Companies bring their business online to cover every possible market to increase profitability. Chat applications directly play an important role in targeting potential customers and increasing your sales and income.

Easy to Regulate and Use

Adding a direct chat plugin to your website is not difficult with improving new technology. This allows you to easily install chat plugins on web pages to facilitate your customers. Preparing a direct to add chat to website does not require much time in just a few minutes. Not only that, but the chat application also directly ensures that having a chat session with your customers is very easy for your operators and agents.


Direct chat allows you to save costs and work. This helps in reducing the time of your employee’s assignments and they don’t need to answer the phone or send an email to provide customer support. Because chat operators can handle many customers simultaneously, the solution is cost-effective and increase efficiency. It also reduces overall operational costs and allows operators to multitask during chat conversations and reduce the number of customers who are waiting in the queue. The effectiveness of this solution is compared to sending emails or providing telephone support helps in cutting online business costs.

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How Do I Add a Chat Directly to WordPress?

Direct chat is a fast and effective way to build relationships with customers and prospects. Start using it on your WordPress site and install the WordPress live chat plugin on the site.

1. Enter your WordPress account and go to your dashboard, then select the plugin on the left side.

2. In the “add new” section, look for “pure chat” with a search bar at the top right.

3. Install and activate the plugin. Then find pure chat on the left side of the bar and select the widget to activate the chat!

After the pure chat is installed and activated, you can use a cellular or web application to chat with customers from anywhere. You only need to set your status to be “available” in the web version and download the iOS or Android application.

How does a Direct Chat Work?

Direct chat is a form of customer message software that allows customers to talk directly with company representatives – usually those in customer service and technical support and other roles. Direct chat is a message system for a business that acts as a pop-up chat window on the company’s website.

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