Procore software originated in 2002 as a platform that brings data, people, and systems to a single platform. Its features offer assistance for commercial construction projects. It provides products for tender management, maintaining field productivity, and estimating. Buildertrend software has been supporting construction projects since 2006. Its products include functions for project management, sales process, and financial tools. 

The following breakdown will highlight the core differences between the two and provide further information about the Procore cost vs Buildertrend cost



Tender Management: The Procore software simplifies the tendering process and lets you manage details from a single platform. It can be used to create, send, and collect tenders without relying on other resources. Firstly, it will help you send out tenders within minutes as you can create, manage, and track invitations. Moreover, you can maintain a centralized system with accessibility to the tendering process. 

Estimating: Perform quantity takeoffs, estimates, and expert proposals rapidly to put your projects in the best possible position for success. You can count items across pages and even filter the results for accurate data. 

Resource Management 

Utilize decision-making that is fueled by information from real-time productivity tracking software to safeguard your labor budget and schedule. Managing documents is very important. You can use ‘Daywork Sheets’ to record, track, and capture out-of-scope work which will help you reduce risk. Notify the office staff automatically so they may create a modification request and arrange payment.

In addition, Procore can be used to generate profits from your projects. It can be used to make a decision that favors your project’s budget and profitability, monitor labor costs in real-time, identify scopes of work that are in danger, and take quick action.

Procore Demo 

Users can schedule a Procore demo through the website. It is an insightful source through which users can discern which features are helpful for their projects. Moreover, since Procore is always invested in developing its products, it will also help you understand the latest updates. 

Procore Cost

The Procore cost depends on the product that your company requires for management. Another factor that is used to customize a quote. In fact, if you are going to use Procore regularly, you can also generate the best values and manage cost savings. 

Procore Review

The Procore reviews provide that it is an easy-to-use software that also offers the best value for the price. It can be set up quickly too. 


Sales Process Features

Buildertrend combines CRM, estimating, and email marketing tools for sales management. With the help of Buildertrend lead tracker and lead activity tools, create, capture, and close potential projects. Obtain leads from the contact page of your website, import current leads from Excel, and add leads while on the go using the Buildertrend app. 

Financial Tools 

With the help of our construction bidding software, you can develop, evaluate, send, and keep bid requests all in one place. Set deadlines, accept bids, and easily convert them into contracts by sending email, text messages, and push notifications to subcontractors. There is also user-friendly functionality for processing POs (Purchase Orders). Have your subs approve the job scope and payment terms online and keep tabs on approvals, PO status, and invoicing.

Real-time tracking of your labor expenditures, billing, POs, and change orders ensures that you stay on track. Compare estimated against actual prices, track money and make modifications on the move, and pick from various financial program interfaces.

Project Management

Everything you require to keep organized and advanced projects is available on Buildertrend. Real-time reporting, precise timeframes, and team collaboration will benefit our project management capabilities. Using our project planning software, you can keep track of and communicate critical information to your team, vendors, and clients. Send updates via notifications, easily take notes with voice-to-text, and have the weather reports automatically recorded.

Communication Tools

Now, rather than being scattered everywhere, the knowledge needed to make smarter decisions more quickly is all in one spot. Your powerhouse for collaboration is Buildertrend. Give your clients direct access to their projects to provide the finest possible customer service. Give customers their logins, let them monitor the build’s progress, and let them communicate with them through the portal.

You can avoid making pointless treks back to the workplace by sharing files online. The Buildertrend construction software provides your team with constant access to photo, video, and document files. Organize files in folders for each job and share files with many people to take it a step further.

Buildertrend Demo 

The Buildertrend demo offers introductory information about the software. You can see and understand the functions from various angles before signing up. 

Buildertrend Cost

There are two options available for Buildertrend cost. Core Plan costs $99, which can be used for scheduling, managing to-do lists, messaging, and keeping daily logs. Additionally, it can be used to maintain a time clock, client portal, and manage digital assets. The Pro Plan costs $399 per month. It provides advanced features like billing processes, budgeting tools, and selections. Furthermore, users are offered advanced reporting and change orders as well. 

Buildertrend Reviews

Most of the Buildertrend reviews state that it is a reliable source to manage projects. Moreover, the software is easy to set up and can be used to generate productivity.

Procore Demo vs Buildertrend Demo

The Procore demo vs Buildertrend demo offers insightful information about each platform to help you make the final call. Procore offers premium support to its users through webinars, phone calls, and forums. On the other hand, Buildertrend offers training as well. You can also access support through contact forms and an assigned coach. However, the Procore software can manage complex operations, whereas the Buildertrend software has strong reporting tools. Each has its own set of tools that make it special. When it comes to choosing one over the other, you should do a brief analysis of the features to analyze their compatibility with your projects.