We’ve all seen how quickly businesses are migrating to the cloud. As a result, the market for cloud migration tools is becoming more competitive and essential. I tried several Office 365 migration tools on the market and had high hopes for each of them, but I was disappointed nearly every time. However, after one of my coworkers recommended the EdbMails Office 365 migration tool, I decided to investigate it further. Based on my testing of the complete Office 365 migration steps and analysis, here is my complete review. If you want to learn more about this tool and how it works, keep reading.

EdbMails Office 365 Migration Software Requirement 

There is no surprise that many businesses are making a beeline to get their data to the cloud, given the popularity of cloud-based services and the appealing features they provide, such as collaboration and communication. Furthermore, it is clearly evident that on-premise and legacy Exchange versions are outdated and no longer supported. Companies and organizations still holding onto these systems risk losing their data or may be left out in the lurch if they procrastinate the migration. Another aspect we must also understand is that migration using manual methods do more harm than good and consume a significant amount of time. With a widespread hue and cry and a dire necessity to migrate, it is now a do-or-die situation for many businesses. In such a situation, finding the best possible migration software among the bunch can be a tough cookie. With the help of EdbMails Office 365 migrator, the entire migration process can be streamlined and made stress-free.

EdbMails Unique Features and Settings

Before diving into how EdbMails Office 365 migration tool actually works in real-world scenarios, let’s take a quick look at some of the most important features.

  1. Incremental migration feature to avoid duplicates on subsequent migrations.
  2. Fast and efficient migration with industry-leading speeds.
  3. Complete consistency while migrating and transferring the data.
  4. Automatic impersonation rights setting and automatic mailbox mapping feature.
  5. Support for retaining the encoding of the mailboxes from different languages.
  6. Automatic reconnection without possible downtimes.
  7. For all migration environments, this is a secure and safe tool.
  8. Update and remove the deleted source items from the target folders
  9. Forcefully update different target mail items with the source.
  10. Filter and Folder options to customize your migration.

System Requirements and Environments

EdbMails is compatible with any Windows desktop system running Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, or XP. The software installation requires a minimum of 512 MB RAM, but 4GB is strongly recommended for optimal performance. You can also install the software on any version of Windows Server. It is best suited for personal, business, large organizations, educational institutions, and even government institutions looking to migrate to Office 365 or Exchange. Internet connection is required if you are migrating mailboxes to Office 365 or Exchange. If you are exporting Office 365 to PST, then you also need to install Microsoft Outlook on your PC. EdbMails requires 20MB of hard disk space for installation and additional space for installing supporting components such as the .NET framework and the Microsoft C++ Visual Library.

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How Does EdbMails Office 365 Tool Help Organizations

Let’s take a look at some of the ways EdbMails can help you and your business in this section.

EdbMails Office 365

1. Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration

Many businesses change domains or migrate to a different domain as a result of mergers or acquisitions, which necessitate tenant-to-tenant migration. When you have a large number of mailboxes and are unsure where to begin, EdbMails can assist with tenant-to-tenant Office 365 migration.

2. Office 365 to Exchange Migration

Many organizations require Office 365 to Exchange migration due to Hybrid environments or on-premise setups. It may also be due to a license change by switching to a basic live Exchange server. Whatever the reason, you can easily migrate using EdbMails graphical interface, saying goodbye to all manual methods and other complex procedures.

3. Public Folder and Shared Mailbox Migration

It’s surprising to see that public folder and shared mailbox migration is a hot topic in many organizations, especially when many folders with complex hierarchies must be precisely migrated to the target. Searching for countless tools on the market is pointless when EdbMails is right next door to alleviate your pain points. The software’s select and click options for viewing the complex public folder hierarchy and migrating with utmost accuracy have made public folder migration a breeze.

4. Cutover, Hybrid Migration, and Staged Office 365 Migration

Office 365 migration has three main migration scenarios based on your business needs and how well you want to transfer data to the target account. If you are unaware, a cutover migration is a migration that is based on a single setting that transfers everything from the source to the target. The staged migration involves batch migration, whereas the hybrid migration involves data migration within, to, or from a Hybrid Environment. To make the process easier, EdbMails supports all three scenarios without limitations. This allows you to better plan the migration without experiencing any downtime. 

Stability and Scalability Aspects

Scalability and stability are two important features of any migration software. When it comes to stability, EdbMails can perform flawless migrations with no data loss. Furthermore, the data migrated between the source and the target is a mirror image of the data on the source, with no changes to the data on either side. The software can also handle large mailboxes and attachments without slowing down or taxing the system’s resources. We tested it with a 1GB mailbox and it was able to migrate in less than an hour using a standard T1 internet connection.

Setting Up and Using EdbMails Office 365 Migration Software

Next, we’ll go over the Office 365 migration steps discussing each one of them briefly.

1. User Interface and Ease-of-Use

To begin, we would like to highlight EdbMails simple user interface, which anyone can understand and use without any technical knowledge or expertise. When you first launch the software after downloading and installing it, you are greeted with a professional interface. If you haven’t purchased an Office 365 license yet, you can still use the free trial version. In the following screens, select Office 365 migration from the dropdown menu. As with any Windows application, each window explains what to click or select making it easy to follow. 

User Interface

2. Logging into the Source Office 365 Account

The second step is to log into your source account. It is important to note that Office 365 employs the modern secure login method OAuth 2.0. This method of login takes you to the official Office 365 login page, where you can verify your login credentials. You can also use the manual registration method if you prefer. Each option has a tooltip that, when clicked, takes you to the EdbMails user manual guide that explains it in detail. There is also the option to log in using the classic method, which requires you to manually enter your credentials. Nevertheless, you will be required to choose one of the connection methods of connecting to the mailboxes, public folders, or Archives. For the sake of this review, we proceed with Connecting to the Mailboxes.

Logging into the source Office 365 account

3. Selecting the Mailboxes and Folders

Following successful account authentication, you will be presented with three options for loading mailboxes: Automatically, from a CSV file, or from a previously saved list. We proceed with the option of automatically loading mailboxes, which fetches and loads them in real-time from your account. You can also import mailboxes from a CSV file if you prefer. Once the mailboxes have been loaded, they are displayed in a hierarchical manner, with the various folders neatly displayed beneath. It also shows the count of each folder.

Selecting the Mailboxes and folders

4. Starting the Office 365 Migration 

To start the migration, click on the button Migrate to Office 365 at the bottom. You will be once again directed to another login screen where you will have to log in to the target Office 365 account.

5. Logging into the Target Office 365 Account

The steps for logging into your target account are identical to the steps for logging into your source account. After you’ve made the various connections to the source, you should be able to follow this with ease.

Logging into the target office 365 account

6. Mailbox Mapping and Review

After successfully loading the target mailboxes, you can choose whether to map mailboxes automatically or manually. If you have a large number of mailboxes, it is highly recommended that you map the mailboxes automatically and then verify their correctness at the end. The window displays all of the mailboxes and their mappings; once satisfied, set the Action to Migrate and continue with the migration.

Mailbox Mapping and Review

7. Migration Process and Completion

After you have completed all of the preceding steps, the software will begin migrating the contents and will display an ongoing migration progress window. Once all of the items and folders have been successfully migrated, you can view a detailed log file by clicking the View Log button at the bottom. 

Different Office 365 Migration Options in EdbMails

EdbMails Office 365 migration is a versatile application that lets you perform various migration and backup tasks from a single software interface. When migrating to Office 365, you can perform the following operations.

1. Export to Outlook PST

This option allows you to export the Office 365 mailboxes to PST format. The PST serves as an excellent backup and can be imported into Microsoft Outlook for viewing the mails. 

2. Migrate to Office 365

This option allows you to migrate between two Office 365 tenants, or two different or same domains with Office 365 accounts. This is useful if you would like to migrate emails from other servers such as GoDaddy, Rackspace to Microsoft servers or if you are planning to change the domains from one country to another. 

3. Migrate to Live Exchange

You can migrate from any Office 365 account to a live Exchange, Hosted Exchange, Exchange on Premises, or Hybrid Exchange environment using this option. Organizations looking to transition will find this extremely beneficial, which allows them to connect to their source Office 365 account and the target Exchange account and begin the migration with a single click. 

Pricing Options and Affordability

EdbMails Office 365 migration tool is one of the most cost-effective tools on the market, thanks to its customizable licensing plans for a variety of needs. The pricing for Office 365 migration is shown in the table below. The licenses are calculated based on the number of mailboxes you pick. If you buy 20 mailbox licenses, for example, you can migrate 20 source mailboxes to target mailboxes an unlimited number of times. For the sake of comparison, the prices for 20 and 100 mailboxes are provided. However, you are free to select your own number of mailboxes based on your needs. There is also a bundle offer that you can choose if you would like to migrate both Exchange and Office 365 mailboxes. (i.e Exchange to Office 365 migration and Office 365 to Exchange)

Number of Office 365 mailboxesTotal Cost
20 $120
Bundle Offer (Exchange + Office 365 migration)
Number of MailboxesCost
20 Exchange + 20 Office 365$216
100 Exchange + 100 Office 365 $360

Free 24×7 Customer and Technical Support

One of EdbMails’ standout features is its 24-hour customer service, which is available to help you in any situation. It’s not like you’ve been given the tool and told to experiment on your own. If you require additional assistance or information, their customer service representatives can take your hand and walk you down the lane to your destination safely. This ensures that you receive expert advice from those who have already assisted many users and are familiar with the pitfalls that users commonly face during Office 365 migration. We contacted customer service to inquire about Office 365 migration scenarios, and their response was both professional and caring.

Reliability and Security

EdbMails Office 365 migration software is a very reliable piece of software that you can rely on for migration projects. With expert assistance and input from the software’s team, it has grown in popularity over time in countries worldwide. You don’t need to be concerned about security because EdbMails follows Microsoft’s login and authentication flow. It employs the OAuth 2.0 modern login method, which is based on the Active Directory Authentication Library and directs you to the official Microsoft login page to verify your credentials. EdbMails also adheres to ISO 27001 / 27018 certification standards, and its servers are GDPR compliant. The metadata required for incremental migration is stored locally on your PC’s environment and is not accessible to anyone else. It is also protected by military-grade AES 256 encryption.

Advantages of EdbMails Office 365 Software Over Native Methods

Office 365 migration using EdbMailsOffice 365 with native/manual methods
Automated GUI tool that carries out all the migration processes easilyManual methods require user efforts, preparation, and extensive research to perform the migration
There are no downtime or data lossData loss and downtime are very much evident
Intelligent algorithms and filter options help you to migrate specific dataNo filter options to migrate specific data
Set impersonation rights and map the mailboxes automaticallyNo such facilities for automatic mapping 
Does not necessitate PowerShell scripts or other complicated proceduresMigration to be performed with complex PowerShell scripts
Perfect data integrity and consistencyDoes not ensure data consistency

Assessment with EdbMails Free Trial and Demo

If you want to test the migration beforehand, we recommend downloading the trial version of EdbMails Office 365 migration software, which allows you to test all of the features. This is also useful if you want to experiment with the migration of test data before using the software in a live scenario. You can migrate 30 items from each source folder to the target or export the items to PST using the demo version. It is completely free to download and does not require any payment information or email address details to test it. One of EdbMails’ handy features is that it combines all of the migration, recovery, and file conversion tools into a single application. There are no additional installations or permissions to grant. When you install it on your computer, you will be able to access all of them from a single interface.

Office 365 Migration Guide and EdbMails Advice

If you need a customized Office 365 migration guide, Exchange to Office 365 migration plan, or expert advice on how to proceed based on your needs, then the EdbMails team can help. Simply contact their support via live chat or email them your requirements, and they will get back to you. If you’re looking for specific steps or an Office 365 migration checklist, the website and blogs have a lot of help articles and in-depth steps on how to proceed that we found very useful. 

Bottom Line

After reviewing EdbMails Office 365 migration software and testing all of its features and migration scenarios, we can safely conclude that this tool does the job perfectly well and is appropriate for the purpose. When migrating to Office 365, business users and large corporations have different needs, and this tool meets all of them. In comparison to native methods, this software is very fast and has a nice graphical interface that allows you to easily see what you’re doing. There is no doubt about its reliability and trustworthiness. All of your mail is secure, and it is exactly replicated on the target as it was in the source. The customer service representatives are also very friendly and offer assistance as if they were family. With so many benefits, there is no doubt that this product deserves a 5-star rating for making your Office 365 migrations as seamless as possible.

EdbMails Office 365 migration software