The Hollywood film business is rich with fantastical tales. You name it, from superheroes to the wizarding realm. Another significant theme in the mythical movie world is the age-old adversary of vampires and werewolves. We’ve seen massively profitable and internationally known franchises centered entirely on the storylines of vampires, werewolves, and humans, such as the Twilight Saga and Underworld. Because of the dark fantasies and horror, several films based entirely on mythology acquire cult-like followings. One of them is the Underworld franchise.

For your assistance, here are the Underworld movies in order to watch:

1.     Underworld (2003)

2.     Underworld: Evolution (2006)

3.     Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)

4.     Underworld: Endless Wars (2011)

5.     Underworld: Awakening (2012)

6.     Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

The Storyline, Business, and Critics

The storyline revolves around the protagonist, Selene (performed by Kate Beckinsale), a death dealer on a mission to assassinate the Lycans who murdered her family. The plot continues in five separate parts. Although the film received negative reviews, it had a significant impact on its fan base. Even with loads of criticism, the franchise grossed $539 million at the box office.

The final chapter of the Underworld film franchise was released in 2016. Two years later, rumors began that another part was coming in 2018, but this did not happen. The fans are still hoping for the sixth part of the movie to come. In this article, we will share some interesting facts we bet you didn’t know about. 

Unknown Facts About the Underworld Franchise

1. The Role of ‘Selene’

Kate Beckinsale was fantastic in the part of Selene in the film. However, other actresses that were also in consideration included Milla Jovovich, who later starred in Resident Evil, and Rhona Mitra, who appeared in the Underworld: Rise of the Lycans as Sonja. The Catwoman, famed actress Halle Berry, was also considered for the role of Selene.

2. Romeo and Juliet of the Vampire World

Selene and Michael Corvin were the O.G power couple in the universe of werewolves and vampires long before Edward and Bella emerged in Twilight.

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3. Selene and Lucian sharing Love Off-Screen

Lucian considered Selene as her rival in the movies. However, both Michael Sheen (who plays Lucian) and Kate Beckinsale were in a long-term relationship at the time. They also have a daughter together, who appears in Underworld: Evolution as Selene’s younger self. On the set of Underworld, Kate Beckinsale met and married her (now ex) husband Len Wiseman.

4. Kevin’s Previous Role as Raze 

Kevin Grevioux, an American actor, screenwriter, director, and comic book writer, is one of the persons behind the creation of the movie’s leading lady Selene. He also played the character ‘Raze’ in the film series. Many people thought the director used special effects to make Kevin’s voice sound gloomy and deeper. However, the actor was born with a gravelly voice that was perfect for his role.

5. David Bowie’s Appearance 

Len Wiseman, the director of Underworld, hoped for David Bowie, the late iconic singer, and songwriter, to feature in one of his films. Due to some scheduling conflicts, it never happened.

6. The Role of Michael Corvin

Wentworth Miller and Michael Sheen were both considered for the role of Michael Corvin. However, Scott Speedman ended up getting the role. Michael Sheen performed an excellent job portraying Lucian, the Lycan leader. Wentworth Miller did, however, appear in the film as Adam Lockwood, a medical intern.

7. Popular in Canada

In September of 2003, the first Underworld film was released. The film was an unexpected hit in Canada, generating $95 million despite unfavorable reviews in the United States, UK, and Germany. The film’s sequel was released three years later, and several further films have been released since then. Even before the release of the movie in the United States, the movie tickets were sold out in Canada. 

8. Deleted Sex Scenes

Due to Kate Beckinsale’s demands and concerns that the film might receive an NC-17 rating, one scene, in particular, had to be deleted. The longer and more mature version of Michael and Selene’s sex scene in the storage container was supposed to be much longer and have more nuance from the actress. Since Kate Beckinsale didn’t wish to appear fully naked in the sec scenes, director Len Wiseman had to edit the footage heavily to prevent that. 

9. Bringing Michael Corvin to Life

According to a report, Scott Speedman had to spend almost five hours in the makeup chair for his role as Michael Corvin. As long as it took for him to bring the character to life, it took twice as many people to take all that off of him.  

10. Minimal CGI Possible

For the first picture, Len Wiseman preferred to utilize as few computer-generated visuals as necessary. Various action scenes in the movie were performed by trained stuntmen.


All in all, the Underworld franchise may have received some critical reviews over the years, but that really didn’t affect the popularity of the movies. Fans are still quite eager to know about the minor details and facts that they have missed about their favorite characters and their real lives. However, what will be the future of this franchise, will there be another movie or not, is yet to be revealed.