League of Legends! A game that has revolutionized the whole industry single-handily. There is nothing wrong in calling it the king of multiplayer games. The journey of this game since its release has been glorious and full of ups and downs. But nothing has broken the motivation of the developers and the distributors in making it one of the best candidates. Not just the developers, in fact, this game has got so much love from gamers as well. 

The masterpiece was officially built by Riot Games in 2009. It’s a multiplayer online game and is extremely popular among the gaming community. It has given so many iconic champions in the gaming industry over time. In this piece of writing, we will discuss all about the game and how it achieved so many titles in its lifetime. Read the article till the end and learn about this legendary masterpiece. 

The Rise of League of Legends

This piece of computer engineering is not an ordinary product. It’s an art full of creativity, storyline, and adventure and one requires a lot of skills to become a part of it. Gamers from all over the globe compete with each other to have their claim over the victory. Since the game requires a lot of skills, agility, strategy building, and proper teamwork along with effective coordination, this experience causes a sudden dopamine rush in the body. This is what makes it different from other ordinary games. 

However, just to inform you, there are multiple factors that decide the success or failure of anything on this earth. Likewise, this game has also checked some criteria boxes that lead it to this successful position. One interesting case is that the developing team has always been consistent and determined in making their product fine like wine. The graphics, storyline, experience, and gameplay have always been top-class over time till now. Gamers have also played a strong key role in its journey. A loyal fanbase and a family from which it has got so much love is not very common. 

Statistical data by Riftfeed clearly shows the number of online players that have joined the family of player count. The number has only gained from time to time which means that the journey has only been bright and inspiring.

Statistical data

Many Esports championships are also organized from time to time. Only teams with extremely intense gameplay and the most coordinative teamwork are able to reach the finals of these tournaments. Players with creative yet strong strategies are able to reach the top of the ladder ranks. Do you think your team has enough skills and intelligence to dominate the tournament over other clans? You can try your luck in any of these tournaments.

Moreover, you must have heard about the gaming community that how many people or teenagers each year try their luck in this field. However, craft your clan in a way that is able to crack the motivation of any competitive clan into pieces to get over them. Yes, focus on your attacks but at the same time, your defense should also be strong enough not to break down easily. Give them tough competition to leave an impact even if you don’t conquer the tournament. 

Impact on Pop Culture

If in case you’re not aware of the influence that this game has caused on pop culture, let us tell you, there are regular esports tournaments that are organized especially focusing on this game. The League of Legends World Championship has become a mainstream community where LoL gamers from around the globe try their luck to conquer the title. This huge popularity attracts various viewership in millions of numbers which also attracts sponsorship and brands to gain brand awareness or advertise themselves. 

These organised LoL gaming tournaments have their own opening and closing ceremonies just like any clothes tournaments in football or cricket. The music and entertainment industry also gets involved here to leave their musical impression on the public. The industry is so popular among the audience that its music videos and audio has grossed millions of views over the internet.

Following are some of the musical masterpieces that have crossed massive viewership numbers on YouTube.

  1. Worlds Collide (2015) – 32M+ Views
  2. Burn It All Down (2021) – 40M+ Views
  3. Take Over (2020) – 70M+ Views
  4. Ignite (2016) – 91M+ Views
  5. Phoenix (2019) – 125M+ Views
  6. Legends Never Die (2017) – 220M+ Views (My Personal Favourite)
  7. Rise (2018) – 315M+ Views
  8. Warriors (2014) – 375M+ Views

With these numbers, you can estimate how much people nowadays follow this community and how much their popularity has been increasing over time. 

The Vibrant Community

The League of Legends gaming community is considered one of the most popular and loyal communities in the world. They have such a large influence and presence over the internet that almost each social media platform, let it be Facebook, Instagram, Subreddits, or Twitter, every one of them has stans running their LoL groups, pages, accounts, or subreddits. 

This super-active audience plays a major role in advertising the sport and building its army. As new members join this reputable gaming industry, the community keeps on growing at a large scale. 

Champion Spotlight: Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer

Just like any other sport, this game also has its own world champion who is renowned all around the globe with the name the Prodigal Explorer. We are talking about none other than Ezreal. Ezreal’s builds versatility and excitement among the public as soon as it steps on the playground. Its grasp over the tournament matches and strategies leaves everyone’s mouths open at the event.

He is famous for a reason. The world-renowned champion has made its gameplay different from others and has been able to conquer the code to victory in this game. The charisma, the agility, and the skills are top-notch and unbeatable. It takes a lot of practice and experience to achieve this perfection and expertise in a field. 

The Impact on Esports

The picture that you see above is not from any UFC match or any other in-stadium match. It is from a tournament exclusively for the League of Legends. As you can see there are artists performing and entertaining the crowd gathered with a prize pool displayed in the center. The stadium or the venue is organized in a manner that builds excitement among the audience. 

From the initial stages, the situation was not like this. Behind the great success of this industry, there are many players involved. And League of Legends is one of them. Now in present situations, these tournaments are sponsored by various big brands and the prizes of these matches has been escalated so much that people must have never imagined. 


A game like this can affect a community so much. This highly interactive and engaging game has changed people’s points of view regarding this community. The business demographics and even the entertainment industry have also made their debut in this community by noticing its growth potential in the near future. 

There are a lot of things that we are going to notice in the future and there is nothing yet present in the situation that can cause a great loss to its future. Therefore, fasten your seatbelts to get on a ride to exciting events of League of Legends.