OTT platforms and online streaming websites are on a boon these days. They offer a wide range of entertainment to people all over the world. Entertainment on OTT platforms is in different forms and of different genres. There is a wide range of options to choose from. You can never get the entertainment that is present on OTT platforms as well as streaming websites.

What are Different Forms of Entertainment on OTT?

OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Voot offer a wide range of entertainment. This entertainment can be of different types. The 3 major types of entertainment on OTT platforms or streaming websites are as follows:

  • Movies: OTT platforms have got with them a wide range of movies. It includes the latest as well as old films. Hollywood, Bollywood, and even movies in regional languages are available on them.
  •  Web series: This is a prime and exclusive type of entertainment available on OTT platforms and streaming websites. Web series are usually a compilation of 10 episodes in general in different genres. It is the most emerging type of entertainment.
  •  Regional entertainment: Regional entertainment means entertainment that is made especially for a particular group of audience that speaks a particular language. This entertainment is usually available in regional languages of different regions.

These are the three major types of entertainment that are present on OTT. 

Different genres on OTT platforms

Undoubtedly there is no limit to entertainment on OTT platforms. There is a long list of genres on OTT. Some of them are described below:

  • Comedy: This genre has got shows and movies that are fun-based and laughter. Laughter is the best medicine. If you want to have fun and laugh then you may choose this genre.
  • Fiction: If you love watching fiction stories especially science fiction the this is best suited for you.
  • Fantasy: This genre is usually for kids. It has got in it all the cartoon shows, fantasy movies, and animated videos.
  • Crime and Thriller: If you enjoy watching suspicious shows which have a got a lot of suspense in them then go for this one. Some of these shows are also based on real-life events so it gives you a realistic view.
  • Horror: If you want to watch and see some virtual ghosts and listen to their stories then go with this genre.
  • Family drama: In case you enjoy watching family drama but are bored of watching TV shows which run for years and years then go for this one.
  • Action: If you are a fight lover and enjoy watching hardcore fight sequences then you may go with this genre.

These are just a few of the major genres available on the OTT platforms and streaming websites like 123movies. If you browse these websites you will get a wide variety to choose from.

What Kind of Content is Available on Streaming Websites?

Every content that you find on OTT platforms you can stream on streaming websites. The major difference between them is that streaming websites are free to use while the OTT platforms require a paid subscription. 

Streaming websites like 123movies allows you to download every content that is available on the OTT platform. Though the audio and video quality of content is better OTT platforms but streaming websites are a reliable source for those who prefer to have a free of cost entertainment. These streaming websites provide all. Movies, web series, and regional entertainment all are available on them. Moreover, the content of any country and any language can be streamed here.

Which Genre is Mostly Loved by People?

Though there is not anything specified in this that is the most loved genre. Because every individual has got a different choice and preference. Choice of genre varies from person to person. There are many options available in genres. But yes in each genre there are some of the web series that trend and are a must-watch of that genre. Anyone liking any genre would firstly go and watch the top trending web series of that genre.

Adding on some web series are there which are watched by everyone irrespective of the genre they belong to. The reason being this is that they are among the top trending web series which is loved by most of the audiences.

Thus now you know that why it is said that there is no limit to entertainment on OTT platforms and streaming websites like 123movies. You can see above in this article that what a variety of choices you have got and how these choices suit everyone’s preference. This is the main reason why OTT platforms and streaming websites have emerged so much so far. You must once take the experience of browsing the widest variety of entertainment and you will enjoy it for sure.