The current world is filled with distractions that attract children, teenagers, and adults. Teens are often seen indulging in bad habits or actions that are not good for them. This has created fear and worry about their child in the mind of every parent in the world. 

But the problem is that a single person can’t be everywhere at once. With a load of tasks at hand, whether it be housework or office, parents have a hard time observing their children. This typically results in them either getting in danger or getting out of hand. We’re here to solve this problem for every parent by introducing one of the best spy apps, mSpy – a great app to keep an eye on your children.

Brief Intro to mSpy

mSpy phone tracker tool

mSpy is a great phone tracker tool designed to help with parental control. It comes with a multitude of features to keep your kids safe and away from negative aspects of life. From social media posts to personal messages and calls, you can monitor everything with a single click. 

The amazing keylogging feature allows you to see everything they type as well, and you can also track their location no matter where they are. Get aware of what is stored in their phone and what apps they have installed. You can also block specific apps and websites, all without their knowledge. 

Steps to Install mSpy on Android

With so many superpowers that mSpy provides to every parent, there’s no doubt that everyone would want to install this app on their device to get a hold of their loved ones and keep them safe from danger. Let’s get to know how you can install your incredible little spy on your device. 

To install mSpy on an Android phone, you need to be physically in the same room as the person using the phone. Next, you need to make sure that the phone is connected to the internet. Find “mSpy” on the Google Play Store or any other app you use and install it on both phones.

mSpy coupons

The installation process is relatively easy and usually takes five to twenty minutes. It depends on the internet connection speed and whether you’ve rooted the target phone. You can also try to find some mSpy coupon codes online to get a discount.

Set Up the mSpy app

After running the application, you’ll need to accept the license agreement. Enter your email ID and create an account to receive the mSpy registration code. If you’ve already received an email with a registration code, you can enter it in the box provided.

After logging in to your mSpy account, select Android under the Online Wizard. Next, you’ll need to enter the brand and model of the phone. Select if it’s your kid’s phone or yours to set up the app. Now, you can choose the desired settings for your target device.

Next, you’ll have to specify the age range, otherwise, the app will not work. To monitor someone under the age of 17, you’ll need to select “1-17” or if they’re above 18, select “18+”. 

Then, enable third-party applications on the target phone, which will help you monitor all the applications on your child’s phone. And now, your spy is ready to use at your fingertips If you have any questions, you can always contact the company’s customer support.

Specific Features of mSpy

Features of mSpy

Coming this far, it’s a must to give you an insight into all the remarkable features of mSpy to make your parenting life easier. Get to know about the different ways you can use this tool to lessen your worries.

Monitor their Social Media Accounts

mSpy allows you to read and monitor all of their social media accounts. From WhatsApp chats to Facebook posts and Instagram Reels, everything is right at your fingertips. 

Track Their Current and Past Locations

Location tracking using mSpy

Worried about your child taking so long to come home? With mSpy comes a great feature of GPS tracking. Keep up with their current location to know when your child is in danger. You can also keep track of their previous locations to know where they’ve been before.

Manage Their Online Activities

It is not just monitoring that would help you in being a better parent to your child, sometimes you need to take action as well. Allow mSpy to help you block out all the apps and sites you don’t want your kids to find out about.

Discover Their Phone Inside Out

If it’s stored, it’s yours to see. Having mSpy by your side makes it a lot easier to know if your kids are hiding something. Find out about every item in their phone storage and the applications installed. There will be nothing in their phone that’s out of your sight.


The only issue with this tool, as our spy app review partners warn, is that you need to obtain access to the target advice at once. Once mSpy has been installed, it’s very difficult to get rid of and your child will probably never know that it’s there.

mSpy phone tracking tool

With such spy apps, you’ll be able to keep track of all their text messages, locations, and other important information via a convenient dashboard. The information is updated in real-time and it’s very accurate. We certainly hope that this app will ease your life and decrease your worries for your child. Wishing you the best parenting life!