If you are a 90s kid, you must be well-aware of the Yahoo chat room service that started back then. Yahoo is the second leading search engine and email service after Google; it comes in handy for emailing as well as chatting. The main reason Yahoo got so much popularity is its useful services like Yahoo Chat Room and Yahoo Messenger, but slowly they started vanishing from the internet making users confused about their existence. In this guide, we will unveil every single fact about Yahoo chat rooms and if they exist anymore or not. 

The Rise of Yahoo Chat Room

Yahoo Chat Room came into existence on January 7, 1997, and was introduced to internet users as a public chat service. It immediately got so popular because back then there were very few chat room services. After some time, Yahoo even announced the first public version of Yahoo! Pager and added Yahoo! Chat as one of its features. 

Yahoo Chat room offered an easy way to chat with strangers from all across the globe and make friends as well; the job that Facebook does today.

Further, in 1999, Yahoo Mail chat room service was renamed Yahoo Messenger but that didn’t last long and in 2012, the chat service was completely shut down which got a lot of Yahoo users disappointed. The reason for taking down the Yahoo Chat room came out to be as; the company is making space for future growth and wants to focus its attention on other Yahoo products that are lacking behind. 

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Introduction of Yahoo Messenger

With the end of Yahoo chat room service, an all-new Yahoo! Messenger was released in 2015; the app had all the features that were sufficient to replace the older version. It even acquired a huge user base within a short span of time for having features similar to other popular messaging apps such as the ability to send free text messages online, images, GIFs, emoticons, and so on.

Over the years, Yahoo Messenger kept on getting improved and at that time, it even had the feature to undo the messages sent, group chatting, and others. It offered everything to the Yahoo chat room users and came out to be the best replacement of the same. The features like VoIP, voicemail, video calling, Yahoo 360 integration, Flickr Support, ability to chat with Facebook friends as well as in-chat YouTube streaming were some other Yahoo Messenger that made it stand tall in the market.

Discontinuation of Yahoo Messenger

Again in 2015, Yahoo took the decision to shut down its Yahoo Messenger app and made the announcement that users will no longer be able to access their chats even if the app is installed on the device, it will no longer work. However, they gave time till November 2018 for users to download their chats and after that, that facility was also withdrawn.

The End of Era of Yahoo Chat Room

Even after it put an end to its popular messaging service, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo bounced back and introduced a new messaging app ‘Yahoo Squirrel’ as an invite-only group chat app using which you can create rooms for people or topics. But that didn’t last for long and was replaced by Yahoo! Together as another attempt by the company to survive in the messaging apps industry. Yahoo! Together was also discontinued on April 4, 2019, and after that, there was no messaging app introduced by Yahoo. The reason for this can be clearly seen as there are already many messengers ruling the internet like WhatsApp and Facebook and Yahoo need to come up with some innovative product to survive the competition.

Alternatives to Yahoo Chat Room

If you are looking for chat rooms similar to the one offered by Yahoo, there are several options available. You can use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, to chat with your friends online for free.