AngularJS is quite an old player in the web application development market and is on deck in your everyday life. Need to know how? Do you use PayPal, Netflix, or LinkedIn? Of course, you do! You are incorporating AngularJS in that case, as these web apps are developed with this popular JavaScript framework.

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To build scalable and robust applications, Angular is the go-to preference for businesses; hence, the demand to hire Angular developers is bursting forth. The software development market is maturing at a CAGR of 4%, and the industry in India is expected to reach USD 100 billion by 2025. The Indian IT sector is relatively large and leading in the world, which is why recruiters prefer to hire AngularJS developers from India.

For a detailed understanding of why you should prefer Indian talent for your Angular development project, let’s look at the benefits of this recruitment decision.

How Can Your Web Development Project Fructify with Indian AngularJS Talent

The businessman is calculative of how they can magnify the returns with a purchase or sell decision. Likewise, you must thoroughly evaluate how the new recruit is a valuable addition to your workforce and how they can contribute to attaining the project goals. 

So, let’s gauge the benefits of why you should consider hiring AngularJS talent from India:

Cost-Effective Hiring

Stepping into the recruiter’s shoes, the economic aspect of the job holds an inexorable significance. When you are in the market to hire AngularJS developers, you need to be mindful of your budget constraints. Hiring Indian remote talent can help you keep track of your recruitment cost, as India has a low cost of living. Therefore, developers charge a low hourly rate compared to their Western counterparts. 

Access to Skilled Talent Network

Skills and expertise are the front-runner candidate aspects to screen. When you restrict your hiring funnel to geographical barriers, you may have to compromise on talent quality. On the contrary, when you eliminate these restrictions and hire from across the globe, you get access to a vast talent pool. Moreover, India offers a network of skilled, experienced, competent, and first-class talent for your Angular project.

English Proficiency

Communication is of the utmost essence in the corporate landscape. Only when the AngularJS developers are well-versed in communication can they impart their ideas to their teammates and provide regular project updates to clients. Indian AngularJS developers have worked for a global clientele and hence have exceptional communication skills.

Time Zone Advantage

India is located in a convenient time zone for the USA, UK, and European countries; as a result, when you hire a remote team of Indian AngularJS developers alongside your in-house team, you avail round-the-clock productivity. This offers you a competitive advantage with a rapid turnaround time. 

Cultural Fit

When you hire dedicated Angular developers, they must align with your organization’s culture, mission, vision, and values. There are cultural disparities, language barriers, and communication differences when you hire remotely. India has a different culture than Western countries; therefore, it’s vital to ensure that Indian Angular developers are a cultural fit for your company.

Quality Work

The end goal of any hiring process is to onboard a talent that can improve the quality of your project deliverables. When you hire AngularJS developers in India, they are highly regarded for their remarkable work quality. They like to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and software to add immense value to their work.


When outsourcing talent from India, you can scale your team size based on your project requirements. You can easily scale your team up or down. Therefore, if you are short of a hiring budget in an economic downturn, this can be your best resort to replace hiring an in-house development team. 

Don’t pause and ponder! We know just the question you have in your mind, and hence the next section will help you find the answer. Find out which sites can prove to be helpful when you are looking to hire AngularJS Developers from India.

Hire AngularJS Developers from India from These Top Sites

A broad spectrum of sites is available to assist you in finding a qualified AngularJS developer from India. But the top 5 trusted, widely accepted, and leading sites are:


Uplers is a talent powerhouse trusted by 7000+ global tech giants like Amazon, Oracle, Disney, etc. It has been serving the recruitment industry worldwide for over a decade. Employing this one-stop hiring partner to hire AngularJS developers in India can prove to be highly beneficial for your project as:

  • It offers a pre-vetted pool of the top 3.5% of Indian Angular developers for remote hiring.
  • Match makes an ideal candidate profile within 5 business days based on the job description, skill evaluation, and thorough assessment tests.
  • Saves you up to 40% on the hiring costs with a hassle-free 4-step vetting process.
  • Offers a 30-day replacement policy if you are unsatisfied with the talent. 
  • Onboard top-quality talent from 50,000+ talent networks across 5+ time zones.

Soft Suave

Are you looking for an Angular developer only on an hourly basis? Do you need to fill the vacant position in your Angular team for only a month?

Soft Suave has you covered with its outsourcing option to hire Angular developers from India. Choosing the right developer from a stack of applications can be daunting, but Soft Suave simplifies it for you with the following perks:

  • A NO CATCH 40-hours free trial.
  • Build your team of Angular developers without freelancers.
  • Option to interview shortlisted applicants.
  • No hiring fees.
  • Hire on a full-time, hourly, or monthly basis.
  • Expertise in:
  • custom AngularJS development
  •  ajax development
  •  web API service integration 
  •  UI UX development 
  •  AngularJS consulting and support


If you want a quick project ramp-up with qualitative output, you can employ Indian AngularJS developers from YourteaminIndia. With these experts, you can expect to receive secure, scalable, and enterprise-grade web applications.

The benefits of recruiting via this site are:

  • Flexible hiring model to scale as per your requirements, such as part-time, hourly, monthly, etc.
  • Curtails 70% of in-house development cost.
  • An agile development process.
  • Security of your business intellectual property with strict NDA enforced.
  • 2x faster delivery.
  • An esteemed clientele including Samsung, Sony, Vodafone, pwc, etc.
  • Multi-platform support with reduced development time.


Hire from a network of pre-vetted experts to attain 2x fast delivery. PixelCrayons developers have an experience of 6+ years of delivering advanced single-page applications and complete client-side solutions. 

Everything is possible whether you want to build an Angular project from scratch or modify the existing one. When you hire AngularJS developers from India via this site, you avail:

  • No contract lock-ins.
  • IP-Rights protection.
  • Swift & effective onboarding.
  • Language/Time-zone compatibility. 


Have you heard or read this name a couple of times but need clarification on the reasoning for its hype? 

It’s the best platform to Fastlane your search for ideal freelancers for your AngularJS project. Simply offer a walk-through to your talent scout at Upwork regarding budget, requirements, and timeline. Sit back and relax while it shortlists a pool of the very best talent suited for the job. 

Upwork can help you attain your goals by:

  • Offering plenty of assistance in choosing the right profile.
  • Trusted global clients, including Airbnb, Microsoft, Nasdaq, etc.
  • Offering you evidence that freelancers deserve pay for the efforts they put in by supplying screenshots of their screens. 
  • A consolidated private space to put all your files together.

Rounding Off

Is your mind crystal clear regarding why you should choose Indian AngularJS developers for hire? Regardless of your hiring requirement, be it freelancers, full-time, part-time, hourly, or monthly based talent, building a team of Indian AngularJS developers can be prolific for your project. Build high-quality web applications with these valuable assets and steer ahead of the competition in the digital world.