To tell you the truth, E-bikes are honestly a blessing. It made biking easier for people with health issues, reducing transport issues and so on. Like everything in this world needs love and caring, e-bikes need it too. And to make anything last longer, proper care is necessary, for everything, there are different criteria for each thing. 

In this article, we will tell you the top tips to take care of your e-bike to make it last longer! Let’s get into it!

Pay Attention!

First things first, notice the signs as you set for your ride. If it’s been a couple of months since you started your e-bike adventure, pay attention to the way your vehicle is working. Do you hear anything unusual? Do the brakes make weird noises? Are the tires wobbly? Of course, bikes will make noises (as you go through the bumpy roads) but watch out for the red flags too. 

An e-bike that has been handled well would be sound and quiet. That’s the general idea of it. However, with an electric bike, you will definitely hear the motors and engines working their magic. The moment you find discomfort from the rides is when you have a closer inspection of your e-bike. 

That discomfort can come from gears, or thru-axles, wheels, brakes, and so on. Make sure to properly check those and if you find anything strange, it’s definitely service time! 

Schedule Maintenance Days! 

Speaking of service time, scheduling maintenance checks are essential. You might be an expert in the field but some people are made to do the work for you. Even if you’re used to doing stuff on your own, getting some professional help can increase the longevity of your e-bike. 

See if you need a gear change, or replace the old brake pads for new ones, health check on the motors, and so on. While you have the chance, tell the mechanic to see if the chains or thru-axels need changing or not. Have them check the root of the noises being caused by the e-bike. Taking all these measures will have you saying thank you in the long run. 

Cleaning Time!

I mean these are general criteria. No matter how old or new your e-bike is, cleaning is a must. You won’t sit on a dusty one, would you? However, the longevity of the bike and cleaning it are interconnected. It might also save you a few bucks too from the maintenance check if you keep it clean. Be gentle on the parts. 

Don’t use a wet cloth on the parts that have a high chance of rusting. Don’t clean with pressure and just be careful with it. Make sure to dry it off afterward. Dust of the dirt piled up, use designated cleaners for efficient cleaning. 

Another thing that is good to know is that avoid riding it on humid or wet days. Parts like chains, gears, tires, and brake pads may have possible chances to wear off due to moisture. Moisture is an evil when it comes to electric/metallic stuff so be mindful of it. 

Taking Care of Each Part

You should thank us for the things we’re about to share. A breakdown to taking care of individual bikes for longevity because we care about your e-bike as much as you do!

Battery Care! 

No rides without the batteries. As simple as that. So taking care of it is a must. Like any other device, you need to keep your electric vehicle charged after every usage, however, there are some more tips:

  1. Overcharging can kill the life of your battery, so take it off charge once it’s done charging for the day. It usually takes around 4-5 hours to get done. 
  2. Please, PLEASE, use the charger that comes with your bike model. It’s there for a reason. The charger is suited for your model and using a different charger can damage the longevity of your e-bike. Don’t overlook it. 
  3. Check power outlets before plugging in the charger, check if the plug is capable to support it or not, you don’t want short circuits to occur! 
  4. Never charge your bike under direct sunlight, and leave it there for too long. Make sure it’s not overheating and take care of it. The location it’s charging in should be dry as well.

The Tires

Right next to your batteries, comes your tires, the support to hold you through the journey. Before we get into pointers, make sure the tires are filled up and ready to go. Look over any leaks or scratches there might have occurred. Tires shouldn’t have too much pressure otherwise they might combust. All these simple steps help to keep you and your bike safe. There are some other tips:

  1. Use bike pumpers and pay attention to the way the tires take up the air. Watch out for any leaks or scratches. 
  2. Check if there’s any wobble or tear in the front, rear, or sidewall of your tires. Pay attention to the PSI number. Each bike model comes with its own. 
  3. Make sure to achieve Goldilock’s Principle while filling up the tire: Not too much, nor too little, just the right amount.

The Brakes

Want to be sure your brakes are in top condition before you take them out? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a useful checklist for you:

Your brakes come next! Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Always test your brakes before you head out. That’s a healthy practice. See if there’s any discomfort in the levers or not. 
  2. Check if the brake pads are wearing off or not, and make sure they’re positioned correctly that are aligned to your rotors. 
  3. See if the levers are well-lubricated, secured tightly, and in proper condition. 
  4. Check if the brakes work at different speeds and how they react before you head out. 

Bonus! A Quick Guide for Cleaning Your E-Bike

Aha! You made it here! Congratulations. And now we have something special for you. Whether you made some mistakes while purchasing your e-bike, or maintaining it, here are some additional cleaning pointers as your guide. You’re in for a treat! 

  1. Use a branded cleaner for your e-bike. Make sure it is non-corrosive, and eco-friendly as well. Mix 1 part of the cleaner with 2 parts water. Use a gentle cleaner that is effective enough to rub off any dirt and grime without harming the structure of the bike. 
  2. Handle the batteries and charger carefully, it’s hydrophobic! 
  3. Now take your mixture and scrub it gently, watch out for the motors coming in the way or any electric stuff creating a hindrance. 
  4. For stubborn stains use a heavy-duty sponge made for materials or metal scrubs (careful not to rub too hard with them!)
  5. Now rub off the mixture with a dry cloth and use a dry cloth for dust cleaning, or wiping batteries and electric parts. 


Tada! Your E-bike is now ready for all the fun trips and memories for a long time. Use this as your ultimate guide to looking after your bike. Hope all the tips and tricks help you maintain your trusty vehicle, ensuring an optimal and smoother ride with ease. Tell us some of the ways you take care of the bike. Thank you for reading!