As a result of the intensified war against piracy led by American copyright organizations, content producers, and other bodies like Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Universal, Disney Enterprises, Columbia Pictures, and Warner Bros; the torrenting world has come under high legal scrutiny of law enforcement firms. 

Time and again popular torrent sites are getting blocked across the world. It’s mainly because they not only contain copy-right-protected content without permission of the actual content creators but also allow downloading that content free of cost which should otherwise have been paid for! That’s illegal and therefore, due to immense pressure from copyright owners, law agencies, and governments; ISPs are compelled to block torrent sites in their respective countries.

In the same scenario, one of the most popular torrenting sites that faced the outcome of copyright infringement for hosting pirated content is none other than Rarbg. Founded in 2008, it was started as a small torrent enthusiast group and soon, it became widely popular for its high-quality videos. Besides that, it used to contain a rich variety of old and new downloadable torrent files in almost all kinds of popular categories like movies, web series, music, E-books,   TV shows, and thus, was loved by a majority of torrent enthusiasts.

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But, unfortunately, Rarbg despite having legitimate purposes and a reputation of a high-rated torrent site has been recently facing blockade from various ISPs all over the world and is no longer available for access.

At present, the website though remained steady since so long for providing the best torrenting experience to all its users, is now blocked for access in the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Morocco, Portugal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and the UK.

Apart from that, in case of any doubt regarding the blockade of the Rarbg site in any particular region, consider checking its working status by entering the URL of the original Rarbg site in server-status checking websites like “” If the status shows as “down” then, it simply means you cannot access or use Rarbg in that particular region where you are in! 

However, this doesn’t mean you never can. Luckily there are various clone sites available online to unblock Rarbg. Called proxies or mirror sites, they are basically the same as the original domain but remain oblivious to ISPs. They enable you to secretly surf through the web by hiding your IP address and this way makes it difficult for ISPs to acquire your browsing data and information.  

So, if you’re a fan of the torrent and want to access it despite the fact that it was blocked then, consider unblocking it using any of the following below-mentioned Rarbg proxy and mirror sites from the list:

[Disclaimer: We’ve compiled the list of official and unofficial proxy sites of the original Rarbg torrent only for informational purposes. Our motive is to provide you a handful of sites like Rarbg from where you can find only the legal content and thus, we strongly oppose using these mirror and proxy sites for downloading ‘Copyrighted/Plagiarized’ content.]

List of 20 Official Proxy and Mirror Sites of Rarbg Torrent 

RARBG Proxy/MirrorWebsite URLs of RARBG Sites
Rarbg Proxy 1Rarbgaccess
Rarbg Proxy 2Rarbgaccess
Rarbg Proxy 3Rarbgaccess
Rarbg Proxy 4Rarbgaccess
Rarbg Proxy 5Rarbgaccess
Rarbg Proxy 6Rarbgaccess
Rarbg Proxy 7Rarbgaccess
Rarbg Proxy 8Rarbgmirror
Rarbg Proxy 9Rarbgmirror
Rarbg Proxy 10Rarbg.To
Rarbg Proxy 11Rarbgunblock
Rarbg Proxy 12Rarbgaccess
Rarbg Proxy 12Rarbgprx
Rarbg Proxy 14Rarbgproxy
Rarbg AccessRarbgprx
Rarbg UnblockRarbgunblock
Rarbg Mirror Site 1Rarbgmirror
Rarbg Mirror Site 2Rarbgunblock

List of 40 Unofficial Proxy and Mirror Sites of Rarbg Torrent

Sr. NoRARBG Proxy website URLsSpeed
1. Fast
2. Fast
3. rarbg unblock/Very Fast
4. Fast
5. Fast
6. Fast
7.Rarbg siteVery Fast
8. Fast
9. Fast
10. RARBG Mirror SiteVery Fast
11. Fast
12.RARBG UnblockerVery Fast
13.RARBG UK ProxyVery Fast
19.rarbg unblockFast
21.Rarbg unblockedFast
24.RARBG Alternate SiteFast
27.Rarbg proxyNormal
33.Rarbg unblockedNormal
36.RARBG ProxySlow
37.RARBG Proxy MirrorSlow
38.Unblock RARBGSlow
39.RARBG US ProxySlow
40.Mirror of RARBGSlow

[Note: We suggest you regularly check the aforementioned list of official and unofficial Rarbg proxy sites as we update the same on a frequent basis after considering their working status. Besides that, we assure you that while compiling the list, these given sites are all working but in case, if you find the status of any of them as “offline” or “not working” then, what best you can do is consider visiting the next lined up from the list.]

So, using these given proxy sites one can easily bypass the geographical restrictions which were imposed on the Rarbg torrent. However, let’s tell you that, though this above-mentioned way is the easiest way to unblock Rarbg, by no means it’s the safest one. Thus, while using these Rarbg proxies it is recommended that you must remember to use VPN safety. 

Virtual Private Network or VPN is an advanced technology that encrypts the internet web browsers to simply keep the online activities secure and private. But like so many options are available online, it is quite daunting to find the best one. Therefore, here we’ve listed the top-3 VPNs of 2023, have a look at the same:

List of 3 Best VPNs to Safely Access Rarbg Proxy and Mirror Sites

VPN RankVPN NameVPN Ratings (Out of 5)

That’s it! Well, with VPN security and provided list of Rarbg proxy/mirror sites you can easily unblock the official domain of the Rarbg torrent site for surely gaining complete access to all the media content that it contains on its platform.

Furthermore, as we have also noticed that sometimes, it become difficult to access the Rarbg sites so if similar is the case you ever face, then you can switch to using the following below-mentioned Rarbg alternatives:

10 Top Alternative Official Torrent Sites for Rarbg

Alternative Torrent Website NameTorrent Website URL
The Pirate Bay

These alternative sites serve the same purpose as Rarbg used to serve i.e., provide you access to an incalculable number of movies, TV shows, music tracks, web series, software, documentaries, and many more torrent files. 

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