If you were reading this, you probably know about software as a service. SaaS typically describes software subscriptions in the cloud. SaaS is an enterprise software platform designed for business and individual use. In the upcoming years, solopreneurs, indies, hackers, maker-less-coders, and small startups will create rapid and inexpensive SaaS applications that solve one or two use cases for any application-based business. 

What is a Micro-SaaS? 

Tyler Tringas from Storemapper describes micro-saas as being micro-natured because many businesses have started on a small scale as side projects. Storemapper is a store locator tool that enables businesses to embed it into their websites in just 36 hours of flights between San Francisco and Argentina. Although some product types aren’t built on weekends, many 

companies have strong arguments to first deploy the smallest, if the simple, usable version of a product. These products commonly called minimal viable products (MVPs) remain viable. They suggest that we use feedback loops for iterating improvement. 

Tax and VAT collecting for a Micro-SaaS business 

As a micro Saas business, you must be aware of your different tax collection methods. Depending on your sales volume and where your customers are located, you may consider using an eCommerce partner to help you with tax collection. By working with a partner specializing in online sales, you can ensure that you’re collecting the right amount of taxes and complying with all the necessary regulations. 

List of Best Micro SaaS Ideas 

Below are 15 microsaas ideas with suitable examples. It was also our intention to select only those concepts that would be best adapted for small teams and solopreneurs and those that could potentially be incredibly successful. We’ll dive into this.

Mock Interview Platform 

The interview and evaluation process are becoming more demanding. Job opportunities get harder, and finding a good job requires good preparation. In such cases, candidates will never leave anything unturned regarding interview preparation. We have seen an increase in companies hiring consultants and technical course providers preparing for an interview, and so we have. Build mock interview platforms for hiring experts, veterans, and other experienced individuals for personalized guidance and 1:1 feedback. 

Remote Employee Engagement Platform 

A remote working environment is full of challenges. Remote workers can quickly become ill-prepared if they are not given appropriate engagement or appreciation. Employees should be appreciated and encouraged to maintain an influential culture at work. Create an employee involvement tool for remote workers that allows employers to review performance, reward teams, and monitor progress. 

Influencer Marketing Campaign Tool 

Influence is everywhere. 45% of people depend on influencer suggestions when it comes to their purchases, so companies won’t risk losing the opportunity. Nevertheless, initiating influencer marketing campaigns can be complex. This is where Influencer marketing campaigns

work! Build an influencer marketing platform to facilitate the search and tracking of influencers across multiple channels. 

Sales Management Software for Artists 

Art has always been an emerging trend; many Americans are investing more in art in their homes and workplaces. However, an artist can likely struggle to manage everything at once. The artist spends more time creating art instead of managing the art. Develop software to track orders and manage sales effectively so artists can spend more time painting. 

Product Feedback Tool 

Products are what drive everything from physical products and services to products. Continuous improvements in products and feedback from customers help ensure success. As you develop a product, feedback is critical. This will help the user gather feedback on product improvements and improve the customer experience. 

Personal Finance Tracker App for Salaried Professionals 

Generally speaking, stag employees have problems managing financial matters. Typically, they lose their income through taxation or other necessary expenses. Employees should keep a record of their remaining wages and make wise decisions. 

Micro-Niche Personal Planner Tool 

A complete planner is available worldwide, but a complete planner might overwhelm the user or make him completely discard it entirely. Create an individual planning software to utilize micro-nix to allow the user to organize and monitor tasks. 

Student Feedback Software 

Gone are days when teachers waited a week before a student received feedback from parents. With teaching shifting to the Internet, educators can report progress online to their students without problems. Create feedback systems that provide feedback to students and parents. 

Event Staff Scheduling Software 

During the year, event management becomes critical, and events are essential to the vessel’s sail. Some people find it hard to find enough people for their work and want more time to work on their jobs. Event planners provide exactly this functionality. Create event staff scheduling software for managing events. 

Small hospital management tool

Developing software for daily operations can be crucial to managing a hospital’s operations. This will ease the whole thing, with no need for documentation. Build a management system that would allow smaller hospitals to handle visitor management administrative work, automatic tracking of finances, and scheduling. 

Health & Wellness Platform for Elderly People 

A monitoring system for aged patients is essential for the daily maintenance of medicines, appointments, etc. It is essential for the elderly with dementia. The idea is to make it easier for elderly people to take medications or watch their daily activities to monitor their activities. 

Testimonial management tool 

Customer feedback is essential for establishing trust and aiding audience decision-making. This acts as social evidence. Thus, writing good testimonials and effectively presenting clients’ stories is essential. Create testimonial managers to collect text and video testimonials and share them with their audience. 

Voice-of-the-Customer Survey Tool 

Clients are kings, so the companies will not disappoint them. Businesses spend hugely to offer their consumers a more personalized experience than they ask. How can companies use customer voice to collect consumer information by completing surveys to improve customer service? 

Habit Builder App 

Many productivity apps have a lot of habitual applications. Some of us have difficulty starting a habit, staying committed to this habit, and practicing this discipline. There are also several habit-related books. 

Airbnb Property Management Tool 

What is the best Airbnb management method? The job is tough. When managing multiple properties, managers must face multiple ins & outs that can become overwhelming. It helps Airbnb owners and Airbnb property owners with automation and task management. 


If any of these ideas resonate with you, or if you have another micro SaaS idea that you’re excited about, don’t wait to get started. The best time to start building your business was yesterday, and the second best time is today. Don’t let anything stop you from achieving your dreams – not even a global pandemic! With a little bit of hard work and dedication, you could earn an extra few thousand dollars monthly.