Similar to the trend of Spotify Color Palette, people are now using the third-party app “Receiptify” to create ‘Spotify receipts’ of their top-played songs on Spotify—one of the most popular music streaming services.

If you, too, want to get your Spotify receipts using the Viral Receipts app but don’t know how it works, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Having said that, let’s not waste time and get straight to the details—

What is a Spotify Receipt?

If you want to see what your Spotify listening routine prints out on the target receipt, Receiptify does pretty much just that.

As the name suggests: 

Receiptify Spotify looks at your Spotify activity to check what you’re listening to, then crunches the numbers and turns it into receipt format.

It was created by Michelle, in September 2020, when she announced on Twitter that:

Michelle Tweet about Receiptify

This third-party tool creates the following three types of receipts for music lovers like you:

  • A snapshot of your last month’s music.
  • A summary of your top hits over the past six months.
  • A complete overview of your all-time favorites

Not only does it allow Spotify users (both free and premium account holders) to convert their most played tracks into an aesthetically pleasing receipt format, but it also lets you share your Spotify activity with other sites. 

So, it’s a fun and engaging way to share your musical taste with friends and followers on various social media platforms. If you’re tired of sharing your music from Instagram Stories, you can use Receipity to create your own Spotify Receipts. The next section explains how to create Spotify Receipts, make sure to understand the steps.

How to Make a Spotify Receipt Using Receiptify?

Using Receiptify to get your own Spotify receipt is, luckily, as easy as following these steps—

  • Step 1: Open the ‘Receiptify Web Page’ or the ‘Receiptify App’ on your respective device.
  • Step 2: Once you are on the Receiptify platform, you need to log in to your Spotify account, and to do so, click on the ‘Log in with Spotify’ option.
    Log in with Spotify
  • Step 3: Doing so, will bring you to the Spotify landing page, where you can “Sign in” with your ‘Google, Facebook, or Apple account,’ or by using your ‘Email or Username and Password.’
    Sign in to Spotify
  • Step 4: Next, tap the ‘Agree’ button to allow the app to view your Spotify data.
  • Step 5: Once you’re in, you can choose if you want your ‘Spotify receipt’ of ‘Last Month, Last Six Months, or All-Time’ listening stats to be based on your “Top Tracks, Top Artists, Top Genres.” 
    Choose your Spotify receipt
  • Step 6: Now, scroll down and hit the ‘Create Playlist’ button. It doesn’t take long to load, and you can easily ‘Switch between the options’ to see all your Spotify stats in the receipt form.
    Create Playlist

Note: At the top of the Spotify receipt, it has a fake order number, your name, and the day’s date. Below that, the receipt will display the ‘Item number of your songs, the Total amount to add up all the songs, a fake card number, and a ‘ Thanks for visiting message’ at the bottom. This way, the receipt summarizes everything.

How to Share Your Spotify Receipts on Social Media?

The process for sharing your Spotify receipts on social media is remarkably simple. You just need to follow the steps given below to share your unique Spotify receipt—

  • Step 1: Once you have created the Spotify receipt on Receipt, click on the blue ‘Download Image’ button located just below the receipt.
  • Step 2: Then, wait until the image gets ‘Saved’ to your device’s photo library.
  • Step 3: After that, navigate to your preferred social media app, such as ‘Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, or Threads.’ 
  • Step 4: Now, ‘Upload the saved photo’ there on your favorite social media app, like any other image posted on your account.
  • Step 5: Once you have successfully uploaded the Spotify receipt created using Receiptify, hit the ‘Share’ button to share the Spotify receipt of your music taste among your friends and followers.

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What Are the Features of Receiptify?

Some of the most prominent features of Receiptify are listed here for your better understanding—

  • Receiptify has integrations with Apple, Spotify, and Last FM.
  • It is an amazing third-party app that measures one’s Spotify streaming habits to create personalized ‘receipts’ (like sales receipts) of the user’s most played tracks from the last month, last 6 months, and all-time.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface on your device.
  • To create Spotify receipts, the backend of the Receiptify Spotify API uses advanced algorithms to identify the most played songs in a user’s library.
  • This Spotify receipt maker aggregates your most played tracks or your listening history from your Spotify playlists for the last month, last six months, and all time.
  • It shows your 10 most played tracks, artists, and genres from your Spotify playlists as a receipt.
  • Last but not least, inspired by the Instagram account AlbumReceipts which creates receipts based on the album, with song duration listed as amount and total time listed as total time for the entire album, this tool allows sharing of receipts on social media platforms.

Bonus: Other Cool Third-Party Apps Like Receiptify

If some of you are also wondering what other similar platforms are out there, or maybe you’re just looking for an exciting way to view your Spotify data, then check out these 5 cool third-party apps like Receiptify below—

Your Pie!

Your Pie Official Web Page

Website Link:

As the name suggests, this third-party app will analyze your Spotify data and present it in pie chart form. The pie chart is based on the genre of tracks the user usually listens to. So, with the help of specific color-coded genres, you can hover over a pie segment to see your top performers in that genre.


Instafest Official Web Page

Website Link:

The tool will sift through your Spotify history and transform your data from your most-listened to bands and artists into festival lineup-style posters. It lets you customize your poster and change its format the way you want to share it with others. With Instafest, you can see your top artists from the last four weeks, six months, and all time and switch up the poster’s color and design. Basically, with Instafest, you can not only view your top artists from the last four weeks, six months or all time, but also change the color and design of the poster.


Obscurify Official Web Page

Website Link:

This app analyzes your Spotify history to show you just how obscure, unusual and unique your music preferences are. Not only that, it also lets you see how you compare to other Spotify users in your country. Using this platform, you can even view a set of Obscurify recommended artists based on your tastes, and share your results with friends and followers.


Icebergify Official Web Page

Website Link:

Last but not least, we’ve Icebergify on the list. As the name suggests, this app collects data on one’s top 50 artists (short-term, medium-term, and long-term) and organizes it (more popular artists appear at the top and obscure ones remain at the bottom) into an actual iceberg graphic. So, you can view your iceberg or choose your all-time top artists based on recent listening habits.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you’re well aware by now that Receiptify is a super cool website that turns your most listened-to tracks into attractive shopping receipts, exactly the kind of thing you’d love to show off on your Instagram feed.

So, in the ever-evolving world of digital music streaming, being a music lover, if you have a genuine fascination for gaining insight into your personal musical preferences, then wait no longer! Get started to create your Spotify receipt with Receiptify’s music streaming service, taking the help of this guide. 

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Ans: This is a website and app created by Michel Lui. The inspiration behind its creation was the Instagram account @albumreceipts, where popular album setlists are presented in receipt format. Using Spotify Receiptify, you can create even more personalized versions of all your most listened-to songs from Spotify, Apple Music, and

Ans: Like Receiptify, there’s a platform called “Festify” that takes your most listened-to Spotify artists and produces a festival lineup poster. It started as a quirky project by best friends Rick Rita and Tony Buie to play with Spotify API data. Now, in the past few years, it has become a popular app to be enjoyed all over the internet.

Ans: If you are wondering whether a receipt is secure or not, know that it is 100% secure. It connects to your Spotify account via the official API built by Spotify, so your personal information is protected. In fact, most of the information it collects about your listening habits comes from Spotify alone.

Ans: Receiptify works with the Spotify app exactly as the name suggests. It ‘receiptifies’ or, to put it simply, it ‘gets’ your music streaming data from apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and So, similar to past Spotify trends, it collects and analyzes your data to present it in a receipt-like format.

Ans: To find your Spotify receipt, go to ‘Receiptify web page,’. There, type in your ‘Spotify login details’ and hit the ‘Login button.’ That done, you now have a selection of the ‘Top Songs’ you’ve listened to over the past six months.

Ans: If you want to share Spotify receipts with friends or on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media, but don’t know how to download receipts from Receiptify, follow these steps to do so:

  • Navigate to ‘Receiptify’s webpage.’
  • There a ‘Download Image’ option will appear, which you need to click on.
  • Doing so will instantly ‘download the receipt’ on the device you’re using.

Ans: Spotify users can now see the statistics of their all-time tracks in the form of receipts. These statistics include:

  • Average artist popularity
  • Average track age
  • Acousticness
  • Danceability
  • Energy
  • Happiness
  • Speechiness
  • Tempo

Ans: If the receipt is not working, know that it is usually because you have blocked pop-up windows on the browser you are using. Therefore, on your respective browser, be sure to enable pop-up windows by opening ‘Settings,’ pressing the browser’s ‘Name,’ and turning off the toggle next to ‘Block pop-ups.’


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