We have seen the evolution of Art from traditional to digital forms. All this happened because of digital painting software like Procreate. In this article, we will dig deep into Procreate and learn about the free procreate brushes available online.


Are you an aspiring artist with a knack for digital paintings? Do you love to paint when traveling? Well, you must have heard about Procreate. Exclusively designed for iOS and iPad, Procreate is a digital painting and editing software launched in 2011.

Since its inception, Procreate has allowed artists to design their masterpieces whenever and wherever they want. Well, to sketch out what’s in your mind into reality, you will need to use Procreate brushes.

There are many sites available on the internet where you can download Procreate brushes. You can choose from free to paid versions. However, we will provide you 15 best sites where you can jump on to get your favorite brushes.

18 Best Sites For Free Procreate Brushes

iPad Lettering

iPad Lettering Homepage

With iPad Lettering, you can download a selection of brushes. You just need to add your favorite brushes to your cart, which won’t cost you any money, and then you’re all set to start creating a stunning work of art. Best-in-class brushes for a range of letter styles are available on this website.

After signing up and adding brushes to your cart, you will receive an email with a link to download a zip file. Then, following the instructions at the end of the post, unzip the file and install the brushes. The same procedure may be used to install different brushes, and on certain websites, you can download the brushes directly, unzip them, and then install them.

Link: https://ipadlettering.com/freebies/free-procreate-brushes/ 

Envato Elements

Envato Elements Homepage

Envato Elements has a wide section of excellent Procreate brushes and palettes. For all of your unplanned projects, Envato Elements open up a world of creative possibilities. Why are we calling it unplanned? Because the artist must go unanticipated distances before creating a work of art, and in order to do so, the artist requires the right instruments.

For the artist, accessing hundreds of these brushes will put him many steps ahead. By gaining access to these procreate brushes for free, you may unleash your inner creativity, explore your ideas, and produce remarkable work.

Link: https://elements.envato.com/ 


Librium Homepage

Are you trying and searching for different brushes to help you create better anime art? These brushes must be the ones you were looking for. If you’re searching for the same thing, try Librium. You can share your free custom brushes and other drawing resources on Librium.

You will undoubtedly find Librium to be the finest option for discovering brushes if you are more interested in creating animated films. Additionally, this website makes it simple to research several items manufactured by craftsmen from all around the world. So you can use Librium to locate the appropriate tools for yourself by drawing inspiration from other artists.

Link: https://librium.digital/ 


Shoutbam Homepage

If you enjoy grain art, this website is ideal for your Procreate brushes. Shoutbam has a wide selection of grain brushes that you can download to spruce up your art. Although this website also offers purchased brushes as well, you can use the free ones as they are equally impressive.

On their website, Shoutbam offers thousands of free brushes, and their texture is outstanding. This is the ideal website for an artist who appreciates texture and knows how to apply it. With these grain brushes, you can even use them for other sketching purposes. 

Link: https://www.shoutbam.com/


Mockuptree Homepage

The best source of Free Mockup Templates for Web and Graphic Designers is Mockuptree. A web-based service called Mockuptree gives designers free access to a large selection of ready-to-use PSD layouts. Additionally, the superb Procreate brushes will instantly tempt you to download them. You won’t need to wait for even a second longer to obtain them because they are free.

Furthermore, Mockuptree assists realistic website specialists in finding mockups for their avant-garde projects. The goal of Mockuptree is to become arguably your go-to resource for building a web-based presence for your company.

Link: https://mockuptree.com/ 

Alice Monbers

Alice Monbers Homepage

This is a winner! For artists who enjoy broadening their horizons, Alice Monber is ideal. You are welcome to go by yourself and have a look, we are not simply stating that. This one’s for you if you’re looking for some aesthetics and sober brushes that can make your art aesthetically beautiful.

You can get the most beautiful and simple Procreate brushes for free thanks to Alice Monber. Learn about the various brushes that are offered on this website, download them, and install them on your iPad or other Apple device to learn more. With these neutral brushes, simplistic patterns are simple to create.

Link: https://alicemonber.com/ 


Linktree Homepage

Linktree is a gold mine for all of your potential. There are hundreds of links, not just one, two, or three, that will lead you to various brushes that can give your artwork a unique edge. It has so many brushes that installing and using them one by one can take months.

These brushes include finishers, fillers, sparkle, texture, lettering, and much more. This site has a lot of links that will lead you to a page where you may download and set up the brushes that work best for you.

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/free.procreate.brushes 

Hom Sweet Hom

Hom Sweet Hom Homepage

For various uses, this one has its own unique sets of brushes, which you may browse through to determine which one is perfect for you. A hand lettering artist who has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the business, including Adobe, Google, Starbucks, and many more, produced Hom Sweet Hom.

They created these designer brushes because they think creative work is more important than labor-intensive jobs. By using these, you may save time and focus more on creativity rather than hustling for brushes. Use these free brushes to easily direct your creative career on the proper path.

Link: https://www.homsweethom.com/


Paintable Homepage

Ever pondered the difficulty of creating realistic portraits? You may simply ease your problem with these 28+ free procreate brushes free download on Paintable, though. You can use it to make your portraits more appealing and lifelike. Turn your photos from “rough” or “unnaturally smooth” to beautifully completed and thoughtful! 

If you want to enhance or sharpen your images, you can check out VanceAI to give a professional touch to your portraits.

 Let your portrait painting speak to the world with these free brushes, so download and install them. There is no need for you to squander your valuable time creating the ideal brush for yourself.

Link: https://paintable.cc/ 

Pixel Buddha

Pixel Buddha Homepage

You may acquire the best free and premium brushes for working on your art from the creative and zealous group Pixel Buddha. They have a good track record for helping artists, so you can trust them when it comes to quality.

Link: https://pixelbuddha.net/ 

Brush Galaxy

Brush Galaxy Homepage

Brush Galaxy work along with the most outstanding artists to provide you with premium quality brushes at prices that won’t break the budget. Their team of professionals has analyzed and chosen every free procreate brush sets on their website. Therefore, you won’t have to be concerned about purchasing some subpar brushes.

Link : https://www.brushgalaxy.com/ 


Paperlike Homepage

This is a very unique pack designed by Paperlike, a business that creates screen covers for iPads that feel like paper. You can discover this wonderful collection of digital brushes for free after signing up for the Paperlike community.

This collection of 34 distinctive brushes is designed to highlight dynamic movement. Find fresh techniques to give your artwork movement and vitality.

Link: https://paperlike.com/ 

Sargent’s Brushes

Sargent’s brushes Homepage

Would you like to paint like a pro without the mess? These Procreate oil brushes might be the solution. These brushes for Procreate were genuinely made with actual brushes being applied to canvas and were inspired by the well-known painter John Singer Sargent. You can find out more about how to utilize the brushes in the set by visiting the product photos. You can also find the instructions and manuals on their site. 

Link: https://www.designcuts.com/product/sargents-oils-procreate-brushes/ 

Dry Marker

Dry Marker Homepage

Nothing is more relaxing than a carefree dry marker appearance, right? You get 12 gorgeous brushes in this brush bundle from Latin Vibe that were inspired by dry markers. What are you waiting for? The Procreate Brush set is available online for free. Enjoy those procreate brushes free going forward.

Link: https://creativemarket.com/michele.brasili/7229746-10-Dry-Marker-Brushes-Procreate 

Jingsketch Procreate Brushes

Jingsketch Procreate Brushes Homepage

Jingsketch assembled ten Procreate brushes, which are best suited for all levels. For imitating different kinds of markers and pencils, these are excellent beginner brushes. A flexible set of 10 necessary brushes will be a terrific introduction to the Procreate universe. We are convinced that you will find using these Procreate brushes very easy. It might take time to create a collection of brushes that feels natural and straightforward but Jingsketch can make this process smooth for you.

Link: https://jingsketch.gumroad.com/l/JingsketchBrushes 


Gumroad Homepage 

This website has a collection of unique brushes with vibrant shades. The best part about Gumroad is you can try custom brushes crafted by individual artists as well. All you need to do is login and start exploring Gumroad’s variety of fine free Procreate Brushes.

Link: https://gumroad.com/ 

George Brush Club

George Brush Club homepage

Collection of 2000+ Procreate brushes for artists like you. George Brush Club also offers paid or premium subscription brushes, however, if you are just starting out, you can download their free Procreate brushes to turn your ordinary paintings into a digital masterpiece. 

Link: https://www.georgbrush.club/ 


Behance page 

Next on our list is Behance. This website needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular online spots for all kinds of artists around the world. 

From lettering to shading, You can find many free Procreate brushes on Behance when you search for them. 

Link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/71961237/Procreate-Brushes 

How to Install Free Procreate Brushes?

Once you have downloaded the files for procreate brushes free download, it is time to unzip the files and save them on your iCloud. Use any unzipping application of your choice to unzip the files. After this, follow the steps written below to install the brushes in Procreate:

  • Unlock your iOS or iPadOS device and open Procreate.
  • Click on the Paintbrush icon to Go to the Brushes panel.
  • Navigate and select the folder where you want to install the brushes. You can also choose to create a new folder by selecting the plus icon at the top of the list of brushes.
  • Now, go to Dialog Box and click on Import; this will open all the files.
  • Open the folder where you have saved your brushes. Here, tap on the brush you want to install, and it will be added to your brush set with a name in your brush panel.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a professional or just like to paint to boost your mood, Procreate is the perfect fit for all. You can unleash your inner artist anytime, anywhere, for free with Procreate. As we know, a masterpiece is filled with many strokes, and these strokes are only possible with the right brushes.

Therefore, procreate brushes play a significant role in creating digital art on the software. You can find a variety of free procreate brushes and use them when you want to explore or are just starting. For this, you only need to try the above-listed websites, where you choose your favorite brushes and use them free of cost. Once you have downloaded your brushes, install them and create your own brush panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: You can find over 200 handcrafted Procreate brushes and beautiful organic pencils on Procreate.

Ans: You need to download the files on iCloud, share them on procreate and then install each brush in the brush folder.

Ans: You should always segregate your brushes according to your needs and name the folders accordingly. However, when you install free procreate brushes, you can move them to a separate folder to avoid confusion.

Ans: To import a custom brush:

  • Go to the Plus at the bottom section.
  • For the brush you want, click on Import.
  • The brushes will appear in your Imported Brushes Folder.

Ans: While searching for Procreate brushes, you will find free as well as paid options. However, it is better to select and explore the range of free brush options as they are much easier to experiment with.

Ans: Yes, Procreate brushes can work in Photoshop. But, they will not deliver the exact results when working on Photoshop because of their software differences.