YouTube is the second most used global video-sharing service. This platform is renowned for providing a mesmerizing experience to its 2.5B users through engaging 1B hours of video content. 

Much appalling is a YouTube Premium feature which got launched in the year 2014. In the Premium feature, one can access the ad-free version of YouTube services and much more.

YouTube Premium costs around $11.9/month, with various incentives that will be discussed further in the article.

Ahead you will get a brief on YouTube Premium, including YouTube Music Premium and free YouTube Premium account login details.

Key Takeover: YouTube provides free services to its current 2.5B users. If you are considering having Ad-free access to videos with background play and YouTube Music, you need to have its membership. Many of you want free access with free youtube accounts, and coming are the details to provide the same service.

YouTube Premium & Related Benefits

YouTube Premium

“YouTube Premium” came in the year 2014 to provide ad-free services to its users in addition to free access to YouTube Music and YouTube Originals. With an $11.99/month charge and an annual plan of $15.59 with discounts available, one can avail of the least interrupted services.

YouTube Premium is one single ticket to have numerous YouTube services, including movies, series, Ad-free kids mode, and much more. Following are the features that are offered once you have become a member of it.

  • Ad-free video content.
  • Background play thus allows uninterrupted services even if you are swapping to some other application. You get access to this feature only on your mobile devices.
  • Access to YouTube Music Subscription free. Download music and have fun offline with your created list.
  • Download various YouTube videos and relish them offline.
  • Offline play with Ad-free YouTube Kids.
  • YouTube Originals services Ad-free benefits.

Note: For availing of the premium and its family connectivity offers the user should be 13 years old or more.

YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Music Premium is a free music membership in various countries. If one has access to such a membership, one can simultaneously get a membership with no monetary cost. One gets the following advantages once they are a part of it

  • YouTube Music access without any Ad impediments.
  • Download music on a mobile device and enjoy it offline.
  • Listen to music on Google Home or Chromecast Audio.
  • Have background play without any hindrance while shifting to some other app.

Crispy Fact: YouTube services are unavailable in some countries like China, Eritrea, North Korea, Iran, and Turkmenistan.

YouTube Student Plan

YouTube provides students incentives to access its premium membership for just $4.99/month. Full-time students in higher education get discounted rates once they desire to taste YouTube Music or YouTube Premium subscription. 

The eligibility of the interested students for the YouTube student plan will be checked by a third-party verification service. 

Way to Get a Free YouTube Premium Account

If you are looking for a free gateway towards YouTube Premium, you need to:

  1. log in to your YouTube account.
  1. Tap on your profile picture on either the top right or left corner of your smart device.

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  1. Among various options, select “Get YouTube Premium”.
Get YouTube Premium
  1. Tap “Try it for free” and then confirm it.

Congratulations, as you have got a 30-day trial of YouTube premium. Coming in the most pivotal information, free youtube premium accounts. Go through them and find the one that still stands for free membership.

Free YouTube Premium Account List 2023

Free YouTube Premium Accounts login and passwords 2023 have been provided below. If any of the accounts mentioned is unavailable, try another option, as it might have expired or its password might have been altered.


YouTube Premium Telegram Offers

YouTube Premium Telegram account

“YouTube Premium invites” is a Telegram channel that provides its subscribers unit with any country’s YouTube premium account with different offers and incentives, which is a monetary-based service. 

This channel does provide offers, including a free YouTube Premium account. Do wait for its giveaways which are provided occasionally by its Telegram channel.

Currently, with 1.4k subscribers, this telegram channel also listens to its YouTube Premium queries and provides giveaways to its subscriber unit.

YouTube Premium Invites’ Telegram access: YouTube Premium Invites

Note: YouTube Premium invites usually ask for UPI or crypto as a payment method to access its provided YouTube premium account.

Free YouTube Accounts

Coming is a list of some YouTube accounts that can be accessed easily without providing the credential details. One can log in to any of them with their login Email address and respective password.


Closing Thoughts

YouTube Premium features provide lavish services for its users to access be it ad-free music, free YouTube kids and background plays. Much appealing is that YouTube students premium leverages high school students with special discounts with the same YouTube Premium features.

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Ans: Yes, you can easily cancel your YouTube membership by visiting the Paid Membership page of YouTube. You can also rejoin your membership by accessing the same page.

Ans: Through a family, a YouTube membership package of 5 members can get access concurrently.

Ans: One can go for free YouTube Premium trials, though you can opt out 7 days before the membership ends.

Ans: Background play will let you relish the YouTube video or music even if you’ve opened some other application or the screen of your smart device is OFF. The respected video or music will keep playing in the background itself.

Ans: No, if your YouTube premium membership has ended, then you will not get access to your previously downloaded YouTube Premium videos.

Ans: The video might not be accessible for downloading itself, or your YouTube premium membership might have been completed.