Error 0x800ccc92 is directly associated with when it is configured on Outlook. You might be wondering to know the consequences of this error. Well, this error won’t allow you to send or receive the email from the SBCglobal email login account. You will keep on receiving the error message on the screen.

Why Does This Error Code Pops-Up?

The primary reasons for this code to pop-up are:

  1. The password entered is incorrect or the username name is invalid.
  2. Incorrect settings on MS Outlook.
  3. The file size of PST exceeded beyond the limit.
  4. If the SMTP or the POP3 settings are incorrect, then you will face the error code on the screen.
  5. Closing Outlook directly without following the proper channel may lead to appear this code.
  6. A malware attack or virus attack can be another reason for the problem.

Now, we are going to discuss the steps to eradicate error 0x800ccc92

Manual Method

  1. If you have entered the wrong email address or password to log in to the account, then click on the ‘Forgot password’ link and reset the password. You need to go through some steps to unlock the account.
  2. Enter the secondary email on which you want to receive the link.
  3. Check POP3 or SMTP settings on your email. If you notice any change without your knowledge, then it means this is the primary reason for this error code.
  4. As discussed in the previous passage if the PST file size is more than the normal size, then it will start blocking the mail. You can resolve this problem by implementing the simple steps discussed here:
    • Archive
    • compact
    • Split
  5. Delete the items that are unnecessarily stored in the folder.
  6. Run the ‘Scanpst.exe’ tool which is a built-in Outlook tool. It will bring out the causes along with the solutions to this error.

If the above-mentioned points don’t work for you, then it is preferred to use a third-party tool like ‘Kernel’ for removing the error from the SBCGlobal screen.

Kernel for PST Outlook Repair

This tool nowadays has been offered by a number of companies online. You can download the ‘Kernel’ tool from Google and install it. The main characteristics of this tool are accuracy in data results, transparency, and ruggedness. The data files can be easily restored from the account stored in the below-mentioned folders.

  • Deleted files.
  • Calendar items.
  • Email attachment.
  • Contacts.

If you have not used this tool ever, then you can do google and check how this tool can be used for the MS outlook account. All the detailed instructions will be provided on the screen. You can follow them accordingly.