People often use emojis to brighten up conversations, as chatting or texting without them may seem too serious or formal. We usually send messages with emojis while simultaneously avoiding spamming too much. Some of the icons that people often send during chatting include face emojis that can help show emotion. They may also send other emojis such as fire or 100 to give compliments. Overall, people have many options of emojis that are handy for any message they want to convey.

And due to the numerous emojis available, people can overlook symbol emojis such as the yellow circle or arrow signs. But it does not mean that these icons are useless or meaningless. With some creativity and imagination, you can use these emojis to send messages that have a unique appeal. So, without further ado, here are four kinds of symbol emojis you can use in chats or messages.

Traffic Light Emojis

Traffic lights are not just for road safety. You can also use them as emojis that may add a different meaning to your statement or perhaps emphasize it. These three: green, red, and yellow, are part of the color circle symbols which also include orange, blue, brown, purple, black, and white. But for now, we will focus on the colors you can see on traffic lights.

As with its road counterpart, feel free to use the green circle to give someone a “go” signal. Let us say you have a friend concerned about their life choices. Maybe they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Perhaps they are confused if they should talk to the person they like or upload a picture that they do not usually post. If you want to tell them to go ahead and not be bothered by their fears or concerns, then send them this emoji! It is a reassuring way of approving and supporting someone to step out of their comfort zone.

Meanwhile, the yellow circle is the icon to use if you want to tell someone to slow down. Maybe your friend is doing things too fast to the point that it is reckless. Perhaps they are being too affectionate to the person they like, or they want to learn a new skill without studying the fundamentals. If you know someone doing things too fast, send them this emoji. You can also use this icon if someone is concerned with their progress. Feel free to use this icon as well to reassure them that it is okay to take their time.

And lastly, the red circle is the best icon to convey a simple message: stop. Whether it is a joke going too far or an action that is starting to become offensive, sending someone a red circle emoji is a subtle but stern way of telling them to stop.

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Zodiac Sign Emojis

Today, people would often be concerned about someone’s zodiac sign to have an idea of their personality. Alternatively, they would also add their zodiac sign on their social media or online dating profile to let others have an idea about their personality. So, it is no surprise that emojis depicting each respective zodiac sign are available today.

Zodiac sign emojis include Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, and Ophiuchus. These 13 symbols are depicted in white with a purple background. However, other platforms may feature them with a different backdrop or appearance.

These icons are best when getting to know someone or introducing yourself via chat or text. Doing so allows you to have an idea of the person you are talking to, and they get to know you as well. You can also use zodiac sign emojis to describe someone based on their attitude. Just do not forget: attitude or character is not automatically caused by their zodiac sign.

Button Emojis

If you think there are many face emojis, wait until you see button icons. These emojis have numerous variations, each with its respective meanings or definitions. Some may depict symbols that you would often see on videos or music players, such as pause, stop, fast forward, shuffle, or rewind. Others may feature letters, symbols, or even Japanese translations of words, such as here, reserved, discount, and free of charge. Its massive selection of options makes button emojis one of the most versatile icons today.

For instance, you can use the UP! button emoji in group chats. In online marketplaces or groups on social media, people who sell items would comment “up” on their posts so others may see it more. This action is also done by people who are searching for specific items. You can then use this mechanic in group chats by replying with a UP! button emoji to reiterate someone’s statement, especially if it is funny.

Prohibited Emojis

The prohibited emoji’s default appearance shows a circular white road sign with a red border and a diagonal line. However, some emojis have additional details that pertain to prohibited things or people. These include emojis such as no bicycles, no smoking, no mobile phones, no pedestrians, and so on. And while they may look restrictive, you can use these emojis even in casual talks, albeit with some wit and creativity.

For example, if you live a straight edge lifestyle or quit smoking, you could use the no-smoking emoji. It is a good indication that you plan to keep your lungs healthy, and people will respect your decision. 

Meanwhile, you can send the no one under eighteen emoji during group chats with close friends. After all, adult humor is natural with your closest friends, so you can fully use this emoji every time your conversations are headed in an unsupervised direction.

In a Nutshell

Although they are not the most expressive icons, these symbol emojis can convey a different meaning to your message or even improve it. You can turn these otherwise overlooked icons into something special with the proper intention, wit, creativity, and recipient. So if you want to pick a different approach or tone in your messages, feel free to use these icons!