeowners fix issues with their smart devices instead of waiting for days, weeks, or even months for their device manufacturers. 

Here are some of the functionally useful QoL smart home devices you can buy in 2023;

Arlo Video Doorbell

A smart doorbell depends on an internet connection, motion sensor, microphone, speaker, and camera to detect activity at your doorstep. Once there is any activity, homeowners are notified and they can watch a live video or even chat with the person at the doorstep.

The Arlo Video Doorbell is one of the best smart devices at this. It also acts as a security camera since it lets homeowners know about everything happening at their doorsteps. You can connect this device with your phone, meaning that you can access it even when you are not at home.

This device comes with some of the best features compared to its competitors. It can even tell the difference between things such as vehicles, animals, and people. It can also connect with other smart devices for efficiency.

Google Nest WiFi Router

If you want a smart home, you are going to use several smart home devices. These devices might be installed in different corners of your home, and they will need an internet connection for them to meet their requirements.

Google Nest WiFi router is one of the best devices when it comes to ensuring that you have a stable connection throughout your home. It is designed to ensure that there is an even distribution of internet throughout a home.

This device comes with several hubs that can be plugged around your home. It also connects with other smart home devices and can be used as a smart speaker. However, you need to take the right measures to protect your wireless network from cybercriminals.

Google Nest Protect – Smoke Alarm

One of the most painful things for homeowners is watching their homes go down in a fire. Unfortunately, most of them do not know that they can use smart devices such as the Google Nest Protect to raise alerts whenever there is smoke at home.

This device is one of the most important for smart homes. Using the internet – one of the reasons you need the Google Nest WiFi Router – this device can alert homeowners when there is a fire at home, even when they are miles away.

With such an alert, you can notify fire departments that can respond quickly to help you avoid losing your home. 

Abode Smart Security Kit

Modern homeowners should invest in a smart home security kit that handles most of their tasks without them even lifting a finger. This smart security kit uses wireless cameras and sensors to protect your home. You can monitor the home from your mobile device even when you are away.

In addition to detecting movement in your home, the sensors in this security kit can also connect with other smart devices in your home. For instance, they can connect with thermostats, locks, and lights.

This allows the sensors to notify the other devices when it is time to change the temperature or turn it on or off, something that makes your home convenient and comfortable. The Abode Smart Security Kit is one of the best devices for this.

In conclusion, a lot of smart home devices are “gimmicky”, but the above-mentioned smart home devices actually serve useful purposes. They help homeowners improve their quality of life and live without fear, whether they are at home or away.