Setting up a home radio station isn’t that difficult but it does require at least some early investments on your part. That means that you’ll need to get some basic equipment right away and consider how a show can become self-sufficient enough to pay for it later on.

There’s a wide range of prices and options when it comes to getting this equipment and you can save a lot by buying something that’s suited to your budget and your needs, and expanding to something more expensive later on.

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A Microphone

The first thing to get when preparing your radio station set up is a microphone since you simply can’t run the show without one. There are countless options out there and it’s best to choose one that’s somewhere in the middle of your price range.

That way you can grow into your equipment rather than having to buy a new one as soon as your show needs to expand and become more professional. It’s an early investment but one that can last you a long time if you choose the right microphone from day one.

A Boom Arm

A boom arm is usually bought alongside the microphone even though it’s not really a necessity. Having a boom arm means you can move freely while the microphone is attached to it. It provides you with more comfort and gives you a cleaner sound in the process.

This is an especially useful tool to have when you have a lot of guests on the show and when you need to be able to talk to them in a natural environment without having to worry about how it affects the mike and your overall sound production.

A Hosting Software

Not all equipment you’re going to need is going to be physical but a good software solution is just as important as a piece of tech. There are numerous options online when it comes to hosting so you can click here and find which one suits you the most. That will allow you to choose the solution that will make sure your work is presented to your listeners quickly and in the best format possible.

It’s not a good item to try to save on since when something goes wrong with your hosting software your show can’t find its audience and that is its main point and purpose.

A Computer

A computer is an essential part of your recording and editing set up even though it can be used for a variety of different purposes as well. It’s important to have a computer that will withstand using complicated programs and for a long time since that’s what editing is.

You can find good software for both Windows and Mac, and once you decide on one of those two, you’ll have to stick with it, since it’s difficult to switch once your whole ecosystem is on one or the other.


Headphones are an essential piece of equipment if you want to have what it takes to edit long video files and to experience the sounds you’ve recorded as pure as they can be. This makes the editing process that much easier and it pays off to have a really good and often expensive pair of headphones.

It’s also important to make sure that the headphones are comfortable to use and durable. That way you’ll get more out of your investment and it will be easier to wear them for hours without having to worry about them or feeling uncomfortable.

A Place to Record in

This can be a lot of things based on what your show is. You want to have a room dedicated to recording that will be relatively quiet and comfortable to use. That can be a room in your home but you’ll need to invest in making it soundproof to make sure it’s usable.

Once the station becomes big enough you should consider moving into an actual studio. That’s a more expensive option but it also means you’ll have perfect conditions and that will become noticeable in the quality of sound and therefore the whole production.

Broadcasting Desk

A broadcasting desk is another essential piece of equipment to get since it’s the main hub of the whole operation and it allows you to transfer all the audio you receive and you send out without losing any of the quality in the process. It’s also one of the more expensive pieces of equipment you’ll need to get.

There are desks in a wide range of prices and you should go for something that mid-tier since it’s too important to try to save on, but it’s also not worth breaking the bank over it while your show is still young and new.

Backing Up Files

Cloud storage is an essential part of any recording setup since you’ll need to work with a lot of files and some of them will end up discarded. Making sure that you have all of your files in one place so that you can access them and browse them when needed will make editing that much easier.

Some believe that cloud storage may not be the best way to go and that at least some files need to be stored in a physical hard drive. There’s some truth to that, but that’s a much more expensive option.

There’s More to It Than Just Equipment

Having the proper equipment is an important part of running your own internet radio station but it’s not all that it takes. The content you produce is the most important part of the show and that should be your main focus. The equipment is just a tool with which to do that.

The show needs to find its audience and to have something to say that will resonate with it. There’s no equipment that you could get that could replace that important link between you as a content creator and those who turn out to listen to you.