While there are a lot of talks about how modern technologies and digital innovations can revolutionize business processes within various industries, their role in our daily life is often underestimated or just unnoticed. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be so.

Sometimes we are so accustomed to using tech solutions for different everyday tasks, that we can’t already imagine our day without them. Messengers and social media mobile apps are among the brightest examples of such software products that have already won stable positions in our lives. In this article, we offer you to have a look at different aspects of our daily routine that are strongly affected by modern technologies.

New Ways of Communication

That’s the first and the most obvious case. Though we still make voice calls and sometimes even write old-school paper letters, in the majority of cases we use mobile apps for sharing some information or file. It is convenient that such solutions allow us to send photos, text documents, video, and audio records. And all this can happen practically instantly.

Moreover, it is possible to make video calls which is also a very pleasant bonus, especially for those people who can’t meet face-to-face. The importance of these applications is proved by their popularity. As of January 2023, with two billion monthly active users, WhatsApp was the most popular messaging app in the world.

Solutions for Physical Activity

Thanks to a great variety of sports app ideas that startups and sports-related companies have already brought to the market, we can transform our traditional approaches to sports and fitness in our life.

Such apps are widely used not only by professional athletes but also by those who want to increase their physical activities and improve the efficiency of training sessions. While some apps can help you to calculate your burnt calories, others can offer training programs or online group or individual classes with coaches.

Remote Work and Flexible Working Hours

The world around us is gradually transforming and serious changes also regularly come in the way many companies work. Today a lot of people have the possibility to work fully remotely without any necessity to visit offices and even live in those countries where their offices are based. It has become possible thanks to cloud technologies and numerous web and mobile apps that allow people to perform their tasks regardless of their location.

Mobile Shopping and eCommerce

A couple of years ago, a customer would hop unto various stores until they would get the item they were looking for. This tiresome process would result in taking too much of their time and sometimes was fruitless. 

The development of eCommerce websites and mobile apps have made our life much easier. You just have to open your favorite app and buy what you need. With the help of these innovations, in a few seconds, you can check if your product is available and what is the period of delivery. 

Simple Payments

After credit and debit cards became massively adopted, a lot of people have practically forgotten how to use cash. Though it is just an exaggeration, the reality is that cash is not the most convenient means of payment. And today with internet banking systems, digital wallets, mobile apps, and NFC technology, more and more people prefer these options to cards. Financial transactions can be conducted practically immediately thanks to such solutions and all that you need to have is just access to your smartphone.

Given the high popularity of fintech and banking solutions, developers have an important task to ensure the necessary level of security of such apps and the protection of sensitive user data in order to minimize the risks of financial losses.


Irrespective of your location, these apps have helped in the accessibility of medical services for people. They are designed to schedule a remote consultation with a doctor in one of the three available formats: a text chat, a voice call, and a video conference. During these appointments, you also have access to send documents in different formats to the doctors and can get prescriptions. 

This innovation has helped people get much faster meetings with the doctor as compared to the cases where you had to book an appointment at a medical center. Needless to say, In most cases just having a video call with a doctor cannot solve all your problems. However, it is a good option for the first consultation or if a chronic disease patient needs a consultation. 

Independent Learning

The role of knowledge and the value of skills can’t be underestimated. Even those people who didn’t like going to school or skipped lectures at the university may feel the need to learn new things on their own. Very often people turn to mobile and web apps when they want to improve their foreign language skills or when they need to deepen their knowledge of some topics that are already familiar to them. 

The highest demand for eLearning solutions could be observed amid the lockdowns that were introduced during the first waves of the coronavirus pandemic. Even with the pandemic being over, people are still looking for platforms that are offering educational courses and materials.

Artificial Intelligence has now become the most promising technology. AI-powered tools can analyze users’ interests, level of skills, results of testing, needs, and requirement, and also deliver personalized learning plans. 

Pet Tech Solutions

The way how people interact with their pets has greatly changed over the years. The majority of us consider our furry friends to be real family members. We care a lot about their health and well-being and for us, it is really difficult to imagine that some years ago people’s attitude to cats and dogs was different. 

Now a lot of families buy birthday presents for their pets, organize photoshoots, and are ready to allocate really impressive amounts of money when it comes to vet services. Given this emotional aspect, it is not surprising at all that today there are already quite a lot of mobile apps developed for pet owners.

First of all, there are numerous applications that contain useful materials for pet owners where they can find answers to questions about their pets’ behavior, health, habits, and diseases. There are also social apps where users can establish contacts with people with similar interests, discuss their pets’ achievements, share pics, find information about shops and services for pets, etc.

 It is also important not to forget about IoT-powered solutions that allow users to get real-time information about their pets’ vitals, their quality of sleep, mood, energy, physical activities, etc.


The times when people used to think that technology can be dangerous for us are already in the past. Today it is absolutely obvious that all these changes caused by general digitalization are changes for good. 

By ignoring the offered tech solutions, we can miss a lot of new opportunities to facilitate and enhance the quality of numerous processes and tasks that we face daily. And there is one thing about digital innovations that is important to bear in mind: tech progress will never stop and already in the nearest future we will see the introduction of solutions that we can’t even imagine today.