Many gamers must have fantasized about working in the game development business and employing their entire imagination to create their own games. It’s time to learn more about game developers’ jobs, as well as the technologies that they must master, and to obtain an answer to the issue of how to become a game developer.

Who is This Game Developer?

In truth, the creation of video games, whether for mobile or for computers, is a lengthy process that frequently necessitates the participation of a multidisciplinary team. As a result, about 200 employees can work on the development of a major gaming product, namely:

  • motion animators
  • facial animators
  • artists
  • game designers for game levels, characters, dialogues, etc.
  • UI / UX developers
  • scripters
  • modelers
  • programmers
  • voice actors
  • localizers
  • screenwriters
  • testers
  • composers
  • sound engineers
  • HR-s
  • project managers
  • and other specialists

You don’t need a full army of staff to make a game, of course. They can be created by a small group of game designers and programmers, or even by a single person integrating various vocations.

If you are a beginner developer, it would be better to first try yourself in the development of mobile applications, creating mods, or indie projects. Or, if you want to recruit a team of developers who will help bring your idea to life, you should think about mobile game development outsourcing.

In this post, we’ll focus on mobile game programmers, who are participants in the game development process and are tasked with putting game ideas and concepts into computer code. However, first, we will find out which programming languages are the most popular among mobile developers.

Mobile Game Developer

Mobile operating systems provide a large space for realizing the ambitions of game developers. Smartphone games require less development effort and have a higher chance of being noticed by users. This segment of game creation has a considerable number of languages used. Traditionally, let’s consider the most popular ones.

Java is one of the most popular languages for developing mobile applications for the Android OS. It is a robust object-oriented cross-platform language that has proven itself well in mobile game development. In Java game development, the Android Studio or jMonkeyEngine development environment is useful.

C ++ – this language can be used almost everywhere. It is also used in mobile games – where it is necessary to take good care of the device’s memory and maintain high game performance. Development can be done on the same Unreal Engine or using any other suitable engines and development environments.

C # (Unity) – due to its cross-platform and versatility in general, the Unity development environment also allows you to develop 2D and 3D games for both Android and iOS platforms, which opens up great opportunities for Sharp programmers. Moreover, you can create mobile games in JavaScript, which is also available in Unity.

Objective-C / Swift are programming languages that are used in software development for iOS and macOS. Objective-C, being the predecessor of Swift, is slowly fading into the background and giving way to this young, open, fast, multi-paradigm language. We propose to look to the future and choose Swift, despite its slight dampness – this is normal for languages that are going through a period of development. Also choose the SpriteKit engine, which fully reveals Swift as a mobile game development tool.

In general, these two languages are suitable for developing any kind of software for Apple platforms. So, if you are attracted by the creation of products for IOS, feel free to choose Swift and/or Objective-C.

You Should Look for Your First Developer Job Following a Well-Established Tactic:

  • You learn the necessary languages and technologies, while at the same time devoting a lot of time to practice.
  • Make a decent portfolio, which will include several of your successful works.
  • Go to job search sites and send out your resume, indicating a link to your work, which you have uploaded to GitHub in advance.

The most important thing is to learn the necessary technologies, learn how to write good code, and, of course, be in love with game development. Then you will definitely succeed!

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