What is this concept of an evil eye all about? People always wear evil eye jewellery; they have it in their houses; what is the right way to place it? What do we do with it? Does it drive any purpose? Let us find out. 

The presence of an Evil eye necklace has been in our history for over 3000 years. During ancient times, people from Eastern and Western cultures used this jewellery as a symbol of protection in various religions. In simple words, the evil eye helps divert the negative energies coming from the people around us and keeps you safe and connected to your soul.

During ancient times, people believed that Evil eye jewellery provided a strong defense against any unconscious and intentional harm and deflected these negative vibes back to the person who sent them. During ancient times, people strongly believed that the person who wears this jewellery would be protected from evil forces, whether the person was Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, or Islamic. But nowadays, this symbol has become popular as many people start using it as showcase jewellery without even knowing its history and meaning.

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Before going further, let us look at what types of jewellery are present with the Evil eye and how they protect you.

Evil Eye Bracelet.

If you have just purchased evil eye jewellery in the form of an Evil Eye Bracelet, we recommend you wear it on the left hand. From ancient times, the left hand has always been considered your emotional side because it is the side where your heart is. Wearing it on the left is the best choice recommended by ancestors. 

Evil Eye Bracelet

Note- Try to avoid wearing the evil eye bracelet 24/7. Just take it off while having a shower or nap, as it will increase its function and keep it from tarnishing.

Evil Eye Necklace.

An Evil Eye necklace signifies love sentiments. The Evil Eye necklaces are the perfect symbol of love and care for someone and are preferred to wear on the neck to keep close to your heart. 

Evil Eye Necklace

Promise Ring.

The Promise Ring describes itself better, especially when expressing commitment or a promise to take the relationship seriously, and provides hope for the relationship’s future development. 

It is advised to wear a promise ring on the left hand as it symbolizes future commitment. 

NoteIf your evil eye jewellery falls off or breaks, the best thing to do is replace it. It might get deflected after absorbing the maximum negative energy that it could hold.

Evil Eye Promise Ring.

Spinning Enamel Fidget Anxiety Ring.

Anxiety rings, also known as the cousins to fidget spinners, are designed to rotate or spin the object between your fingers with a ball bearing in the middle that allows users to help eliminate the anxiety by getting them to focus on them. You can wear your anxiety ring on any finger, enabling you to rotate the beads or bands. 

Spinning Enamel Fidget Anxiety Ring

Mother’s Ring.

Mother’s Rings are usually a gift given to mothers and grandmothers as a memorial piece of jewellery worn on the Index finger, mainly used to represent someone’s family, which may be living, dead, or on the way. 

Mother's Ring

Color of the Evil Eye and Its Meaning.

Everyone, whether a daughter or a son, a father or mother and a grandfather or grandmother, has their own choices for color and pattern. But whenever you talk about Evil Eye jewellery, you must understand what the color signifies and how it affects you. Here we have discussed the spiritual meaning of every color in the Evil Eye jewellery.

  • Yellow— signifies strength, energy, and power to concentrate more.
  • Blue— makes you feel more self-motivated and represents good luck and positive energy. 
  • Red— helps boost your energy at the upper level, protects you from anxiety, and provides strength to overcome nervousness. 
  • Pink— signifies calmness and friendship.
  • Purple— help to balance your life. 
  • White— this color represents purity and helps to bring new life-changing opportunities.

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