Everything about celebrities is worth admiring – right from their relationships to red-carpet appearances, wedding dresses, and certainly their engagement rings. However, when you think about bridal bling, the Hollywood-engaged A-listers have done it right and in style.

The moment any celebrity gets engaged, her engagement bands instantly come into focus! And to date, we have had plenty of this: right from the Princess of Wales’s popular oval sapphire and Beyonce’s 18-carat diamond to Emma Stone’s pearls, there have been endless star wedding trends.

When these Hollywood gem designs become popular, they generate a desire in women to sport similar jewels for their big days. It could be the 5-carat cushion-cut diamond of Kate Bosworth or the big stones flanked by other smaller rocks of Rosalia – women want to look and feel like a star when they get engaged.

Stylish Engagement Ring Cuts for 2023

Selecting the cut of an engagement ring is a highly personal choice. You might have an affinity towards the classic shapes that are always in style. Some women want to get a band customized to reflect their unique tastes. Some women prefer a standalone solitaire gem, while others envision a two-rocks.

However, it’s completely fine if you’re unsure about your ring’s design and cut. In this blog, we have assembled the best shapes inspired by some of the leading celebrity ring choices, such as:

Round Cut

Round Cut Ring

The round diamond eternity wedding band chosen by Spears is a style that suits almost everyone. Round cuts look simple, attractive, and super sparkly. Mila Kunis, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Brittany Snow have all sported this design.

Emerald Cut

Emerald Cut Ring

Emerald-cut diamonds are commonly seen in individuals with a distinctive personal style. This classy, open rectangular-shaped gem has been adorned by celebrities like Grace Kelly, Kim Kardashian, and Paris Hilton, who have all adorned themselves with this elegant ring. Apart from its contemporary and sleek design, choosing an emerald diamond offers the advantage of the stone appearing bigger. Furthermore, it’s cost-effective compared to a traditional round gem.

Three-Stone Ring Cut

Three-stone Cut Ring

If you loved what American actress Christina Ricci adorned as her band, you would certainly love the three-stone ring. They are usually available with cushions & square-cut stones.

They come with a diamond trio that is flanked delicately on either side to highlight the center rock. Symbolically, the three-stone represents the past, present, and future and stands for unity, balance, and strength.

Leibish states that the three rocks usually have diamonds as side and center stones. However, women can also choose rubies, emeralds, and sapphires to get this look. It blends modern and traditional elements to create an eternal appeal. A big advantage of it is that it enables a bigger overall carat weight without blowing the total cost.

Cushion Cut

Cushion Cut Ring

Do you want to add a unique touch to the traditional round diamond? Choose the cushion cut, which is also called the pillow design gem that combines the round cut with an old-school facet pattern, showcasing a hint of vintage charm. Its eternal rounded-square shape makes it appear distinctive compared to several circle sparklers. Celebrities including Leighton Meester, Meghan Markle, and Kim Kardashian West have opted for the cushion-cut diamond engagement rings, which speaks about its eternal appeal.


Marquise Cut Ring

The marquise-cut diamond has a rich history that dates back to France’s King Louis XIV. Its distinctive shape is truly one-of-a-kind and ideal for those seeking a vintage-inspired or authentic vintage design. The elongated and tapered shape of the marquise cut has garnered a fan base that includes celebrities like Ashlee Simpson and Catherine Zeta-Jones, who appreciate its unique and captivating allure.

Bezel Cut

Bezel Cut Ring

If your style leans towards classic or minimalist, you’re likely to prefer a bezel-set ring. A bezel cut encircles the diamond with a precious metal band, securing it in place and creating a seamless edge. It is usually applied to various stones, but it is particularly popular with round or oval gems. One of the celebrities who adorn this is Lilly Collins, who featured in “Emily in Paris.”

Significance of a Wedding Ring

For many generations now, people have been wearing engagement rings as a common ritual practice by almost all communities around the globe. But why does it hold this much significance in our lives? 

  1. A symbol of Commitment – Wedding rings are a token of commitment to each other. They signify that you are committed to this relationship for life, you’re open about it and willing to show it off.
  1. Circular Significance – The circle shows the symbol of infinity. It is the way love and relationship should be – constant, eternal, and never-ending.
  2. Diamond Rings – The tradition of decorating wedding rings is as old as the tradition of them. The diamond is timeless and classic, which shows the sign of infinity.
  1. Engraved Uniquely – Couples can engrave the designs of their engagement rings to send a special message to their spouse.  The trend of engraving wedding bands with the date of marriage or initials is increasing these days. 


Today, there is a multitude of engagement ring shapes to cater to every bride’s choice. From the vintage beauty of the cushion cut to the elegance of the round cut and the royal allure of the emerald, each stone has its unique appeal. Whether you prefer a classic style, a modern twist, or a touch of vintage flair, there’s a glamorous engagement ring shape perfectly suited for you.