Many plastics, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons are struggling to gain market traction in their respective territories. Many patients hold back on having cosmetic surgery because of many factors such as affordability, convenience, and benefits of said. This is making things difficult and more competitive for Surgeons out there. 

Today, the internet is the first go-to, for first-hand information about different treatment options, providers, maintenance, cost, etc. 

Providers or surgeons who leveraged this to build more authority on the internet across different platforms will surely catch people’s attention, in such a way gaining more new patients. Marketing strategy is all for sale and more boost in the marketing process means more sales. 

In this post, we will be talking about 10 tested and trusted marketing strategies for surgeons. 

Targeting Prospective Clients 

Your ideal prospective patients are those who are mature and affluent enough to purchase your service by investing their time, money, and energy in doing so. You should ensure you target higher-value clients by considering their income level, relationship status, shopping behaviors, interest in beauty products, purchases of beauty products are some of the options you can leverage to get your targeted higher-value patients. Your service is not for everyone, so ensure you target those who can afford said services. For the best targeting and the highest reach, I recommend getting professional marketing services for plastic surgeons.

Stay Connected to Past Patients

Word of mouth advertising is one of the most effective marketing or advertising strategies out there. You need to ensure that your previous patients are satisfied and happy with your services, this way, they will be more than glad to introduce your brand to their friends and bring in more new referrals. 

You can stay connected to them through email newsletters, social media, and text messages, thereby keeping them aware of the latest developments and achievements of your services and how that could further uplift their beauty.  Consistency is the key here. The newsletter can be twice a week or once every month. 

Improve Relationship with Past Patients 

Bad reviews and feedbacks is a sure, easy, and quick way for a brand to go down the drain. Some patients may not be satisfied with their upliftment and hence become unhappy with your services.

 To improve the client-surgeon relationship, you must have effective communication with them, educating them on the used procedure, and how individual uniqueness shapes the result. You can also make them. understand what the outcome will be beforehand, to avoid any possibility of wrong expectations. This can be done through the use of photoshop to show them how the exact results will look like. 

Consistent Branding 

After you’ve ensured your expertise and service are top-notch, then you need to figure out what your brand is going to revolve around. Asking yourself what uniqueness your brand offers will shape the quality of information you will be putting out there. This way, patients with questions and queries will be answered faster in an effective way. Understand what works best for your brand. 

Online Presence 

Time and tides have greatly changed. In the past decade, having a website is just an impressive way for prospective patients. But, these days, having a website is like having an open front door inviting people into your service. 

People nowadays are always concerned about comfort and ease. You should ensure a UI/UX design is improving the client’s online experience. 

Functional Website 

It is a good thing to have a website but it is another important thing to have a responsive website. This means that your website will be fully optimized to work on different devices. Having your website fully optimized for mobile devices will surely pitch you in a better position as nowadays, most people accessed the internet through their mobile phones. Also, ensure that the website loads fast and there is a contact us box provided for easy referencing. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a great promotional tool. It involves using optimal keywords. This will enable your website to rank higher when information about your service is been search on any search engine. Also, it will help in boosting organic traffic on your website. 

SEO includes backlinks, managing site index and map, internal linking, and google submission.


Advertising here is not limited to Billboards and jingles alone but also include online advertisement such as PPC. Pay per click will ensure your ads reached your targeted audience even with a limited budget. 

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Social Media 

One of the best ways to get organic traffic is by leveraging social media. This way you will be pitched directly to your targeted audience. The organic traffic process includes posting photos, updates, events, achievements on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. 

Also, it will allow you to stay in touch with your patients on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

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Reviews and Feedbacks 

Asking for patients’ reviews and feedbacks will ensure you offer your clients the best of service available. This way, positive reviews will be a feature on your website while negative reviews will be attended to by following up on their concerns. 

Bad opinions of your brands can hurt whatever marketing strategies you have put into place. Having an automated review system and machine in place will ensure your clients put down their remarks as they exit your office. Also, you need to have a good follow-up service put into place to attend to the concerns or negative remarks of unsatisfied clients.

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