Diamond painting art is a form of a mosaic art form that includes placing crystalized rhinestones to be placed on a pre-applied glued and printed photo canvas using various application tools included in the painting art kit. We all want to display our affection towards our family and friends, what better way than to gift the perfect Customized Diamond Painting Art piece. Diamond painting kits usually consist of random characters, places of nature, or heroes but sometimes we want to show our most prized moment of affection or celebration that we want to hang up as a decoration in our homes or give as a personal unique gift to our dear friends on a special occasion, that’s where making your own diamond painting canvas or custom photo diamond painting kit fit in to cover the gap. We can customize the diamond painting kits according to our liking and add additional shine to the rhinestone.

Diamond painting

 However, sometimes when we convert photos to diamond painting, the custom paintings do not exactly create that unique and shiny look that regular diamond painting or special kits provide due to some common mistakes carried out by us when ordering custom photo diamond paintings. Custom photo diamond painting kits are available in two forms either being a full or partial drill kit. In the full drill kit, the whole canvas has to be filled whereas in the partial drill kit some area has already been colored and does not need diamonds.

Choosing the right custom photo for your custom diamond painting is extremely important as you do not want to find yourself in a position where your final custom painting does not turn out the way you intended or imagined due to selecting the wrong custom image. 

Choosing the Right Image for Diamond Painting:

When ordering custom 5D Diamond Painting it is important to understand the level of detail of the painting involved as to what is being displayed. Think of diamonds as pixels of a photo. The more the diamonds the more level of detail in the pictures so therefore the original photo or image selected for custom diamond painting should be of very high quality as well as high resolution. The higher the resolution the better the quality of the final image.

An image with a lot of details and complicated colors may not suit everyone as it will make a great ton of time and energy to finish the phone painting therefore going with some simple image or picture is recommended for beginners.

Selecting an image that is dark, underexposed, or has very few colors will not come out with great detail on the custom diamond painting canvas due to the limitation of colors and shades available in DMC diamond codes as compared to real-life photos.

Choosing the Correct Aspect Ratio for Your Painting:

The aspect ratio of an image expressed in the width and length of the image can play a huge part in improving the final custom diamond painting product. It is very important that the custom photo you choose for your diamond painting art has the same or matching aspect ratio as that of the canvas size you selected otherwise your chosen high-quality photo will be shrunken, stretched, or scaled to fit onto the canvas.

Only by having the correct photo proportions with regard to the length and width that the whole original image will come out in the full form. There are many sizes of diamond painting kits that you can choose from just remember to pick that size that fits and match the aspect ratio of the original high-quality photo. Common aspect ratios of diamond painting are 20 x 30 cm, 30 x 40 cm, 50 x 60 cm, 70 x 80 cm and 80 x 120 cm.

Importance Played by Color in Custom Photo:

Importance Played by Color

Colors play a vital part in bringing out the details of custom photo Diamond Painting Art. Rhinestones can accommodate many colors but sometimes not all colors make the transition to the final canvas portrait. Photos with a lot of details or mixed colors are difficult to bring onto the canvas as all colors of the rainbow will come out fine as compared to all the colors included in a sunset.

Shading also plays a vital part in bringing out the best details onto the canvas as shadows do not translate well onto the final canvas image as compared to highlighted areas of a photo or landscape. There is usually a trade-off in the final transformation as compared to original images due to certain art form limitations of color.

Noise in Photo Images:

It is very important to ensure that the photos selected for the custom diamond painting art are noise-free as not having any form of image grain. Low light photos or those captured from mobile phones usually have a lot of noise that will not translate well for the final custom diamond painting.

Simplicity As Better Choice:

Sometimes we pick photos that have lots of people and details and therefore are difficult to translate onto the diamond painting canvas. It is important to choose a photo that highlights only one subject or person as having more people will diminish the details in the final diamond painting art. Examples can be detailed in a group photo including various people as compared to a single portrait of a person. 

Simplicity As Better Choice

Choosing The Perfect Color Balance:

Sometimes when we choose our custom and cherished photos for custom diamond paintings they do not translate well onto the final product due to an imbalance of proper colors. So, it is important to fix the selected photos’ color balance, hue or saturation so that it does not deviate from the desired results. Picking the right photo is vital to receive high-quality Diamond Painting Art therefore it is always recommended to go with the images that have personal or huge sentimental value towards you so that you may cherish the final product or give it as a gift to your friends or family on special occasions