With time, the use of proxy servers has increased substantially. There are tons of proxy servers in the market, yet no one even comes close to what Smartproxy has to offer. In case you are looking to get started with the services of this proxy server, read this blog today to know about the same.

An Insight into Proxy Servers

For those of you who do not speak the language of the Internet, the proxy acts as a gateway between any devices that it is being used on the internet. Proxy servers accept connections, and forwards the same to other servers as there are tons of proxy types with different configurations of their own.

Whenever you are using a proxy, all the information sent and received does not go from the real IP address, which is your home, instead, the proxy server offers an IP address.

Among all the proxy services available on the internet, Smartproxy is the best, according to several people from different parts of the globe.

In case you are unaware of this name, let us introduce you to what it exactly means.

For the general audience, it is a rotating residential proxy network, which further allows the users to access data from over more than 40 million proxies.

But before we get more into the benefits of using a smart proxy, let us take a look at some different types of proxies that are available on the internet.

Different Types of Proxies

Forward Proxy

This type of proxy is generally used to transfer data to a group of users within an internal network. As soon as the request is sent by the sender, the data gets accessed by the proxy servers to further decide whether it should proceed further and establish a safe proxy connection or not.

Shared Proxy

With the use of these proxies, multiple users get the option of engaging in a proxy server by offering users a shared IP address.

Public Proxy

Public proxy servers are available for everyone to access without any issues, and users get the option of making use of another IP address to safeguard their identity. Even though it is pretty cheap and convenient, it has a lot of downsides and can lead to data breaches.

Residential Proxy

Residential proxies are those that can be traced back to a certain physical device, where all the requests get redirected and assessed.

Anonymous Proxy

Such types of proxies simply aim to hide internet activity by assessing the request of the user while hiding the identity of the user.

High Anonymity Proxy

It is similar to an anonymous proxy with the additional option of concealing the identity of the user. The proxy is done by the deletion of the user’s information long before the proxy tries to connect to the target site.

Transparent Proxy

Transparent proxies are generally used to stay hidden from the target that they are enforced on. These proxies are usually used in organizations where they want to implement a proxy without having to let the employees know about the same. But these types of proxies are vulnerable to specific security breaches and cyberattacks.

Let us now get to know about some major perks of using a Smartproxy for your device.

Major Benefits of Smartproxy

  • Private shared proxies – All the proxies offered are not private. Only the users that pay can have access to the real IP addresses.
  • Real IP addresses – All of the IP addresses offered by Smartproxy come from real desktops and mobile devices. There are no sorts of subnetworks, which makes it extremely hard to block.
  • Unlimited number of IPs – It is the only proxy service provider that allows users to access all the proxy pools at any price range. Users get the option of using an unlimited number of connections, IPs, and threads altogether.

These are some of the major perks of using Smartproxy services.

Let us now get to know about the use of proxies for Facebook and Instagram.

Use of Proxies with Facebook and Instagram Proxies

Before we get into this, let us take a look at why there is a need for Instagram proxies and Facebook proxies for that matter.

Managing a business on the social media platform can be pretty difficult, especially when the platform Instagram bans bots so that users can be prevented from accessing certain automated actions.

Handling multiple accounts is not easy since social media platforms constantly check the IP addresses of the users to check the databases that offer ISP information. If an IP address has multiple accounts, it automatically gets banned.

This is where the residential proxy services can come in handy, as it makes you look like a normal Instagram user, irrespective of how many accounts you use. To make things even better, residential proxies come from real devices, so one does not need to worry about Insta blocks.

Let us take a look at the major perks of proxies for Instagram.

Instagram Account Localization

Everyone knows that using location tags can help them with engagement and targeting a wider set of audiences. Make sure that if you are targeting the audience of a different country, the proxy should be connected to the same country. Also, keep in mind that your target is not based in a country that limits the use of Instagram, as the proxy won’t be of any use there.

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

It is common knowledge that Instagram hates the concept of bots since it makes it easy for users to access multiple accounts from the same IP address. This is why, if you have a residential IP address for every Instagram account, it will help you to handle your accounts without having to be worried about the blocks.

Let us shift our focus to Facebook proxies.

Similar to Instagram, Facebook proxies offer the option of creating and handling multiple accounts with relative ease. On top of that, you also get the option of automating your business processes, which leaves you with more time and energy that you can invest in other things of importance and interest.

Final Words:

As you can see, there are many perks of using proxy services, especially if you are handling multiple social media accounts or simply would like to keep your IP address secret. For all these needs Smartproxy is the best choice. Take advantage of their services today – their residential proxy plans start at $75/month and the datacenter plans are a bit cheaper starting at $50/month. If you are not sure which plan is the best for you make sure to contact their 24/7 support team!