Not every photo booth business will want to use iPads at all for their operations but many wills. After all, iPads are among the most recognizable tablet brands around and, therefore, they constitute devices that photo booth users are likely to feel at home with. Furthermore, iPads are the only tablets around that use Apple’s reliable iOS operating system. Unlike Android or Windows tablets, they stand alone. One of the main benefits of having an iPad, something that’s really always been the case, is that the hardware and software have been designed together.

For many people – regardless of whether or not they want to use their tablet to run a photo booth business – this unity of design makes iPads their first port of call. What’s more, there is dedicated photo booth software around that has been designed specifically for iOS devices. According to one such developer of iPad-optimized photo booth software, Snappic, when business owners realize the many commercial advantages of iPads, they never look back.

If you are considering starting a photo booth business or want to know how to boost your current enterprise and take it to the next level, read on.

Move Away from Legacy Hardware

A laptop PC that has been connected to a DSLR camera via a USB cable may be enough to get a photo booth business up and running but it won’t offer you all of the functionality you might need to successfully grow your market share. Even worse, there are many driver updates that need to be downloaded to help such old-fashioned systems run properly. You could even face a lengthy operating system update at an awkward time. However, with iOS, you can choose to download updates when you want and won’t have to worry about third-party drivers because the operating system and camera are all part of the same device – namely, your iPad.

As such, using an iPad to take, store, and distribute images makes a lot of sense. If you are worried about memory capacity, then remember that an iPad only needs a Wi-Fi connection to be able to store the stills and videos it takes in a secure cloud location. Equally, iPads have a large touchscreen that can be used to run the software’s user interface. Use it to display instructions, offer QR code features or simply tap on it when the user is ready for their photo to be taken.

Make the Most of 360° Media

It should be mentioned that not all iPad photo booth software can integrate with Dzen Tech and other manufacturers of today’s generation of 360° photo booth equipment but the best ones can. If you want to make a splash at events you take your photo booth to, then an iPad whizzing around on a boom arm to capture panoramic footage will certainly fit the bill.

In short, if you want to make your entire business model stand out from the competition, then investing in iOS software that can work with such systems is a must nowadays. Indeed, some 360° system manufacturers even provide you with free marketing material to get the message out there that you’ve gone to the next level with your service offering.

Benefit from Digital Sharing and Printing

Please bear in mind that iPad-optimized software systems make life easier for photo booth users and operators alike. For example, if you want to integrate social media sharing with your set-up, then you can. Do so by simply giving users the chance to review their stills and videos after they’ve been taken and to share them with an appropriate hashtag on their social feeds. Add your event’s hashtag, too, so you can assess the level of virality your images achieve.

Some iOS photo booth software suites also allow you to print in different ways. When you want a physical copy of your photos, wireless printer server functions, AirPrint capabilities, and the ability to add text when printing are all features to look out for.

Take Your Photo Booth Anywhere with Roaming Functionality

Finally, it would be good to mention roaming photo booth systems, ideal for events like trade fairs where people are moving around a great deal. iPads are perfect for this sort of approach to using photo booths in a more guerilla marketing style, so this is a good move if you run photo booth operations for young or up-and-coming brands. Some systems even allow you to blend in-person roaming with virtual event attendees, meaning that interactions of both sets of people are possible through a straightforward browser interface.

Choosing a Photo Booth App

It is pretty easy to start the countdown and strike poses for multiple photos, but finding a good photo booth app can be challenging. Though there are hundreds of great photo apps to choose from on the App Store, most won’t stand up to your standards. 

When selecting a photo booth app for your iPad, make sure to go through more than one option and see how each app compares to the other. Most photo booth apps on the app store offer special features that will make your photos even better. 

Here are the things you need to look for when finding the perfect photo booth software for iPad:


Each software on the app store is rated according to how good it really is, and you should pay attention to how many stars the app has gotten.


Reviews are the only thing that matters when it comes to software like this. Before downloading any app, you should check what its users have said about it. If the reviews are generally good, you should download the app.


Photo booth software is better than real photo booths, mainly because it can offer extra features that can make your photos even better. 

Hidden Prices

Most photo booth software comes with premium features that require money to access them. Not everyone can afford to make in-app purchases on a photo booth app, so you better check the description before downloading any software on your iPad.