Nowadays, emojis have become an important part of our day-to-day conversation. But, ever thought about how those tiny digital images are linked with our psyche? — Why do we love emojis that much? 

Why are Emojis So Popular?

Emojis express our feelings, needs, and somehow actions too. Every set of emojis includes some round-faced smileys characters, some human face characters, gestures, animals, food and drinks, daily use items, traveling sets, flags, hearts Emoji, and much more.

The deep connection of emojis’ expressions and color with our psyche makes them more addictive for us. For example, when we are angry, we use the yellow angry face emoji, but when we are mad, we usually send the red one “Pouting face“ angry emoji. It shows more rage and madness.

They can portray a human expression easily that the words could never explain. This is the main reason behind the popularity of emojis.

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Most trending emojis on Social Media

Since social media platforms have become a part of our lives, the trends of conversation have changed. But, in general, we love to show more than to speak in words.

Emojis have changed the trend of expressing feelings and emotions on social media. Instead of typing that I am angry or traveling or eating pizza with my friends, we use a small character.

Furthermore, they are used to showing off everyday lifestyles on Facebook and Instagram. Especially the food and drink emojis.

Since then, celebrities and influencers have started using emojis in their daily posts. As a result, Emojis become viral on social media. Like it is essential to post something on your wall, you can not impress your audience without emojis. 

Using a tiny digital image to say everything without a word is the first reason to like emojis for most people. The second and the actual ones are so cute and can make plain texts so attractive.  

When it comes to food, everyone loves it. Either it is a picture video or an emoji. As a result, most people have adopted food photography as their profession. Not to mention, we find almost 100 plus pictures of edibles daily while scrolling our social media.

Maybe, much more than this. This shows our love for food items. People love sharing them on their social media. And it also became a symbol of status or a high lifestyle.

The Food and Drink emojis

Let’s talk about the most loved emojis, everyone’s favorite “the food and drink emoji.” It all started from a hot beverage cup. And now we have almost 123 emojis in this tab.

This set of emoji Include fruits, vegetables, prepared food and meal, drinks, sweets and sweet food and more. It also includes some dishware like spoons, forks, knives, etc. 

Some characters are directly associated with cooking or eating, but few characters are also used to indicate something different, like the wine glass symbol associated with parties or such stuff. And the strawberry and cherries are used as a symbol of sensuality. 

In other words, many little symbols have dual meanings that are different from their actual intent.

The “Fruit and Drink” emoji set is segregated into seven majors; the detailed list of all emojis with their names are given below:


The set of fruits emoji consist of nineteen characters; all are so cute and defined in their colors and appearance. 

Adding a fruit emoji in your chat makes it more colorful and fun. In addition, fruit emojis are used to show a fruit diet, like green apple and kiwi, tomato and olive, etc., indicating healthy lifestyles.

And some like, strawberry can be used as a symbol of something extremely sweet, and it also indicates romance between a couple. So not all of them have double meanings. 

The list of fruit emojis with their name is given below::

🍇 Grapes  
🍈 Melon 
🍉 Watermelon 
🍊 Tangerine 
🍋 Lemon 
🍌 Banana 
🍍 Pineapple 
🥭 Mango 
🍎 Red-apple 
🍏 Green apple 
🍐 Pear 
🍑 Peach 
🍒 Cherries
🍓 Strawberry 
🫐 Blueberry 
🥝 Kiwi fruit 
🍅 Tomato 
🫒 Olive 
🥥 Coconut

Among all of them, the most used emojis are grapes, strawberries, cherries, peach, banana, and green apple. 


Vegetables, the not so frequently used emojis comparatively to other food emojis. It is because most people prefer taste rather than nutrients.

Many people prefer to have pizzas and cakes and other prepared food on a diet meal.

Only diet-conscious people use such emojis. Therefore, this section of the fruit and drink emojis is completely dedicated to people living a healthy life or those on dieting.  

The vegetable emoji set includes fifteen healthy vegetables. The complete list with pictures are given below:

🥑 Avocado 
🍆 Eggplant 
🥔 Potato 
🥕 Carrot 
🌽 Ear of corn 
🌶️ Hot pepper 
🫑 Bell pepper 
🥒 Cucumber 
🥬 Leafy green 
🥦 Broccoli 
🧄 Garlic 
🧅 Onion 
🍄 Mushroom 
🥜 Peanuts 
🌰 Chestnut

Commonly used emojis are mushroom, cucumber, hot pepper, eggplant, leafy green, and avocado. But, again, some of them also have dual meanings, like red pepper associated with someone sizzling or hot.

Prepared Food or Meals

And here is the most popular set of food and drink emojis, the prepared food and meals. This set includes thirty-four tempting and delicious food items. 

It would not be wrong to say that this one is the most loved part of food emojis. It includes bread, fast food, meat, and desserts. 

Or the most frequently used, or it could be said that the top trending emoji “Pizza” lies in this set. Although many people might not like it so much, it has always been on the top of all food emojis when it comes to posting on social media.

The list of thirty-four food items with names is given below:

🍞 Bread 
🥐 Croissant 
🥖 Baguette bread 
🫓 Flatbread 
🥨 Pretzel 
🥯 Bagal 
🥞 Pancakes 
🧇 Waffles 
🧀 Cheese wedge 
🍖 Meat on the bone 
🍗 Poultry leg 
🥩 Cut of meat 
🥓 Bacon 
🍔 Hamburger 
🍟 French fries 
🍕 Pizza 
🌭 Hot dog 
🥪 Sandwich 
🌮 Taco 
🌯 Burrito 
🥙 Stuffed flatbread 
🫔 Tamale 
🧆 Falafel 
🥚 Egg 
🍳 Fried egg in a pan /cooking
🥘 A shallow pan of food 
🍲 Pot of food 
🫕 Fondue 
🥣 Bowl with a spoon 
🥗 Green salad 
🍿 Popcorn 
🧈 Butter 
🧂 Salt 
🥫 Canned food

The other frequently used emojis are popcorn, taco, french fries, hamburger and pancakes, butter, green salad, and egg in a pan. 

Asian Food 

Asian food includes all Asian regional cousins. The Asian cousin is made with a perfect blend of traditional spices and cooking tricks. It is associated with Asian culture and includes rice, fried shrimp, spaghetti, sushi, etc. 

The Asian food emoji set has seventeen traditional and cultural food items. The list of all with names is given below:

🍱 Bento box 
🍘 Rice cracker 
🍙 Rice ball 
🍚 Cooked rice 
🍛 Curry rice 
🍜 Steam bowl 
🍝 Spaghetti 
🍠 Roasted sweet potato
🍢 Oden 
🍣 Sushi 
🍤 Fried shrimp 
🍥 Fish cake with swirl
🥮 Mooncake 
🍡 Dango 
🥟 Dumpling 
🥠 Fortune cookie 
🥡 Takeout box

Spaghetti, steam bowls, curry rice, rice ball, cooked rice, and fried shrimp are most commonly used.


The seafood set of emojis has only five seafood items. This is not fair at all. It won’t cover the full range of seafood. But, the items this section has, are those we use to eat regularly. 

The list of five main seafood items is given below with their names.

🦀 Crab 
🦞 Lobster 
🦐 Shrimp 
🐙 Squid 
🦪 Oyster

The most commonly used seafood emojis are shrimp, crab, and oyster. 

Sweet Foods and Sweets 

Not to mention, this is the section of cravings. The yummiest and mouth-watering food items exist in this set of food and drink emojis. 

The most frequently used emoji is the “cake emoji.” Is it a birthday message or an anniversary – it must have the cake emoji in it?

The sweetest set of emojis has fourteen sweet foods and sweet emojis. Almost all of them are on the list of everyone’s favorite food emojis.

🍦 Soft ice cream 
🍧 Shaved ice 
🍨 Ice cream 
🍩 Doughnuts 
🍪 Cookie 
🎂 Birthday cakes 
🍰 Shortcake 
🧁 Cupcakes 
🍫 Chocolate bar 
🍬 Candy 
🍭 Lollipop 
🍮 Custard 
🍯 Honey pot

You don’t need to mention that it is difficult to choose a single one or a couple of emojis because they all are used frequently in our day-to-day chat. But the birthday cake is on the first number. 


Last but not least, the drinks emoji. This set of emojis has almost nineteen emojis. And one of them is the first emoji ever; the “Hot Beverage” was the first in food and drink emojis. And now, all nineteen are a part of our daily chat.

Furthermore, Some of them are specially used to express our social lifestyle. Like, a bottle with a popping cap; indicates a relaxed lifestyle.

🍼 Baby bottle 
🥛 Glass of milk 
☕ Hot beverage 
🫖 Teapot 
🍵 Teacup without handle 
🍶 Sake 
🍾 Bottle with popping cork 
🍷 Wine glass 
🍸 Cocktail glass 
🍹 Tropical drink 
🍺 Beer mug 
🥂 Clinking glass 
🥃 Tumbler glass 
🥤 Cup with straw 
🧋 Bubble tea 
🧃 Beverage box 
🧉 Mate 
🧊 Ice

Why the “Food and Drink Emoji” are the Most Favorite Ones:

Why are those emojis are favorite of everyone? The only reason behind this is our love for food. Food and drink emojis are the most frequently used in our day-to-day conversation.

We use to express them in different contexts like we want to eat or drink something or eat or drink something. Furthermore, few of them are associated with some specific meaning, like a bottle with a popping cork indicates a celebration.

Food and drink emojis are the most viral ones on all social media; even many celebrities use them daily in their posts. And then influencers, when they are marketing any food item. Or they are at a restaurant, eating something. 

Final words:

These tiny digital images are super cute and fun. A cute emoji sent by a particular person can make your day. Yes, we start assuming them a part of our daily life, and it is a fact that they are making their place even faster in this world of digital communication.