The world of cloud computing is something anyone that uses the internet should know about. 

It offers high-end computing power cheaply and is accessible. However, there is still a lot of confusion around cloud computing and what it is exactly. In this article, you’ll find info about what exactly it is. 

Also, cloud computing in the gaming space has been getting more and more popular partly through the extremely low prices of these services. Places like Google Stadia and Geforce now offer subscriptions starting from $15! This allows gamers to play any game they desire without having a powerful PC or resources for running that game.

Now What Exactly is It? 

Cloud computing technically started back in the 1960s, but people say it really became notable in 2006. Cloud computing is the basic term for a computer that is handling all your heavy tasks, and you are controlling that computer that is streaming or waiting for your next input or command. In layman terms, it’s like you’re sending files or programs over to your friend with a very powerful computer. This is why certification for cloud computing has become need of the hour. Let’s illustrate with an example: 

I need to edit a video, however, my pc pretty much crashes when I start up google chrome. So I rented a cloud computer, which is probably a computer shoved up in a server rack overseas. I send over the files of the video I want to edit, the cloud computer streams me the live footage of that given desktop and I edit my video there. I input the keys and commands and they get sent over the internet so that the cloud computer knows I want to move the mouse for example. It’s like you move your mouse in a video game, the input gets recorded and sent over the internet and your character moves in the game. 

Coming back to gaming, cloud gaming is really taking off for sure now that prices of powerful gaming PCs are skyrocketing. However, a very stable and reliable internet connection is required for cloud gaming – actually for any cloud computing in general. 
Sadly, this article is just scratching the surface of how big the world of cloud computing is. Technically, having a skype call is cloud-computing since the progress happens on the Skype servers. Here is a more in-depth article on the subject of What is cloud computing.