Vidnoz AI Review

Think of Facebook ads, shoppable videos, live videos, Instagram Reels, TikToks, and webinars.

Due to the domination of the video content sector, there has been a rise in AI video generators. Among Synthesia, Heygen, HourOne, etc., one has been a hit for longer. The most hyped one is known as the Vidnoz AI generator. You can even refer to it as a Heygen alternative.

Why? Because it comes in handy in creating AI videos to serve diverse industries. To name a few, businesses, marketing, social media, and so on.

What contributes to its growing demand? It eliminates the need for high-cost equipment and specialized skills. 

There has been a debate over whether it actually works. Is it worth the hype?

They claim to create engaging yet high-quality videos. Vidnoz has been a priority for marketers and content creators to produce videos quickly, to keep the audience entertained, and to stay ahead of the curve.

Carry on reading to get a sneak peek of what this tool is all about, its features, pros and cons, how to use it, who should use Vidnoz AI and more. 

Vidnoz AI Official Description

Using the immense capabilities of AI, Vidnoz offers exceptional opportunities, innovative tools, and solutions geared toward customer service, sales teams, business owners, and more. How well does this work? It contributes to the video creation quality and productivity. 

It comes with an extensive library of 600+ video templates, 500+ realistic avatars, a massive range of features along with hundreds of scenarios. 

It empowers you with AI tools, a dynamic toolbox of AI-driven solutions, Face Swap, AI Voice Changer, and AI Headshot Generator. 

Vidnoz AI Generator Features

All of its features are quite influential in propelling the practice of video creation to the next level altogether. So, without any further ado let’s take a quick look at its diverse and versatile range of features: 

500+ Lifelike AI Avatars

More than 500 lifelike AI avatars that too from a multitude of industries and roles can be found on this platform. Not only… but also you can upload an image of your choice and create an avatar out of it. This makes it the best Synthesia alternative.

470+ Lip Sync AI Voices

Notably, it provides 470+ natural-sounding AI voices in 23 languages. The best part is each of them is distinct in terms of unique accents and characteristics. The avatar can ever adapt to a diverse range of voice styles, sentiments, and emotions to perfectly match the intent of the video.

600+ Video Templates

AI in marketing is at the forefront so you can choose from plenty of video templates for a range of video types including tutorials, product demos, sales pitches, and socials. In addition, to align with the display dimensions of different devices, you are going to see a great variety of aspect ratio templates, like landscape (1920 x 1080) and portrait (1080 x 1920).

Free Media Library

A free media library is accessible to all and includes assets like images, music, icons, and text. Users can include these assets in their video projects. It reduces the hassles of extensive external searches.

Voice Cloning

With the help of audio recordings, you can create a synthetic voice. The voice resembles 99% of the real voice. For more, use text-to-speech and create speech content with the cloned voice.

Free Online AI Tools

Free Online AI Tools

Enjoy access to the following AI tools:

  • AI Video Translation
  • Talking Avatar
  • Cartoon Generator
  • Face Swap
  • Voice Changer
  • Headshot Generator (Pro)
  • Dancing Photo
  • Vocal Remover
  • Vidnoz Flex

The comprehensive suite of AI tools makes it a powerful tool for video generation. Even a person with little to no video skills can produce quality videos using its AI tools. 

Vidnoz AI Pros and Cons

Indeed, this is unquestionably an easy-going tool. Let’s kick things off with some pros and cons linked to it:

Pros Cons
Generate AI videos in minutes for free.AI voiceovers and avatars are realistic, but it’s not a perfect match. There are some missing nuances and it is a bit robotic.
Provide access to over 600 customizable templates, 500+ realistic AI avatars, and 470+ realistic AI voices.Some may feel overwhelmed by the huge number of tools. 
Massively speeds up the video creation process.Some features are slightly limiting.
A much cheaper and user-friendly alternative.The free plan sets limitations on the number of videos/month.
Individuals with every skill level can take advantage of this tool.You can take additional time to leverage all the bells and whistles of the platform.
Easy to use and no cost or downloads required.

How to Use the Vidnoz Video Generator?

Are you excited to make the text content vivid and lifelike? So, to transform text to video AI follow these steps:

  1. Start by going to the Vidnoz homepage to create an account. For that, select “Create Free AI Video” and sign up with an email.
    Vidnoz homepage
  1. From the side menu, click on “Template” to select a template of your choice. Once you are done with the selection, click on “Use this template”.
    Select a template and click on “Use this template”
  1. Then, select “Speech Text” from the bottom and add a script for your avatar to deliver. You can even upload voice and manage speed
     Add speech text
  1. Change the default language (if you want to) by clicking on it. On the appeared page, choose a voice. Let’s say, you want to go with Amber, then click on “Amber” and then on “Ok” to confirm the action. 
    Choose a voice and click on “Ok”
  1. If you are not satisfied with the default avatar then change it right away by clicking on “Avatar”. Choose between the number of “Realistic Avatar Pro”.
     Choose avatar from “Realistic Avatar Pro”
  1. Now, wait no longer and add engaging elements like text, shape, background, sticker, video, image, and music. Also, you can never go wrong with animations, so why not go for it?  Are you satisfied with the enhancements? Then, click on “Generate” to get the video. 
    Add elements and click on generate
  1. Wait for the video to get generated and then download or share. 

Who Should Use Vidnoz AI?

As previously said, AI is on everyone’s lips and paved its way to every sector. Be it education, entertainment, marketing, business, fashion, media, or automobiles. Amongst them, AI in business is the most noticeable innovation. 

In this context even, business owners can use this tool to elevate their marketing, showcase their services/products, and captivate the audience with engaging video content. 

Despite this, media people, content creators, bloggers, etc. can make the most of it. 

Pricing Plans

Although, Vidnoz AI is lifetime free to use. It is the ONLY product that allows users to create videos every day for free. But for additional perks, you can work having plans available. 

On the website, there are 3 different types of plans available i.e. Vidnoz AI Plan, Vidnoz Flex Plan, and Vidnoz Face Swap Plan. Mostly, people opt for the Vidnoz AI Plan. Make your mind and pick any one plan to get started. 

 Prices of Vidnoz AI Plan

Here, is a breakdown of Vidnoz AI Plan:


Remember, the decision made should be based on needs and preferences.

Vidnoz Alternatives

On the internet, there are more than 25 alternatives to Vidnoz AI. To name a few, we’ve mentioned 3 of them down below:


Like any other AI video generator, Pictory is also capable of generating videos based on AI algorithms. This is mostly utilized by content marketers or by those who want to boost sales by turning content into shareable videos.

The key features of Pictory include Script to Video, Blog to Video, Edit Videos using Text, and Create Video Highlights.

The difference between Pictory and Vidnoz is that Pictory does not offer AI avatars. Other than that, they both offer impressive features and plenty of assets like images, videos, and music.


Yet another text-to-video AI is known as “Synthesia”. It remains on the top among the top AI video generators on the market. It has over 60 templates, over 160 AI avatars, amazing human-like avatars, and AI voices. The most applauded feature of this platform is its nuanced gestures like head nods and eyebrow raises.

In addition, you can experience the extended possibilities like an animation of individual elements. Eventually, this fosters a more dynamic and engaging experience.


Synthesys is somewhat unique. It is an AI video, voice, and image generator, perfect for creating content at scale. This platform includes 60 avatars who speak more than 140 languages.

The voice is too intimidating or the avatar is not that great? Change it anyway with custom voices and avatars for ultimate customization.

In comparison, Synthesys and Vidnoz AI function similarly and contain identical features. What’s the difference then? Vidnoz comes with more AI avatars and functionalities with over 300 customizable templates than Synthesys.


Decisively, we can confidently say that Vidnoz AI is among the best AI tools for video generation available in the market. It offers free opportunities to perfect the boring AI-based text-to-video with the help of real-time text–to-speech, AI-generated voices, diverse languages, realistic avatars, auto-added subtitles/captions, and a broad selection of video templates. 

As their tagline “No editing skills, just clicks!” suggests, even if you are a novice at editing or a skilled editor, you can generate a high-end video with few clicks. 

Do it all for free or with a plan!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Simply, Vidnoz AI is the best free AI talking avatar generator in the market besides Pictory, Synthesys, and Synthesia.

Ans: Launch the “Vidnoz Face Swap” tool >> Select “Video Face Swap” >> Upload base video (as a GIF or video M4V, MP4, MOV, or WEBM) >> Upload a pic with a face (as JPG, PNG, or WEBP) >> Click “Face Swap Now”.

Ans: Over 470+ voices are available with a variety of accents and emotions.