When an iPhone is toggled on the Find My function, the security system is activated to safeguard your devices and prevent data loss when they are lost or stolen. 

This time, when you try to reset the device, passwords will be asked to enter as the iCloud activation lock is functioning to prevent you from accessing the devices.

This can be a problem when you just buy a new second-hand device but find it is not erased completely with the previous owners’ account linked. You just get stuck in the device setup process because of the lock and the password managers where all passwords are saved and managed properly.

Under such a circumstance, to remove the lock, you will definitely need help from an iCloud activation lock bypasser, especially when you don’t know about passwords.

Why Need an iCloud Activation Lock Bypasser?


As mentioned, the iCloud lock will automatically be enabled when the Find My function is turned on to safeguard the device’s security. Surely, Apple allows you to turn off the function at any time – but with a password required as an authorization. 

Therefore, to turn off the protection following the official method, the correct password for the logged-in iCloud account is a must-have thing. 

If you don’t exactly know it, then you will need some third-party help. On the market, there are actually some developed bypassers functioning to remove the restrictions without passwords. Below, the best one is selected to bring you help.


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Best iCloud Activation Lock Bypasser with Professional Help

Passvers iPhone Unlocker is a high-ranking unlocker functioning to bypass all sorts of iOS locks without any two-factor authorization. It is equipped with a powerful program, so when you do not know the exact passwords of the connected iCloud account, simply manipulate several easy taps and the program will bypass it for you.

Tip: The only requirement to remove the iCloud activation lock using Passvers iPhone Unlocker means that you need to jailbreak the device in advance.

Passvers iPhone Unlocker is developed with the following sparkling features, making the program outstanding from all its competitors:

High Device Compatibility

The program has been enhanced regularly to cater to Apple’s latest updates on device models and iOS systems. It supports working for the latest iPhone 15 series of iOS 17 systems today. 

100% Success Rate

According to thousands of satisfied users, the function didn’t fail any removal at all, making it the best program to bypass the lock on the market, enjoying the highest success rate. There are only a few programs on the internet that provide quality service with a 100% success rate.

Accelerated Performance

With advanced acceleration techniques embedded, this program delivers smart and efficient device scanning as well as lock-surpassing ability, assisting you in completing the manipulation within minutes.

High Security Ensured

The program is also developed with an advanced protection system to prevent malicious malware and virus attacks, ensuring high security without any hidden dangers threatening your device and data safety.

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad Without Passwords?

icloud activation

As you might have understood by reading the write-up till this point the process of bypassing the restrictions on your Apple device is pretty streamlined and smooth. Therefore, if you are also suffering from a problem, please follow the manipulation guide and enjoy the one-stop solution to remove the restrictions using this powerful program provided by Passvers iPhone Unlocker.

Step 1. First, complete the easy program setup and install Passvers iPhone Unlocker well on your computer. Then run it.

Connect iPhone with Computer

Step 2. Please connect the jailbroken Apple device to the computer using a USB cable. Subsequently, in Passvers iPhone Unlocker, select the iCloud activation bypasser in the bottom-right of the interface.

Select Bypassing iCloud Activation Lock

Step 3. When the program successfully connects your device, the device information will be displayed for you to double-check. Finally, simply tap Start Removing Activation and the program will initiate the bypassing process for you in no time.

Successfully Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

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To sum up, if you wish to remove the iCloud activation lock without passwords, you just need to seek help from a third-party iCloud activation lock bypasser. When Passvers iPhone Unlocker provides such reliable assistance, you are recommended to try it if you are in need now. It will not disappoint you. 

The best part of the whole process is that it is pretty streamlined and involves a simple series of steps. Following these steps, you can effortlessly get access to your second-hand Apple device without entering the iCloud password. 


Ans: Yes, it is quite an easy and streamlined process to bypass the restrictions on your second-hand iPhone/iPad.

Ans: Yes. The iCloud Activation Lock Bypasser is absolutely free to use. You can use it to get started with your device.

Ans: It completely depends on the program that you are taking in use. If you are using some free software, you will not be having to pay even a single penny to bypass the restrictions.