There are 60 excellent TikTok PFP ideas to consider in this article. So, now is the time to replace your old and stale TikTok profile picture with something more captivating.

Profile pictures hold immense significance on platforms like TikTok and across social media. They’re the first thing people notice on your profile, and they’re a fantastic opportunity to showcase your personality.

A great profile picture can attract more people to your page, leading to more followers. So, if you want to take your account to the heights to get fame on TikTok, then that’s where this post comes in handy.

It contains 60+ cool, cute, funny, and cool TikTok PFP ideas for both boys and girls, along with some other suggestions as well.

Have a look—

60 TikTok PFP Ideas to Make Your Profile Attractive

Q: What Does PFP for TikTok Mean?

A: PFP on TikTok does not mean anything different, rather it is just an abbreviation for Profile Picture. Typically, the profile picture was simply referred to as PP, but TikTok users specifically use the abbreviation PFP. On other social media platforms, such as Snapchat, this acronym stands for Picture for Proof. But, because TikTok is a video sharing platform, PFP stands only for profile picture.

Good TikTok Profile Pictures

If you want your profile to grab more followers, one way is to use good TikTok profile pictures for your TikTok account profile. So, here are some good TikTok profile pictures ideas that can help you out—

  1. Ghost
    ghost Tiktok profile picture
  1. Ice King
    Ice King Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Aesthetic skeleton
    Aesthetic skeleton Tiktok profile picture
  1. Anime Girl | Boy
    Anime girl  Tiktok profile picture
    Anime boy Tiktok profile picture
  1. Anime Girl 2 | Boy 2
    Anime girl 2 Tiktok profile picture
    Anime boy 2 Tiktok profile picture
  1. Polar Aesthetic
    Polar Aesthetic BearTiktok profile picture
  1. Cats With Chubby And Pinch-able Cheeks
    Cats With Chubby And Pinch-able Cheeks Tiktok profile picture
  1. Dog Reading Book
    Dog Reading Book Tiktok profile picture
  1. Retro Desert Aesthetic
    Retro Desert Aesthetic Tiktok profile picture
  1. Pose with Aesthetic Earring
    Aesthetic EarRing   Tiktok profile picture
  1. One with Nature
    One with nature Tiktok profile picture
  1. Sun kissed Summer Hair
    Sun kissed summer hair  Tiktok profile picture
  1. Hiding Face
    Hiding Face Tiktok profile picture 
  1. Aesthetic Love
    Aesthetic Love Tiktok profile picture
  1. Dancing Couple 
    Dancing couple Tiktok profile picture

Cool PFP for TikTok

Another way to personalize your TikTok profile is by using Cool PFP for TikTok. So, if you want a profile picture that helps you come off as cool and easy-going to your followers then, consider these cool pfp ideas for TikTok—

  1. Grim
    Grim Tiktok profile picture
  1. Car Aesthetic
    Car Aesthetic Tiktok profile picture
  1. Aesthetic Butterfly
    Aesthetic Butterfly Tiktok profile picture
  1. Aesthetic Hands
    Aesthetic Hands Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Aesthetic Butterflies
    Aesthetic Butterflies Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Pink Roses
    Pink Roses  Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Red Rose
    Red Rose  Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Girl Shadow With Princess Crown
    Girl shadow with princess crown Tiktok profile picture
  1. Flying like Superman
    Flying Like Superman Tik Tok profile picture 
  1. Spider-Man Reading a Book
    Spider-Man Reading Book Tiktok profile picture
  1. A Cat with Cool Shades
    A Cat With Cool Shades  Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Posing Ice Bear
    Posing Ice Bear Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Shadow Girl | Boy
    Shadow Girl Tiktok profile picture 
    Shadow Boy Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Cat Who Wears Cool Glasses
    Cat Who Wears Cool Glasses  Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Cat Reading a Book
    Cat Reading Book Tik Tok profile picture

Funny TikTok Profile Pictures

There are many TikTokers who choose to share comic content with their followers for entertainment. So, if you’re the same type, you can set a funny TikTok profile picture to show your funny side that instantly brings smile and laughter to your friends’ faces when they see it.

  1. Smiling Monkey
    Smiling Monkey Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Cheeky Cat Sticking the Tongue Out At You
    Cheeky Cat Sticking the Tongue Out At You  Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Top Dog
    Top Dog Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Red Nose Clown
    Red Nose Clown Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Big Nose Camel
    Big Nose Camel Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Cat & Dog Group Picture
    Cat And Dog Group Picture Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Mr.Bean Funny Face
    Mr. Bean Funny Face Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Shocking Ghost
    Shocking Ghost Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Dancing Skeleton
    Dancing Skeleton  Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Standing Pikachu
    Standing Pikachu Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Shocking Cat
    Shocking Cat Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Minions
    Minions Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Emergency Selfie
    Emergency Selfie Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Meme Face
    Meme Face Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Dogs Laughing
    Dog Laughing Tik Tok profile picture

Cute TikTok Profile Pictures

If you are not the funny type, then cute TikTok profile pictures might be the best fit for you. It is being said that cute girls and boys DP on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram has become common these days so, consider using it for your TikTok profile picture also to melt your viewers’ heart.

  1. Cheer Bear
    Cheer Bear Tik Tok profile picture
  1. White Bunny
    White Bunny Tik Tok profile picture
  1. White Fluffy Cat
    White fluffy Cat  Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Bears on Facetime
    Bears on Facetime Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Chopstick Hamster
    Chopstick Hamster Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Cat with Heart Ears
    Cat With Heart Ears  Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Kuromi
    Kuromi Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Rabbit Sleeping
    Rabbit Sleeping  Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Friends Forever
    Friends Forever  Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Cute Baby Girl | Boy
    Cute Baby Girl Tik Tok profile picture
    Cute Baby Boy  Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Cute Puppy
    Cute Puppy  Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Cute Hamster
    Cute Hamster  Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Baby Relaxing
    Baby Relaxing  Tik Tok profile picture
  1. A Beautiful Asiana Girl /Boy
    A Beautiful Asian Girl  Tik Tok profile picture
    A Beautiful Asian Boy Tik Tok profile picture
  1. Aesthetic
    Aesthetic  Tik Tok profile picture

Other Suggestions for TikTok PFP Ideas

You can further explore a variety of TikTok PFP ideas beyond those mentioned above! From getting creative with your profile picture and trying out anime or cartoon styles to playing with TikTok’s default picture, or going for a matching profile—there are endless possibilities to make your profile stand out!

Creative TikTok Profile Picture

DP on social media platforms has become highly conventional and though you can use your own photos, it is better to have a creative profile picture on your account to show off your creative skills! So, from here get some ideas of a jaw-dropping profile picture for your TikTok account, which will definitely make your profile more interesting and attention-grabbing.

Creative  Tik Tok profile picture

Use Anime for Your TikTok Profile Picture

There is no doubt that anime profile pictures are popular among all social media platforms. Fans rave over the popular anime characters and thus, you can consider it as an excellent option to use them as TikTok PFP and to connect with other accounts that share the same interest.

Use Anime for Your  Tik Tok profile picture

Cartoonize Your Profile Picture

You might not know, but Cartoon PFPs are highly popular on TikTok. So, you can find any cartoon character that you enjoy or related to and use that for your account. Or, you can give it a twist by taking an image of yourself and giving it a cartoon-like appearance.

Cartoonize  Tik Tok profile picture

Cartoon Characters to Add to Your Profile Pictures

Cartoon characters have highly noticeable features, such as their eyes, which never fail to catch the viewer’s attention. So, by having a special cartoon on your profile picture, you can grab attention you want to achieve as well as you can convey the message of your content without saying a word.

Cartoon Character to add your profile picture for Tik Tok profile picture

Try TikTok Default Profile Picture

It may sound strange, but TikTok’s default profile picture is growing in popularity because it’s not the typical light and dark gray image we all used to see before.

TikTok’s users are getting creative, and they are changing colors and overlaying it with images like cartoons, hair, butterflies and hats, etc. So, like many other users, you can also take the default profile picture and make great edits to it. 

Tip: You can use something like an Image Enhancer app or Photoshop to achieve this.

tik tok default profile picture for  Tik Tok profile picture

Matching Profile Pictures

People who are a couple and best friends can take their bond to the next level with matching profile pictures. Matching profiles is a cute idea, which means coming together to complete a picture or using similar profile pictures to get very creative with your TikTok pfp.

Matching profile picture for Tik Tok profile picture

Now that we have given you 60 TikTok pfp ideas and some additional suggestions as well; it is time to learn how you can change your TikTok profile picture.

What Should Your TikTok Profile Picture Size Be? 

Your TikTok profile picture should ideally be 200×200 pixels in size for maintaining a square aspect ratio, and the maximum file size allowed for a TikTok profile picture allowed is 2MB.

Considering this limited space available for a TikTok profile photo –you should prioritize making your photo clear and easily visible without adding too many intricate details.

Although TikTok can automatically resize images larger than 200×200 pixels, it is essential to aim for a clear and well-defined photo that effectively represents who you are. So, despite only focusing on meeting the exact size requirements, you need to prioritize having a TikTok PFP that is attractive, clear, and truly reflects your personality.

In essence, the quality and appeal of the profile picture matters more than strictly adhering to specific dimensions.

How to Customize PFP on TikTok?

Before we dive into the steps to change and customize pfp on TikTok, you need to decide whether you want to upload a photo or a video as your profile picture. After you decide, you can follow the steps given below to get it done in a matter of seconds—

  • Step 1: As you are already an active TikTok user on Android or iPhone, you have to directly open the TikTok app and tap on the ‘Profile’ button which is in the lower-left corner of the home window.
    Open the TikTok app and tap on the ‘Profile’ button.
  • Step 2: On clicking the Profile button, a menu will open in front of you. In that, you have to click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button.
  • Step 3: Now, depending on your decision, you can tap on either the ‘Change Photo’ option or the ‘Change Video’ option, which you see on the Edit Profile page.
    On the Edit profile page, tap ‘Change photo’ or ‘Change video’ option.
  • Step 4: After doing so, those who have selected the “Change Photo” option can proceed to take a picture using your camera, or you can upload a picture from your local storage. And, those who have selected the “Change video” option to add a short video as your profile picture can proceed to select the video you want to use. 


Interestingly, TikTok lets you trim and crop the video for your profile picture to fit the 6-second playback duration.

  • Step 5: Once you’ve selected your video or photo and adjusted its position and size as desired, you can explore filters, stickers or effects to customize your profile picture. You can also experiment with default or matching profile photos, and explore anime or cartoon styles for a unique touch.

Tip: Since your profile picture reflects your personality, feel free to be creative and make it your own!

  • Step 6: Finally, click the ‘Save’ button in the top-right corner of the app screen to apply your new profile picture.

That’s it. You now have a new TikTok profile picture for your account.

Note: If you’re using a mobile device, you’ll need to save the pictures given here to your gallery. Then, using the above steps, you can set any picture as a profile picture.

Can I Get a Transparent Profile Picture on TikTok?

Now, you also know that TikTok lets you customize your profile with a short clip or a picture. But, in case you wonder if you can get a transparent profile picture on TikTok, let us tell you that, unfortunately, TikTok does not allow users to erase the background of their profile pictures before uploading them. 

However, you have nothing to worry about when a lot of ​​image editing options are available out there. With image editing tools/software, it is quite easy to make the background of your picture transparent.

Having said that, one simple online tool (we would like to mention) that can help you make the background of your TikTok profile transparent is—Wondershare PixCut

How to Make a TikTok Profile Picture Transparent?

As we just mentioned, using Wondershare PixCut, you can make your TikTok profile transparent. To use it, all you need to do is upload the image and wait for the results, as Wondershare PixCut uses artificial intelligence (AI) to erase the image background automatically. 

However, if in case you need help in this regard, below are the quick steps to make your TikTok profile picture transparent—

  • Step 1: First you’ve to launch Wondershare PixCut on your respective mobile phone or computer browser.
  • Step 2: Once it’s launched, you need to click on the ‘Upload Image’ option to open your local picture file on this Wondershare PixCut program. Or, you can just drag and drop the picture of your choice on Wondershare PixCut. 

Note: It is to mention that, Wondershare PixCut program works with most of the image file formats available.

Now, you don’t have to do anything. As you have already been told, Wondershare PixCut does all the work for you automatically. It will only take a few seconds to make your profile background transparent.

However, if you want to change the background of your profile picture to something else, you need to follow these few steps—

  • Step 1: Begin by clicking the ‘Change background’ drop-down arrow.
  • Step 2: As you do so, a list of options appears in front of you. From the list, all you have to do is select the ‘Image resolution’ option. 
  • Step 3: After that, you have to select the ‘Background Color or Image Template’ of your choice, and you’re done!

Note that Wondershare PixCut is not suitable for everyone so, if that’s the case, there is an alternate option as well. You can use Wondershare UniConverter instead.

Using this desktop program, users need not require an internet connection to remove your TikTok profile picture background like PixCut. 

Wondering about the reason why it doesn’t require an internet connection? Well, this is because it is an AI-powered background remover with fast, smooth and efficient operation. 

If more to mention, Wondershare UniConverter apart from removing image background and having wealth of video and audio editing capabilities, also comes with other AI-backed tools like Smart Trimmer, Subtitle Editor and Video Background Remover.

Keeping all this in mind, if you want to try this tool, you can follow these steps—

  • Step 1: You firstly have to install Wondershare UniConverter on your Mac/Windows PC. 
  • Step 2: Once this background remover tool is installed, launch and run it. To do so, click on the ‘Toolbox’ option and from there, click on the ‘Background Remover’ button to launch the program.
  • Step 3: Next, what you’ve to do is click on ‘Add Files’ to upload an image file. While doing so will enable you to upload your image file, you can also do so by dragging and dropping your photo file into the program if you wish.

Note: It should be noted that UniConverter supports most image formats, including PNG, JPG, BMP, WebP, TIFF, and even GIF. Also, don’t forget that UniConverter supports batch conversions

  • Step 4: Now, after successfully uploading your image file, select it before clicking ‘Start’ to remove the image background and make the background transparent.

Bottom Line

Since the best TikTok profile pictures don’t have to be your own photo, you can get TikTok pfp ideas from here. Ranging from cute TikTok profile pictures and good TikTok profile pictures to those funny and cool pfp, hopefully this post should help you with what you need. Above all, you can also use tools like PixCut or UniConverter to create that eye-catching profile picture for your TikTok profile.

FAQs about TikTok PFP

Ans: If you are wondering why Tik Tok users keep changing their profile picture, then let’s have a look the reasons why are TikTokers changing their profile picture—

  1. Whenever there is a change in the look or style of TikTok users, such as a new haircut, weight loss, or some cosmetic enhancement.
  2. When TikTok users aim for more followers.
  3. When TikTokers are bored with seeing the same old picture on their profile.
  4. When the profile picture is no longer representing the TikTok user.

So, there are many reasons why TikTokers change their profile picture. However, one of the primary reasons is to get noticed by other users.

Ans: If you wonder what type of picture or video you should use for your TikTok profile, it is important to note that you can upload any profile picture or video as your TikTok profile because there is no limit or restriction. So, either you can decide your profile picture from the above TikTok pfp ideas or, you can shoot a clip of yourself dancing, doing comedy, lip-syncing, and much more. 

However, with regard to videos you need to keep in mind that the video you intend to use should not exceed 6 seconds.

Ans: Your TikTok profile picture is more than a picture that someone randomly scrolls through, and not only is it the first thing someone sees on your page, it encourages someone to click through to your page and even click on it. So, when choosing from a cute, funny, cool pfp for TikTok, you can consider your content and who you are trying to reach. For example, if you have a successful fan page account, you can use a photo of a celebrity to drive engagement. However, if you’re a creator with a lifestyle account, stick to the classic selfie because you’re the star of the account.

Ans: The answer to this question is yes! TikTok is still banning profile pictures. However, it should be noted that TikTok will only ban profile pictures that violate their community guidelines. In case it makes you wonder what violates TikTok’s community guidelines, it includes adult content, violence, impersonation, and more.  

To know more about it in detail, you can read TikTok’s community guidelines at this “” link. And, remember, if someone has reported your profile because of your profile picture, TikTok will first review it and then take action (if necessary).

Ans: As TikTok allows you to make two types of account so, if your account is a personal one, you should use your own picture to set as your profile picture. However, if your TikTok account is a business one, you should use the logo of your business as your profile picture.

On the other hand, if you want to remain anonymous, you don’t have to set any cool pfp for TikTok. But, if you want otherwise, you can use an illustration, animal, or icon.