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Summer is undoubtedly the most suitable season for riding electric bikes. For most people, electric bicycles are still a new thing, and when they see other people speeding down the road on an electric bicycle, they can’t help but buy one.

However, the electric bike market is full of different market participants, and it does not seem so easy to choose the electric bike that you are most satisfied with. Therefore, this article has collected the 4 most common mistakes when buying an electric bike for the first time to help new ebikers make the best decision. 

Not Sure Where You are Going to Ride

Every ebike is designed for a different type of person and for a different purpose. The first thing you have to decide is what is most important to you and where you ride your bike the most. Just like regular bikes, there are options for cargo hauling, cruising, trail riding, kid hauling, downhill, mountain biking, road biking, sand, and snow, touring, and urban commuting. The key is to figure out what you need. 

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a new ebike based on an attractive frame style. What it looks like is far less important than what it does. Every bike has different features, tires, motors, brakes, and more, depending on how it’s used. This also includes knowing your daily distance. For example, if your commute involves a long mountain, you don’t want your power to run out halfway. Or, if you’re commuting 20 miles a day, you probably don’t want a bike with only 20 miles of range. Also, the Magicycle Cruiser series supports all-terrain riding, which means that owning a Magicycle Cruiser doesn’t have to worry about the terrain your electric bike is suitable for.

Incorrect eBike Size

An uncomfortable riding experience could be a real nightmare. There’s a reason bikes come in different sizes, and you want one that’s right for you. This means you won’t be struggling to get on and off the bike; get optimal and comfortable leg extension, and you can ride in a natural position without hurting your back or neck. When you buy a Magicycle electric bike, ask our experts and let them know your height – bike frames come in all sizes. Know that you can adjust the seat height to fine-tune the vertical dimension. In general, we recommend that you check the size chart on our website and check the standing height. Compare this to your inseam, you will want to get the frame that is closest to but no higher than your inseam. Have hip or mobility issues? Be sure to check out our step-by-step models as their frames are designed to get on and off the bike comfortably. Bottom line: From the first time you sit on a bike, you want it to fit.

Ebike with a Small Battery

This is the most important factor when choosing an e-bike because the battery is literally the soul of an e-bike. The bigger the battery, the longer you can ride before it needs to be recharged. The Magicycle Cruiser Pro’s battery can be ridden for up to 80 miles on a single charge. The current LG battery 52V/20Ah provides 750 watt-hours of power.

Nevertheless, the distance an e-bike travels depends on terrain, wind and rider weight, etc. With pedal assist set to a low level, cyclists can even ride more than the average mileage per charge. Of course, like all batteries, a brand new, unused battery stores the most energy, and as the time of charges increases, the battery capacity will inevitably decrease, and so will the range. Therefore, to maintain the highest mileage for a long time, we highly recommend getting a second battery in case of necessity when purchasing your ebike.

Purchasing Without Warranty

ebikes without warranty

No matter what the price of electric bikes, the ebike manufacturers will say that their product quality and performance are amazing and in perfect condition. But the general properties of all electronic products are the same, and even the Apple iPhone cannot guarantee that their products will not fail unexpectedly, and the same is true for electric bikes for adults. When a failure occurs, unless you are a professional, it is difficult to repair it by yourself because, in most cases, you even do not know the cause of the failure. So the warranty service provided by electric bike manufacturers is extremely critical at this time. After you have purchased any Magicycle electric bike, you can contact customer service at any time during the two-year warranty period, and they will report the problem to professional engineers as soon as possible and give a solution at the earliest time.

After you have avoided these 4 most common mistakes when purchasing an electric bike for the first time, congratulations, you will be one step closer to your dream bike.
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