Clash Royale was considered the best creation by supercell. Though supercell is famous for structuring incredible gaming applications. However today here we gonna discuss the incredible Master of Clash Royale.

In reality, the version we are talking about here is purely managed and hosted over a private server. The reason for hosting the particular gameplay over a private server is to provide a secure connection. Where the gamer’s data plus playing will not be disrupted.

To be the Master Royale in the arena you have many ways to explore on your android phone. Here inside this detailed review, we’ll discuss the key steps plus tricks. Those help out the gamers to start as an unbeatable master of strategy.

What is Master of Clash Royale

Master of Clash Royale is a term used by professionals for pro gamers. Basically, to become a master of strategy, the playing skills require to be explicit. Unless the gamers understand the key strategically declared tricks, it is impossible to call a master player.

When we look into details and gameplay points then we found Master Royale is purely associated with the original Clash Royale Game. The gameplay includes modes and style is entirely the same as official gameplay reachable on the Play Store.

However, the only difference players gonna experience are hosting place. The gameplay called Master Royale is hosted over a private server. Where the gamers can enjoy none restrictive environment with infinite resources.

Though we are not sure that it will make any difference. Because both gameplays are reflecting the same niche and resources for gamers. Yet, inside Master Royal, the experts left the resource section limitless and infinite.

When it comes to playing and key features inside official gameplay. Then we found plenty of different pro and interesting additions inside the game. Those include Powerful Heroes including a ruling King. Remember the heroes may resemble or be familiar to clash of clans fans.

Because both gameplays are structured by the same company. That’s why they also use the same anime characters as the company signature. To play the game requires a stable internet connection. Without holding a stable connection it is impossible to participate.

If you are a big fan of Clash Royale and ready to be called Master of Royal Clash. Then we suggest the beginners plus pioneers consider the mentioned Tricks. Because following the tricks will assist in beating the enemy easily plus help improve gameplay.

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Never Leak Out Elixir

Actually, Elixir is considered to be a digital currency used inside Clash of Clans for upgrading troops. Here inside Clash Royale, the same potion is used for constructing troops. Moreover, it is also applicable for upgrading troops.

Inside gameplay, the players also know this currency with the name of potion. There are two ways of earning a particular potion. The first method is to try to use extracting machines and earn good Elixir for free. Nevertheless, the process seems difficult and time-consuming.

The other and best way of earning Elixir currency is by defeating the opponent. We recommend the gamers upgrade the troop to their last level. And then strike selecting powerful troops against an opponent. Over defeating the opponent’s clan, it will offer big rewards.

Avoid Attacking King

Most of the gamers got no information regarding strategy building and playing. They majorly commit this mistake of attacking King at first. Remember the king tower will be placed between two princesses.

If the players try to attack the king at first. Then it will make the King angry and he will respond in a bigger way choosing firing balls. According to expert advice, the players are requested to avoid hitting King at the start.

Moreover, if we talk about the number of strikes required to eliminate King. Then according to professionals, 20 regular strikes may require for that. Furthermore, gamers are advised to avoid hitting king in beginning.

Never Drop Unit Direct on Bridge

The bridge has always been considered a key junction where the actual fight happens. Most of the time, gamers made this continuous mistake of dropping the unit on the main junction point. The professionals always recommend avoiding bridge attacks.

Multiple consequences may happen if the bridge attack goes wrong. Those who got less elixir may unable to recover the higher damage. However, with great power and strong units, it never matters how much damage you have experienced.

Those who are good in terms of troops and power. Must take this risk, and easily offer increased damage to the opponent. If your troops are slow and are defensive then try to drop those at the direct bridge point. Dropping the units will assist in saving higher damages.

Don’t Invest Too Much Power in Defense

The experts believe gamers mostly commit to investing much of their resources in defense. Due to one-sided investment, the majority of other sections become ignored. Which not only shows your low-level strategy plans.

But it clearly represents player weak skills. So in such a problem, the pro players recommend keeping a balance between resource distributions. If you can calculate and manage things resourcefully, then no will able to defeat your troops.


If you always admire becoming a master gamer showing good strategical playing skills. Then we suggest the gamers follow the mentioned tricks. Implementing the mentioned tips will make sure each win and remark yourself Master of Clash Royale.