Having a tool that can instantly change your location online is handy, but how? Thanks to VPNs, a common and simple-to-use cybersecurity technology, you may virtually alter your location anywhere in the globe. Continue reading to learn where to acquire and how to utilize a VPN location switcher.

Six Easy Ways to Change Your IP Address and Location

Use a VPN

Your IP address is changed when you use a virtual private network to hide your physical location. Following are the steps for using iTop VPN to change your IP address.

  • Purchase an iTop VPN subscription.
  • Install the iTop VPN app on Windows, mac, and mobile phones.
  • Open the application, then log in using your credentials.
  • To quickly connect to the best remote server, click the “Connect” button.
  • You have successfully updated both your IP address and location!

For example, the smart algorithm of iTop VPN will pick the quickest server when you click the country button to move your VPN server to Japan.

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How can a VPN change your IP address and location?

Routing your communication through a server in another place, a VPN, or a virtual private network changes your perceived location.

Anywhere that your VPN service has servers, your VPN software lets you choose a server. For example, iTop VPN has servers located in 100 distinct nations. If you choose a server in New York, the websites you visit will only be able to see the IP address for the server location in New York.

itop vpn

Your app will create an encrypted tunnel around all of the traffic coming from your device when you connect to the server you’ve chosen. Your traffic will be directly routed over the VPN tunnel to the server of your choice, where it will be decrypted and forwarded to its intended location. Your IP address will now, however, be the server.

Therefore, your location will now be identified as the server’s location by anyone who uses your IP address to determine your location. You can continue to use the software, switch your VPN server whenever you choose, and get new IP addresses.

Use a Proxy

It functions largely in the same way as a VPN. By connecting on your behalf and sending the proxy’s address to the website instead of your own, a proxy serves as a mediator. The biggest distinction is that a proxy does not encrypt your connection like a VPN does, just your IP will be changed and modified through a proxy. Additionally, VPN providers typically provide additional functionality.

Use Tor

Your communications are routed through a number of nodes located all over the world to make it operate. It is challenging to determine the initial link back to you since each node only knows the nodes that came before it and the ones that arrived after it. Additionally, as the Tor network often routes you through at least three nodes, it typically has a significant negative impact on your internet speed.

Disconnect Your Modem

Your ISP assigns an IP address to your network when you connect to the internet. If you totally disconnect your modem or router, give it some time to reset before reconnecting. You might be issued a new IP address if the one you now use has already been assigned to another network. There is no guarantee that you won’t receive the same one again.

Modify Your Network

You’ll have a new IP address when you switch networks because your public IP address is unique to the network you’re on. That’s not a particularly practical approach, though, as you’ll likely have approximately the same position data unless you were traveling the globe before connecting to that new network.

Request an IP Address Change from Your ISP

You can ask your ISP to assign your network or device a new IP address by contacting them. The IP address they offer you will always be linked to the location of your router or device, so they won’t be able to give you a new address. Of course, this isn’t a very convenient choice to use frequently.

How Can You Change Your Location the Best?

One of the simplest and most efficient methods is a VPN service like iTop VPN. Along with having your IP address hidden, you’ll also gain the advantage of spreading that security across 5 devices. Other features include specialized P2P servers, dedicated streaming servers, and security measures like auto-clearing browsing history and blocking browser ads, among others.

Why should You Change Your IP Address?

Anyone with access to your public IP can perform a quick IP lookup and learn a lot about you. Therefore, there are numerous methods to benefit from an IP location switcher.

Some websites charge varying amounts from visitors from various nations. Once you know how to switch your VPN location, you may travel the world and compare prices.

Also, your location is important for tracing your online identity if you’re connecting from home. You can avoid obtrusive internet services that persistently try to track your position by masking your location..