The USA is top of the table when it comes to the number of gamers most interested in becoming streamers. So, what does it take to become a pro streamer? Here are some tips to help you get started!

Be Authentic and Don’t Obsess About Numbers

Being true to yourself is a popular piece of advice from established streamers. Authenticity is key when it comes to streaming. If you play-act when creating content, the audience is likely to pick up on this and it will be tiring to act in a loud and exuberant manner when this is not part of your personality. In this regard, FuturemanGaming advises potential streamers to find their own voice while ensuring they do not neglect the fun aspect of gaming.

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The fun element of viewing streaming as a hobby is highlighted by a range of streamers. P4wnyhof, for example, advises streamers to avoid obsessing about views and followers. The benefit of treating streaming as a hobby is that it removes the pressure of worrying about numbers and means you can focus your attention on enjoying gaming. If others see you having fun, they will be entertained too.

Fake It Till You Make It

Canadian Nick28T has 1.1 million followers on Twitch and his advice to potential streamers is to be confident and act as if you have an audience of thousands, even if you are only streaming to a handful of people. If you are having fun and are passionate about gaming, understand the gaming audience who like to play most of the time then audiences will soon notice this and start showing interest in your channel.

Ensure You Have the Right Equipment

Of course, a budding Valorant streamer will also require expert advice on the right equipment, which is where sites such as come in. Gamers can read comprehensive advice on hardware such as the best gaming headsets you can purchase in 2022, the best gaming mouse for Valorant in 2022, and whether or not you should still buy a classic mouse.   

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment to Find Your Niche

UK Twitch streamer Knightenator recommends experimenting with content when you launch your own streaming channel. This could involve trying out different games, the time of day you stream live, or whether you want to showcase the fun side of gaming or using your streaming experience expertise to educate others about popular games by consulting sites with a range of content on the particular game such as  

The value of finding your own particular niche is demonstrated by Datto, who mainly posts about Destiny to his 1.18 million YouTube subscribers. This also includes educational How To videos on topics such as how to farm everything from Legendary Shards to Weapon Crafting Material. A similar approach would involve consulting pop culture sites, such as ours for topics to focus on.

Hopefully, these tips will have given you some food for thought and perhaps even encouraged you to start up your own streaming channel. Just remember to be yourself, ensure you have the right equipment, and focus on having fun!