The cryptocurrency wasn’t as popular as it has become these days, 5-6 years back, people weren’t even aware of the term “cryptocurrency,” let alone they would invest in it. 

Bitcoin, as you’ve probably heard about, is considered one of the most profit-making investments in the world, and people are now trading it for future gains.

Despite all the advantages on the other side, cryptocurrency remains a big threat in terms of security, and it is why most people hesitate to invest in it and why not? After all, they are investing their hard-earned money into it, and in return, they want protection against it. 

You certainly need Crypto trading VPNs for secure crypto and Bitcoin transactions because only a VPN connection will guarantee your security as it will hide your actual IP address, the amount in your wallet, and your real identity from intruders and will let you bypass all sorts of geo-restrictions

Don’t forget, the reason why people gained interest so slowly in adding their credit/debit card details during online shopping is that they didn’t trust these sites with their valuable details until they were assured.

The same deal is with cryptocurrency, and to break that cycle, there’s a huge need for a quality VPN to avoid cryptocurrency theft!

So scroll down and check out the reasons why you need a VPN to avoid Cryptocurrency theft:

A VPN Will Protect Your Data and Traffic

A VPN comes to the rescue whenever you want to protect your confidential data and want complete anonymity over the internet. It’s a known fact that government agencies and other online snoopers track your online activities through your public IP address. 

If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection for crypto exchange, you’re the most vulnerable to online hackers as they hunt down your actual location and login credentials.

Therefore, using a VPN while you exchange cryptocurrencies would always be a great option because it will keep your identity and data protected through tough encryption standards.

There isn’t even a slight possibility that your online activities will be tracked down because your IP address and actual location will be protected under thick layers of VPN encryption.

A VPN Will Protect You Against Phishing Attacks

Are you aware of the term phishing? If not, we’ll tell you what it is and how it fools us, resulting in our security being compromised. 

It is when deceitful messages come from trusted sources and reputable companies that fool us into revealing our personal information, like bank details and login credentials. It is the most prevalent way for hackers to steal crypto assets. 

As phishing attacks have increased by 3%, VPNs have become even more crucial in helping conceal our online identity and improving internet security to protect us against phishing attempts.

A VPN can block websites if it detects a possible threat of phishing, giving us a thick layer of protection so that our cryptocurrencies remain safe.

A VPN Will Hide Cryptographic Activities from Your ISP

You might not be aware, but your internet service provider knows many things related to what you’re doing on the internet. 

They know which trading platform you are using and your logging timings; that’s when the need for a VPN connection arises because when your data is  connected through a VPN tunnel, your, your Internet Service Provider would only know the IP address of the server you’ve connected yourself via VPN and not the crypto website.

As a VPN connection acts like a cloak that covers and protects all of your data, the internet service provider cannot barge into your connection.

A VPN Will Unblock Geo-Restricted Crypto Sites

Certain crypto trading platforms are geo-restricted, which means you cannot access them as long as you’re in the country they allow access to or have the same IP address as the countries they’ve allowed to. So, unfortunately, the crypto exchange becomes impossible, but that can be reversed with the help of a VPN.

A VPN will change your IP address into the one that the crypto trading website allows, which will result in zero detection of your actual location, and you can enjoy trading on that website without any worries.

Fake Crypto Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms where you can buy and trade your digital assets, but you wouldn’t know when you are scammed because, most of the time, scammers promise a heavy return if certain investments are made through phone calls, emails, and celebrity authorizations. 

If once you’ve invested, there’s no going back as they will blackmail you into investing more, and if not that they’ll further make a fool out of you by showing your fake returns on profits that’ll induce you more to invest.


Before investing your precious hard-earned money, make sure you are topped up with all the reasons why it is necessary these days to put your hands on a worthy VPN that can protect your data and cryptocurrency through tough walls of encryption. 

The world is advancing faster than we thought in terms of success and invention. On the other hand, it is also advancing in the ways of snatching away the means of success people have gathered by working hard every day. 

So, we cannot in any way put our guard down on this matter. Go through this little piece of information we have created for why you need a VPN to avoid Cryptocurrency Theft.