Smart Wi-Fi enables you to appropriately scale the Wi-Fi connectivity and speed based on the demand in specific areas so that your IT team doesn’t have to manage it. if your team doesn’t mind spending their time managing the Wi-Fi constantly to keep it optimized and performing, then you may not need smart Wi-Fi. But, if your IT team has more important projects to do that are more high-impact, then a smart Wi-Fi connection can take the pressure off IT and free up their time.

Smart Wi-Fi is needed because routers have a limited range that can’t reach every room, and typically, the further away you are from the router, the weaker the signal. Smart Wi-Fi helps to optimize the performance on multiple devices across the network so that they are all optimized for the fastest speeds and highest quality of streaming. Smart WiFi is ‘smart’ because it can adapt to changing network needs in real-time based on user location and device use so that customers always have the optimal network speed. 

Smart Wi-Fi for Operators

Smart Wi-Fi for Operators is especially critical because your clients rely on you for high quality and fast speeds, so your brand reputation is on the line. A managed WiFi solution can help you decrease support calls related to WiFi because your smart WiFi will automatically optimize the network for your customers. It can also help differentiate from competitors by offering a higher quality customer experience. Plus, it can decrease costs because you will not only save your call center time but also reduce the need for home visits to fix the network. 

If you need a WiFi solution for service providers, look no further than Divitel can help you develop a WiFi solution for service providers to support your growing business, with excellent customer experience along the way.