Viboom is a video advertising service that helps promote your content on YouTube and other sites. It can place your content on third-party sites and guarantees organic advertising on YouTube. If you want to know all details about how it works and how helpful it can be, you are welcome! 

I used the Viboom service to promote my content, and it was the first one that did not use bots to promote my videos. So, today I’m here to explain how to use Viboom and provide all creators with a Viboom review in case they seek one.

Is Viboom a Click Farm? 💻

To begin with, using such services that work as click farms to promote your content is the worst idea. They do not have any security guarantees, and purchased advertising may come out sideways to you. That is because their activity is “not appreciated” by Google and YouTube, meaning you can get permanently banned for artificial/fake promotion (already a good reason to stay away from them). 

Accordingly, that is an unjustified risk on which you will spend money and get a lot of worries and unpleasant consequences that you will need to deal with somehow. 

I’ve seen Viboom reviews that say this service is a click farm, but in my experience, it is definitely not that. On the contrary, Viboom only uses the official YouTube advertisement mechanisms to make your pieces more visible in particular regions or worldwide. 

Several aspects fully confirm its fairness. So, the official Viboom service is not a click farm, as it doesn’t use bots or fake accounts to generate views. It has been providing its services since 2011, which already speaks of great experience in the market.

Viboom is a Google Partner!!

On the official website of Viboom, you can see the partnership icon with Google. That pleasantly surprised me as that was excellent proof of reliability; that was one of the main reasons I went with the service. Well, Google is a serious company that doesn’t partner with every service that wants it, so-o-o I fell for that. 

I needed that because I had experienced issues with promotion before. After failing with two YouTube channels, I finally created a more or less visible one, but I still had no idea what I was doing (all those search algorithms are still an enigma to me). So, I tried to be extremely careful with YouTube video promotion services. Choosing a Google Partner was the right thing to do, for sure. 

Viboom Delivers Views Only!

Views, likes, comments — I needed that boost to deliver my messages to greater audiences. I must emphasize that Viboom claims it delivers likes and comments parallel to views, but it is all different in practice. 

And how exactly does it work? Pretty simple and helpful. Your video appears in YouTube’s Recommended section when someone searches for related content. Users will also see your content on the main page of the YouTube mobile platform. 

That is the best way to promote your content on YouTube. It is an official platform with strict rules. You can lose monetization or even your videos if it notices suspicious activity. If you get only views, your account will be safe, and you will get the desired result sooner or later. It is a great option for those who do not like to take risks (and no one likes to take risks when it comes to promotions, let’s be honest).

Likes and Comments Come Organically 

Remember that Viboom guarantees views ONLY, while likes and comments come naturally because real people click your videos. Viboom will bring you viewers, yes, but they will not like and comment on your video if they do not want to. They can also ignore your video, and they might just watch and not interact. So, your success with promotion depends on your content greatly. 

So, Viboom does not give you likes or comments. Like I said, only views! They watch your video and draw their conclusions! And that is the best way to get honest feedback from the audience. 

So, Why Did I Choose Viboom? 🤔

A Viboom review on the official site

First of all, I needed help in promoting my content. I knew I couldn’t cope independently and turned to advertising services for help. I had to look at many sites offering similar services (mostly because I am distrustful) and ultimately decided that Viboom would be my best option. 

All I needed was views, and I naturally did not want to overpay for any other services I did not need. I want to know the honest assessment of my viewers without all those bot likes or comments. Viboom pricing is quite affordable, and you can try this service for a minimum amount of money to evaluate how efficiently it works.

The security and reliability of the site are also very important (always pay attention to this, I’m serious). I found nothing suspicious on the Viboom website. I also read the reviews of other users who used its services. Like: 

Viboom review on TrustPilot

I can’t say I am delighted with the site’s design, though. It seemed too plain. However, I must admit that it is very convenient, and I had no problems ordering the promotion for my content. 

How to Use Viboom for YouTube Video Promotion? 📹

Buying YouTube video promotion from Viboom is simple, which is one of the things that have attracted me here. From my personal experience, it takes little time. Moreover, you can find detailed instructions on how to buy a promotion on the site. 

Here is how I’ve done it. 

Step 1: Register on the website

Before promoting your videos with Viboom, you must register on the website. Registration here is fast and does not raise any unnecessary questions at all. I signed up here in less than a minute and got to business. It only asks you to enter your email and create a password. Not a big deal at all.

Step 2: Add a link to the video you want to promote

You promote your entire channel by providing only one link to your videos. A single boost makes your other pieces more visible because viewers might want to check out your other videos. The Viboom website also allows you to promote your live streams on YouTube, but I haven’t checked that. Still, video promotion is legit. 

Step 3: You need to choose the right targeting

You need to be very careful as that will be your target audience. If you make a mistake, your audience will be able to become those users who will not appreciate your content fully. Viboom has a simple targeting mechanism that focuses on regions only. I consider this a major drawback because content creators must also focus on specific groups, but even location targeting suffices to give you many views. 

Before the promotion starts, Viboom’s YouTube specialist will check your selection and make changes to improve the results (good for us, truly).

Step 4: Start video promotion

Don’t expect instant results, as it takes time to promote a video. Your ad campaign is on until you get at least what you have ordered. It will gradually pick up speed. It might take two days, or it can last for a month. Furthermore, it takes time for Google to verify your content can be promoted. So, brace yourself and have patience. 

Step 5: Enjoy your results

All done! Now it only remains to check how your promotion situation has improved. I was pleased that I could check the coverage of my video not only with the help of YouTube analytics. That can also be done directly on the Viboom website using its console. 

More Details on My Results 📝

I make entertainment content for fun and giggles. Sure, I cannot compete with people like Markiplier, but whatever. I quickly realized I would deal with independent promotion for centuries, so I ended up on the Viboom website. All I needed was to introduce more users to my content. Looking ahead, I’ll say that I got what I wanted, but first things first. 

I ordered 340,000 views on the Viboom website for one of my new videos and did not count on an instant result. I was ready to wait a month because I knew perfectly well that it could take a long time. Besides, I ordered a large number of views. I underestimated my expectations in vain since I received the number of views I ordered in 10 days…

Viboom website

Most of these sites are quite expensive, especially if you want to order YouTube video promotion. The site also has discounts that are offered for a certain number of views that you order. That is just a great result for the money I paid.

As a result, in 10 days, I got +6,000 new subscribers, which is consistent with the number of views I ordered. In addition, I got 869 likes from new users (both subscribed and not subscribed). I did not expect less but did not expect more, so it fully met my expectations.

This service helped me significantly improve the position of my channel and increase the number of views and the amount of my content as I get more feedback. And that is why I’m writing this Viboom review — I know it can be hard to deliver your content to people, and I hope other creators can achieve their goals too. 

Viboom Pros and Cons ⚖️

My Viboom review is not here to praise this service only. Based on my own experience with Viboom, I can highlight its following pros AND cons: 


  • One view costs $0,03
  • The site is reliable
  • Google Partner 
  • The result is in line with expectations
  • The website has discounts: the more you order, the less you pay
  • Ordering content promotion is fast and simple. 


  • A small number of reviews from customers on the site 
  • Targeting by location ONLY 
  • The site is a bit confusing. 

What You MUST Know Before Promoting ⚡

Before you promote your video with Viboom you should know that you may not get the desired result instantly. Promotion will take more or less time, depending on how many views you need. For example, if you want fewer views than I bought, you will get them faster. If you want more views, then it may take longer. 

You should also know that the reaction of the viewers will be random since the site only provides views. Your viewers can be either satisfied with the content or disappointed with what they see. Accordingly, negative comments and dislikes can also be present, and you should be ready for that (even if it makes us want to cry in the shower for a few hours, we must remain strong). If we look at it from the other side, constructive criticism can help improve the quality of your content. 

Speaking of content, it must be decent quality to get the most out of your video promotion. Make sure your content is relevant and interesting to a specific audience. Otherwise, many views will not help you get more subscribers or likes.

The Final Words of My Viboom Review ✨

My personal experience with this service was very high quality and completely satisfied me. Viboom is a good promotional site that provides excellent results at an affordable price. If you want to use its services, you can do it without any problems, since there is no danger here and you will most likely get what you want. I give it 9/10 and will stick to it. 

Best of luck with your videos!