Like most Outlook users, you might also know that all your crucial data is stored on the Outlook PST file i.e., Personal Storage Table. Be it any Outlook versions such as Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, or 2010 all these use PST files to store important Outlook data. 

PST files sometimes tend to show errors, like “unable to open Outlook PST file”, send receive errors, and many others. This often becomes a major hurdle for users to access the Outlook data. 

When you look for answers related to Outlook PST repair, you’ll determine a lot of options to fix the PST file. But do you know how many of these solutions are safe?

The reasons for PST file corruption are many and the right solution always depends on the reason for the corruption of the file. Some of the reasons can be data storage failure, faulty network integration, abrupt shutting off the system, or even virus/malware infection

But how would you know what exactly has caused the corruption? Even after spending hours troubleshooting, you still might not have a clue. But does this mean you can never fix your PST?

The answer is no, to fix a corrupted PST file all you need is Remo Repair PST, a powerful tool designed to fix Outlook PST files. It is an easy, reliable, and affordable solution to repair PST files in MS Outlook 2019, 2016,2013, or 2010. With the help of the Remo Outlook PST Repair, you can not only fix severe corruptions but also recover deleted or lost Outlook data like notes, emails, tasks, etc.

Remo Outlook PST Repair Tool

Outlook stores its data on PST files as mentioned. Tools such as Remo Outlook PST Repair are meant to deal with corrupt PST files irrespective of the scenarios that might have caused corruption. 

The tool is designed with deep scan algorithms that repair severely damaged/corrupt PST files. It completely ensures safe recovery of all Outlook items like emails, notes, calendars, etc. You can easily repair the PST file and get a healthy PST file in just 3-clicks. The simple interface of the tool makes it a favorite among Outlook users. 

If you’re looking for Outlook 2019 repair or any other older version of Outlook. This tool is the goto. Let’s dive in more to know how you can use the tool to repair corrupt PST files.

To repair corrupt Outlook PST File using the tool, follow the steps below:

  • Download the PST repair tool, install the tool on your system like any other web app.
  • Run the tool, after this, you’ll get three options namely, Open Default PST file– opens your default PST file. Select PST file manually– lets you choose files manually, Find All Your PST files– If you have multiple PST files you can choose this option
  •  to locate them all and select the one that needs to be repaired.
  • After selecting the PST file that needs to be repaired click on the Repair button.  
  • Wait for the tool to complete the repair process, then click on the Preview button to check whether the PST file has been repaired successfully. 
  • If you’re satisfied with the repair, activate the tool and save the healthy PST file.

Final words. 

In case, you have corrupted or unreadable PST files and you don’t have any reliable repair tools. Worry not! You can find many other third-party tools online to help you repair PST files. The above said Remo Outlook PST Repair Tool work wonders to repair Outlook PST file, you just have to follow the given steps and get back a healthy PST file in no time.

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