It is very important to be aware of the things that are going around you on the technological front. Industries are evolving to become more efficient and more easily accessible than they currently are. Just like everything the online eCommerce market is also changing continuously to keep attracting more customers with the latest features and offers. 

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In this article, we will be looking at how the fashion industry is evolving to serve its customers as well as its sellers in a better way. Fashion tech is rapidly evolving, be it in the form of virtually try it on trial rooms or IoT integrated smart garments and here we will look at some of the pioneering applications of these technologies. 

New Fashion Tech That Everyone Should Know About:

Being one of the biggest industries in the world and being a major driving force for the world’s economy, fashion tech is a serious topic that gets overlooked. The contribution of technology to fashion is  ties omnipresent and its traces can even be dated back to the medieval period. Following are some of the groundbreaking applications of technology in fashion, 

AR-Powered Virtually Try It On

We all are aware of the pain of going to a store and trying on clothes that have already been worn by other potential customers. It is a very unhygienic and tiresome process that is not required anymore as one can see how they look in a particular dress just by uploading their picture to an application. This ability to virtually try it on is increasing sales and reducing return rates of purchased garments. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI has given fashion the power of thinking on its own and suggesting to customers what will be best for them. AI-powered shopping applications can track the shopping history of an individual to understand their taste in fashion and then suggest to them dresses that are within their budget and fit them perfectly. 

Novel Fabric Materials

The demand for synthetically developed fabrics that maintain the elegance of the previously used natural materials but without the need to cut plants or kill animals is growing. Garments made of touch responsive conductive materials are under research and it will make the dream of interactive clothing a reality.     


Blockchain is a great way of improving transparency and keeping track of every piece of garment that is getting produced by a company. Each garment comes with a unique tag which is part of a blockchain and when scanned every detail about the garment can be discovered.   


Technology in fashion is going to make changes that are bound to revolutionize the fashion industry for the best. Interactive garments and virtual trial rooms will make life a lot easier just with a single click.