Over the past few years, software solutions evolved. It was apparent that consumer trends were changing. It is no surprise that Liferay development services have also changed over the years.

But which are the best practices that will guarantee long-term success with Liferay? Let’s see some strategic approaches that will influence not only your short-term gains but also lay the foundation of long-term success.

Mobile-First Environment

More customers are accessing your business through multiple channels. It’s time to change the way you think about your customer experience. Accommodating a variety of communications through mobile, web, and social media allows customers to serve customers in real-time using the best channel available to them. This flexibility will be an essential differentiator in engaging clients, which translates into better experiences for your customers. And according to Oberlo, there are more than 6.4 billion mobile users as of 2021. This is a staggering amount which we should take into consideration!

Single Sign-on

Simplify the user experience with a single sign-on. It’s a small benefit to your customers that can foster loyalty by eliminating complexity and making their day run more smoothly. Although it’s a small detail, it makes all the difference in the company’s reputation as they watch these happy customers (your most powerful brand ambassadors) share their positive experiences with others. Single sign-on saves a lot of time for everyone and eventually leads to more sales.

Hyper Personalization as a Key to Success

Hyper-personalization is the use of data to deliver more personal and tailored products, services, and information. Businesses can use omnichannel data to create customized customer journeys in real-time by hyper-personalization. Customers today use at least a couple of different devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, personal computers, and other devices. Companies may use data from these devices to their advantage by gathering a lot of information about their customers’ activities and internet interests.

Simplified Digital Experiences

The market is full of experiences designed to wow people. But a strong focus on user experience is what really sets top brands apart. Understanding the nuances of how your customers use your product or service can tell you a lot about how to improve what you provide them — and why you shouldn’t sacrifice functional design for imaginative design. The key to great DXP is knowing that the best designs are sometimes the simplest ones.

Content Delivery Networks

Content delivery networks are a vital component in any e-commerce site. These networks optimize page loading speed so that shoppers can have the best possible experience — one with minimal delays. Brands can also use this technology to ensure that their contents load for users worldwide, so no matter where a customer is when they access your e-commerce site, they still receive an exceptional experience. And this is where Liferay shines the most – deliver a great digital experience.

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Headless Design

Thankfully, Liferay’s headless approach is a hot topic, and for a reason. It’s capable of creating great headless designs, splitting front-end and back-end, creating usability for admins, and improving digital experiences for users. Liferay is among the best headless Content Management Systems in the world, whether you’re looking at it from an online retail perspective or an organization searching for a platform to put its digital content on display.


The Liferay Portal is the leading content management system on the market that features all the essential tools to build a digital experience on your website. With an always-available development team and leading technology, Liferay helps customers create superior digital experiences for potential employees, customers, and visitors across the globe. It consists of a small but very dedicated team that will help you create outstanding pages according to the best standards.