There is no need to say once again that video has been popular for the past few years. There are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to share various formats of videos with the public. Unfortunately, they are not designed to monetize your video content. For this purpose, professional providers develop OTT solutions.

That’s where you can contact Setplex to obtain an OTT solution to launch your video streaming platform. 

What is an OTT Solution?

Let’s break the expression into more little details. Let’s start with the “OTT” meaning. OTT is a content delivery method different from, for example, cable or satellite delivery methods. OTT is about using an internet connection to deliver content. OTT can be used as a video streaming solution, audio streaming, messaging, and VoIP.

To arrange this video content delivery, several software programs are necessary. All these programs combined are called an OTT solution that helps you to reach your business goals. It will help you create an OTT platform like Netflix or Hulu. With the OTT platform, you can earn money by selling access to your videos.  

Usually, the OTT solution includes OTT Middleware, applications, content delivery network (CDN), encoder/transcoder, and set-top box. 

How is an OTT Platform Different from YouTube?

OTT platforms are designed especially for video monetization. So, generating revenue for you is their primary goal. They have various features for that. For example, the most common way to monetize content is to use monetization models. Three of the most popular include advertisements, subscriptions, and transactions. 

Not all OTT platform providers implement all three monetization models. So, if you want to try them all, you should find an appropriate solution. For example, Setplex develops such a solution with the maintenance of them all. 

Moreover, applications and content delivery networks can help you boost revenue even more. Use applications to cover more devices and use CDNs to cover more locations. 

What are the Features? 

Along with monetization models, OTT platforms offer other features. The list of them is extensive. 

OTT Middleware includes content management functionality. You can create categories and subcategories. You can create and edit content, arrange security, and set up limitation policies. 

The OTT solution can also handle live streaming. 

If you partner with a professional OTT platform provider like Setplex, you can eliminate the opportunity of buffering and latencies. They usually offer a content delivery network that will help you provide a smooth viewing experience for users. 

Analytics functionality will show you the performance of your service and spots where optimization is necessary. Customization will help you stand out from the competition. 

Perfect for Many Industries

Netflix, Hulu, and similar services can create an impression that OTT platforms are only for the entertainment industry. But it’s not true. If you want to sell access to your videos, the OTT platform is for you.

The following industries can take advantage of OTT platforms: 

  • Governments
  • MSOs/ISPs
  • Broadcast/Satellite
  • Hotels
  • Healthcare and fitness
  • Sports
  • Gaming
  • Education
  • News

With a professional OTT platform provider, you can create your own OTT service and generate revenue. Moreover, you can reach more people with it.