The gaming industry is on the rise. Due to the advancements in technology and development of high-end games and gaming gadgets, the interest of many is growing in gaming globally. There’s a wide range of games to choose from. RPG, FPS, and MOBA games have a huge fan following. All of these come with unique propositions and game mechanics. You may have seen game reviews on your Charter Spectrum cable and installed one yourself. Today’s games come with powerful graphics, interesting storylines, and relatable characters.  

Gamers want high-end gaming equipment like monitors, keyboards, and controllers for an unforgettable experience. Due to the competitive nature of gaming thanks to online tournaments, this is also necessary so that every command is executed instantly. If you are looking for tips on how to buy a gaming monitor, this is the right place. Go through the following steps to select a suitable monitor.

How to Select a Gaming Monitor?

You must know the particular reason you’re buying a monitor. In this case, you know that you want to use it for gaming. Therefore, you must give preference to a monitor that comes with higher refresh rates. It must also have lower response times. Apart from this, the monitor must have a good resolution too. Read about all these factors in detail below.

Select a Good Resolution

The first step is to decide the resolution you’re aiming for. As a rule of thumb, remember that the higher the resolution is, the better will be the picture quality. You must aim for a monitor that can at least display HD graphics (1920 x 1080). However, if you do not have a budget constraint, you can even go for monitors that come with QHD or 4K resolutions. 

Choose an Ideal Size

If you have a dedicated gaming room in your house, it is wise to go for at least a 32-inch gaming monitor. Such a large screen will allow you to have a very smooth gaming experience. You will be able to see everything in detail. If you like war and strategy games, then you must aim for an even larger monitor screen. In case you have a budget constraint, you can always buy a second-hand 4K screen that won’t cost you a lot.

Opt for Higher Refresh Rates

Remember that higher refresh rates will mean that you will be able to see more information in a game. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for a device that has at least a 120 Hz refresh rate. Such a monitor will not have any lag issues. The frames will also be stable and not skip unnecessarily.

Go for Shorter Response Times

Response time is everything while playing a game. If you are unable to see your command getting executed on the screen, you will miss the timing aspect of your gameplay and may not be able to win a match. Make sure that you look for user reviews before making a purchase. Some monitors start getting blurred due to their weak response time. Try to get a gaming monitor with a response time of anything between 0.5 ms to 5 ms.

Select Good Panel Tech

The panel tech must be good too. Remember that VA is regarded as the best followed by IPS and TN. Even though VA will cost you more, the faster response times and color quality will be worth the cost investment in the long run. TN, on the other hand, is not recommended due to its poorer display quality. 

Consider Curved Monitors

For gamers, curved monitors are quite the passion. Even though they cost a lot of money, they will definitely improve your gaming experience. The field of view is pretty large and such monitors are less eye-straining. Apart from this, the ultrawide angle will allow you to protect your eyes from glare. Make sure to buy a curved monitor from a reliable brand. Buying cheap products by compromising on quality is not a wise choice at all. 

These are all the tips that you can use to select a gaming monitor. Once you select them you will experience gaming like never before. With higher refresh rates, quick response times, and good panel tech, you’ll be able to have an immersive gaming experience.