Nowadays, there is an increase in the number of wellness threats relentlessly. Health emergencies can make a massive hole in an individual’s pocket. That is why, they are essential to pay for medicinal expenses. A few of the medical expenses are not covered by other forms of insurance like Medicare, Medicaid, and under other private insurance plans. By getting your hands on the perfect policy, you can acquire the health care you ought at times of need, that too at an affordable rate. It even prevents you from the financial burden of heavy bills.  

Well! The Coronavirus pandemic delivered a clear picture of the vulnerability of life-threatening elements in the environment. It can be frightful to think of an illness emergency befalling your family members or your known ones. It gives financial protection in unexpected illness or injury. Typically, covers the medical care cost, hospital stays, doctor visits, medications (pre or post), and other treatments. 

Types of Medical Health Plans

Medical insurance policy in India is a rapidly growing sector, with various policies and plans available to provide coverage for individuals and families. From basic plans to comprehensive ones, there is something to suit everyone’s needs. Different types of plans are available depending on the one required and the type of plan that best suits one’s lifestyle.

  • Group Health Plans: A group wellness plan is a type of health approach taken by organizations for their employees. It provides coverage for medicinal expenses and other benefits to the entire group of employees working for the organization on different levels and designations.
  • Individual Health Policy: It is a medicare taken by individuals or families for themselves or their family members. It extends to medicinal expenses and other benefits to the customers or the insured individual in case of any mishappening.
  • Senior Citizen Medical Insurance: This is specially dedicated to senior citizens health insurance. Coverage for elders is an essential responsibility. The coverage acts as a boon for them, beneficial to receive quality services and treatment. It undertakes expenses and other benefits for those who require special care and treatments.  
  • Critical Illness Insurance: In the event of a tragic illness emergency, this approach comes in handy. This is the type of Medicare that covers expenses related to critical illnesses like cancer, heart attack, paralysis, stroke, kidney failure, etc. Even, you can get additional advantages with it. 
  • Maternity Insurance: A maternity policy covers expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth. This feeds coverage for medical expenses and other benefits to the mother and the newborn.

Benefits of Medical Health Insurance Policy

These plans provide several advantages, including tax benefits and cashless treatment. The best plan in India delivers the following benefits: 

  • Coverage for hospitalization and medical expenses: This is one of the main benefits of having a policy. It covers ailing costs, including room rent, doctor fees, intensive care unit expenses, diagnostic tests, and medications.
  • Tax benefits: These plans are eligible for tax deductions under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961and help the policyholder to get reimbursed for the taxes he/she paid for purchasing medical insurance policies and plans.
  • Cashless treatment: Numerous plans offer cashless treatment at network hospitals. You don’t have to pay for the medical expenses upfront, which will be settled directly by the insurance company with the hospital.
  • Coverage for daycare treatments: There are several plans available that cover daycare treatments like cataracts, chemotherapy, and dialysis as they require special treatment and care of the patient.
  • Coverage for critical illnesses: Some plans also offer scope for critical illnesses like cancer, kidney failure, etc. These illnesses are to be treated with priority care and treatment.
  • Discounts on health check-ups: A few policies offer discounts on check-ups and preventive health care packages to reduce the pocket amount paid by the policyholder.
  • No-claim bonus: If you don’t make any claims in a year, you can get a no-claim bonus. It will increase your sum insured by a certain percentage without an increase in the premium amount for the policyholder.

Things to Consider While Selecting the Best Mediclaim Plan

Navigating the coverage landscape can be overwhelming, with all the different plans available. Discovering the right one for oneself is not just about comparing the policy features and premiums. It’s majorly about finding the right fit based on individuals’ well-being needs. 

A few of the factors to look for while selecting one for yourself are as follows: 

  • Coverage: Look for a plan that covers the majority of medical treatments, such as hospitalization, doctor visits, tests, and medications. The more things the plan will cover, the more beneficial it would be for the policyholder.
  • Network: Another crucial factor to look for is the insurer’s network of hospitals, healthcare providers, and pharmacies. This is done to ensure you access high-quality healthcare and medications at the time of emergency or such unusual medicinal requirements. 
  • Pre-existing Conditions: Do you happen to know that most of the plans do not cover pre-existing conditions? Yes, you heard it right. Thus, must have understood the exclusions or acquired a bit of knowledge for the same. With this, you will be able to see if you are covered with pre-existing conditions or not. In a time of emergencies, it gets confusing and the amount of treatment for the same is beared by plan holders. 
  • Claims Process: Understand the insurer’s process for filing and settling claims to ensure that you can get the financial benefits in time. Hassle-free claim settlements are all that a policyholder expects from a Health Insurance company.
  • Add-ons: Look for plans that offer additional benefits such as daily Medicare allowance and preventive check-up coverage. This assists the current plan and policies.
  • Waiting Period: A few of them have a waiting period before covering specific treatments. Understand this period to make sure that you will not have to bear the cost of treatment in the interim.
  • Renewability: Check the renewal terms to ensure you don’t have to worry about finding a new plan every year, as the process of selecting a suitable policy plan is very time taking and complicated. It requires proper analysis and research to get insured with the best health plan.

Medical insurance is essential for providing financial protection for medical expenses not covered by other forms of plans. There are various types of policies available in India, providing coverage for hospital stays, visits, and other treatments. Benefits of having a health policy include tax benefits, cashless treatment, scope for pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, and discounts on health check-ups. When selecting a policy, it is important to consider the coverage, cost, network, pre-existing conditions, claims process, add-ons, waiting period, and renewability.

To Wrap Up 

It can be tricky to pick the perfect medical health plan. These are the types of plans that aim to cover the cost of pre- or post-medical care. These are crucial to alleviate or eliminate those financial worries. It provides flexibility for you to make use of the money paid. Therefore, it’s important to know the circumstances under the plan cover conditions. So, choose wisely and get rid of the pressure that occurs at an unusual event and shield your loved ones.