Discord has made its tempting presence in the user’s world through its voice, video, and text communication service. Since the start of 2015, Discord has never left its users disappointed.

Recently an issue of Discord profile error has arrived and several users are suffering through this situation. Let’s know the Crux of the issue with reasons for “discord pfp blurry”.

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Right Reasons for “Why is My Discord pfp Blurry?”

Discord logo

Profile pictures are the primary thing that catches the eye when someone visits an account. For grabbing attention and seeking followers, the best and most unique profile pictures are posted. Currently, the issue revolves all around “discord profile pictures”.

We also can’t deny the fact that “People do fall for others’ profiles.”

Discord users are currently facing an issue in uploading their profile pictures, so the reasons for it are below.

  • Pixel Issue
Discord tired after facing profile issues

If you are facing the issue of uploading a profile on Discord and are unable to fix the blurry profile pic then “pixel issue” is one the primary reasons behind it.

Discord allows 128:128 pixels for any uploaded Discord profile. The profile pic gets disrupted once this restricted image setting is ignored.

  • Defined Image Size

Errors like “discord pfp blurry” can occur simultaneously, if you are not following the restricted image dimensions. Images with 600 x 240 are considered apt for a Discord profile. If you are bringing changes in the profile image then you would have to pay the charges for it through eerie results in your discord profile pictures.

  • Glitch Due to Internet Connection
Internet connection is a major barrier in uploading a Discord profile

If you are facing trouble in uploading a fantastic profile image then the most basic loophole must be your internet connection. 

The glitch in uploading the Discord profile picture will occur if your internet connection is not seamless in providing its services.

  • Supports PNG and JPG Images

For uploading your images for the Discord profile one must consider that the images are in PNG and JPG format. Other than the defined dimension of 600×240, these image formats are essential criteria for posting a pfp for discord.

  • GIF Profile Settings
Numerous GIF for Discord profile

Discord leverages its users with the option to put GIFs as their profile image. GIFs under 10MB are supported by Discord for an excellent profile picture. If your GIF is appearing blurry then you might have exceeded the limits of 10MB.

Note: Discord itself has gallons of options for GIFs in its GIF bucket list, so you are free to choose from there, else you can upload it from your smart gadget.

Strict Precautions to Take While Uploading a Discord Profile.

An attractive profile gets uploaded only after following strict restrictions or precautions. Below some of them are studded for your good discord profile pics convenience.

  • Your profile GIF should not exceed the limit of 10MB.
  • The selected profile image for Discord should be a JPG or PNG format image.
  • The pixels of your profile image should be in the format of 250:250 i.e. 1:1.
  • While uploading a profile picture take care of the internet connection
  • If you are facing the issue of uploading a discord profile through your smartphone Discord application or other gadgets then try uploading it through a browser.
  • If your desired image in Discord is already blurry then you will get the same on your Discord profile.

Crispy Fact: Are you aware that Discord provides its services in 30 languages? That sounds so cool and an affirmative choice among other social networking platforms. Isn’t it?

How to Change the Discord Profile Pic?

Discord profile changes

The profile picture can be easily changed on Discord through easy steps which charge nothing more than a click. Let’s get to know them one by one.

  1. After you have logged in to your Discord profile, tap on my account in the user settings.
  1. You will be directed to a page where you can easily change your profile info from the profile name to the registered Gmail
  1. On the top, besides your Discord username you will find an option to edit your user profile. Tap on it.

Alt Tag: Editing user profile in Discord

  1. You will find an option to alter the profile pic on the next page. Tap on it.

Alt Tag: uploading the image for the profile pic of Discord

  1. It will ask you to upload the image. Tap on it and select the desired picture. Set the image and upload it.

Congratulations! The mission of changing our profile on Discord has been completed successfully. 

Process to Add a GIF To The Profile Picture of Discord?

Well adding a GIF to the profile is a new way to describe yourself in a creative way. If you want to add some popular F.R.I.E.N.D.S, marvel memes, or someone’s facial reaction to showcase you then below are the steps. 

  1. Once you have logged in to your Discord account, on the user’s settings tap on My account.
Settings changes on Discord
  1. Next, it will preview your account in the bottom right corner with the option to edit your profile image. Tap on it.
Profile picture changes on Discord
  1. Discord will ask if you want to upload an image or desire a GIF to represent you. Tap on the GIF option.
Setting GIF as the profile on Discord
  1. Choose GIF among the numerous options from trending to different moods.
Numerous options of GIF on Discord for user’s profile
  1. Zoom the GIF display as per your desire and tap on Apply.
Editing the GIF profile on Discord

Your Discord profile successfully displays a GIF.


How to Change Your Server’s Profile Picture?

If you have your own server on Discord and are wondering how to change its profile picture then keep the worries away as the coming information is all related to it.

Steps to change the server’s profile picture.

  • First log in to your Discord account.
  • Tap on your server’s name for example “Bhavvi’s server” below as marked.
Discord server’s picture
  • Among various options tap on Server Settings.
Server settings in Discord
  • On the next page your server account will be visible, tap on the edit icon beside your server profile picture or you can click upload image.
changes in server’s profile picture
  • Choose the desired image from your gadget’s file and upload it.

Note: Before uploading the server’s profile picture take huge care of the dimension of it. It should be at least 512×512.

Hurrah! Your server’s new profile picture has been updated.

Way to Check Your Appearance on Discord?

If you are wondering how your Discord profile must be appearing to others then there is no need to view it or watch it on someone else’s gadget. 

Discord steps to view your own profile are waiting below so let’s have a look.

  1. Once you log in to your Discord account, on the app settings tap on appearance.
Appearance settings on the app settings of Discord
  1. Once you tap it an appearance to your profile with an example will appear.
Appearance of your profile on Discord

Note: Below the display of your profile, you will find options to change the font display, theme, and zoom level.

How to Create a Discord Account Through a Browser 

You can easily access the Discord communication services through either a browser or mobile application of your PC or any other smart device respectively.

Let’s walk into the steps to unlock the process to make our new account for entering the Discord world.

  1. Launch Browser on your smart gadget. Ex. Google, Yahoo, Safari, etc.
  1. Search Discord on the search bar or type discord.com
  1. Once you enter the Discord webpage, on the entrance itself you will find the option “Download for Windows”. Tap it.
Downloading Discord on windows
  1. The Software extension will get downloaded. Tap on it.
Discord software extension downloaded
  1. A security warning will be opened with the Name of the file, publisher, and much more info. Tap on Run.
Running the application of Discord on our systems
  1. After the Discord application gets launched it will ask you to log in. Below the Login, option click on Register.
establishing a new account on Discord
  1. Fill in all the details from Email to date of birth and click on Continue.
Fill in credentials for Discord for a new account

Your account will be successfully formed in the Discord application. Enjoy hanging out with friends, connecting with study groups, or just exploring the apps from their settings to terms & policies.

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Do you know: Jason Citron, the CEO, and Co-founder of Discord brought this idea of Discord networking services? Jason and his friend Stan Vishnevskiy together wanted a platform for friends to connect and make memories, the same as they wanted while playing video games together.


Ans: Check the date/time of your gadget, clear threats, restart the PC, or allow the firewall settings to connect Discord peacefully.

Ans: If you are facing the issue of receiving broken images, connection troubles or disrupted received file format then keep a diligent look at your DNS provider. Changing the DNS provider can solve half of your issues related to Discord.

Ans: You need to gauge over the Discord voice settings or your Desktop’s settings to allow the best volume of voice messages for yourself.